The World of Comic Books Are Being Embrace for Television/Movie Screens

I’m sure you all know that I’ve been a big fan of The Walking Dead and The Flash (whose season finale you can FINALLY watch my reaction to by the way) since those series first premiered years ago.

What do I do now that those seasons are over other than patiently wait for the Fall and what will undoubtedly be an epic-4 day crossover of The Flash, Arrow, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl?! Go trawling the internet for speculation on the next big comics or graphic novel-to-screen premiere, obviously.

While I wait to see if the rumors about Brian K. Vaughn’s Y:The Last Man making it to TV pan out, which would be amazing, I may have to start on Robert Kirkman’s OUTCAST which premiered last week on CineMax. It’s an American horror drama television series based on the comics of the same name, and yes, Outcast is created by the very same Kirkman that brought us The Walking Dead.

Are you guys watching it? What do you think? If you were to pick next popular series based off a comic or graphic novel, what would it be? Would love to hear your thoughts!


TV: Game Of Thrones Season Six Teaser Trailer

game-of-thrones-season-6-artHBO has officially released a teaser trailer for one of the dramatic series Game of Thrones. I literally binge watched the five season and it’s one hell of a ride. But the trailer does reveal the faith of one of your most favorite characters Jon Snow but yet it seems like he’ll be back for season six. Which I have no problem with! Will Daenerys get closer to taking the throne? What will Arya Stark get into? From producers, director and writers have indicated that it is a “safe bet” that Sansa Stark and Theon Greyjoy survive their fall, while Stannis and Myrcella Baratheon were definitively killed after being beheaded and poisoned, respectively We just have to wait and see when Season Six of Game of Thrones premieres in April 2016!