[VENTURA COUNTY] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, we have Eric Metaphysical, better known as eMETA. Originally born in South Korea, eMETA was adopted by white parents. eMETA brings us his latest music video BULLETS. Being inspired by heavy sounding music, and showing more of a darker side. eMETA brings a heavy-metal, trap sounding track. I know this kind of music we usually don’t post but we do support the indie artist. If you’re diggin’ eMETA’s BULLETS visual, then make sure to check out all the links below:




[RALEIGH, NC] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, we have Gnarley Nick with his latest music video to his single CORRUPTED. Gnarley Nick is an artist who used his troubles in life such as having legal troubles, life of drugs, and seeing in a vision of a progressive world. Here’s where Gnarley Nick lyrics are born. As a kid Nick was inspired by old and underground hip hop artists such as Jedi mind tricks, dead prez, das efx, and tupac but has love for a lot of newer artists especially lil boosie.

At the age of 15 and to this day Nick has been involved in Raleigh’s punk, hardcore and metal scene playing in various punk bands as a teenager and currently playing drums in Sludgey/hardcore band, Shadows. This to me explains why the chorus/hook sounds the way it does, heavy metal inspired yelling. I find it to make it more impactful and making the listener really WAKE UP. The music video was dope, with crisp visuals, storyline, and somewhat of a twist.

Due to the content Gnarley Nick says in his chorus about drugs. You would think he was a drug dealer in the video but once you see the work his moving is actually just his artist merchandise. Gnarley Nick is pushing his movement called “Shadows Life” in which it originated from his worldwide art image BLEAK and to help promote free thought, equality, and do it yourself ethics. Be on the look out for more content from Gnarley Nick by following him on all his social media platforms.



Music Video: Lenerd – Chasing Clouds

[VIRGINIA-MINNESOTA] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, Lenerd presents us with his latest music video CHASING CLOUDS. When growing up, Lenerd lived in a house with low income and only strived to be ambitious with life. Listening to heavy metal and rock constantly he found a route through hip-hop to truly express himself. In college he would freestyle in cyphers before and after class. After getting locked up for three months for drug distribution he wanted to start putting his story on paper.
CHASING CLOUDS is the first single from Lenerd’s recent album Pictures for the Blind, You can tell Lenerd gets extremely personal on the record, in which he reflects on his past. In the visual you can see Lenerd is having troubles going to sleep, it seems like his mind wants to make moves even when he feels tired. The hook is extremely catchy and the video is trippy.

Lenerd just got off his first country-wide tour with Cam Meekins, and is now back in the studio working on his third album Happiness is Broke. With all the newly-gained fans Lenerd is about to drop his new single off the album She Feel in Love with a Stoner, featuring Mod Sun and Cam Meekins. The album is expected to drop SUMMER 2016. Be in the loop by following him on Twitter at @Len2erd


Audio: Draz – Unsoulful featuring Ant Redd

[Norfolk(OV),VA] The upcoming artist Draz brings us his latest single UNSOULFUL featuring Ant Redd. The track is not your ordinary sounding hip-hop track, I find it to be an experimental with some heavy metal. Pretty cool, it kinda sounded like a transformer at the beginning of the track. The artist use some type of auto-tune to really embrace the dark undertone to their message. UNSOULFUL was produced by SB95. The track talks about how they feel about the scene, drugs, and dealing with some problems. Be on the look out for more content from Draz and Ant Redd.