(MC) JUICE prepares to release his most in-depth music project to date. He also speaks about facing 10 years in prison, his father’s death and other recent life-changing events. –HELPMCJUICE.COM

The story behind MC JUICE current status is just a damn shame, considering how unfair the justice system is. But before we get into the topic. Here’s a bit more on Terry Parker, better known by his stage name Juice, is an American freestyle rapper from Chicago, United States. He beat Eminem in the semifinals at Scribble Jam in 1997, and ultimately won the competition. He was regarded in 2004 as one of finest freestyle rappers ever produced by Chicago. Things unfortunately turned for the worse when MC JUICE barely survived a car accident. Which left him with two broken bones in his neck that almost left him paralyze; It even caused him to lose his memory. This made it extremely difficult for him to work and perform to make money. And during this time, MC JUICE’s father got fatally ill with stage 4 Lung Cancer. He’s father understood JUICE’s dream of returning to California and getting back on track. He’s father passed away and left him a modest inheritance which gave him that push he needed to head to California. But during the drive to his destination he was pulled over by police and they confiscated over $20,000. ILLEGAL POSSESSION OF MONEY I can’t believe this. That this is an actual charge. Now Belle and JUICE are both facing 10 years in prison just for having cash. It costs money to win cases, so they’re reaching out on INDIEGOGO. Make you’re donations and help get JUICE the legal representation that he needs to not serve time for a crime he did not commit. They were both charged, so they both need to retain separate lawyers. The irony of it all is that it will take more money to exonerate them than what was actually seized. But at this point, it’s about their freedom that is at stake which is the main issue; not the money they lost.

Get familiar with his freestyle on the Wake Up Show with Sway and King Tech as well as free styling at every performance as part of the act. VIA WICKEDHIPHOP.COM

One of his classic song “Sincerely”: