HELP THE CAUSE: Wreckshop Charity “Hoodies for The Homeless”

white and black hoodie
Winter is coming, the government is shut down and there are more homeless and unemployed than ever. That includes but is not limited to veterans, women, children and the mentally ill. November is also National Homeless Awareness month but we don’t have to wait til then to do something. To do our part to help out, here’s what we’re offering… When anyone buys a Wreck Shop hoodie another hoodie will be given to a homeless person. A majority of our outreach will be direct, in the streets and personal, and we’ll also drop some off at local shelters starting in Lynn then we will move to neighboring cities.
red and black hoodie
“Hoodies for the Homeless” will run straight through winter. We also encourage everyone supporting this initiative to educate themselves on homelessness. Check out info in your own town or city, watch some documentaries on youtube, take out some books at the library, volunteer at a local shelter or more importantly have a conversation with a homeless person. You’d be surprised at what you will learn and if you’ve ever experienced it then you know every little bit of help makes a difference.
green hoodie
How can you support this initiative? Order your own hoodie online via email or facebook to guarantee your size or see us at an event and check out what we have in stock. Any colored hoodie with a classic black or white logo is $45 plus shipping. Any colored hoodie with a logo color other than black or white will be $50 plus shipping.

We are accepting paypal, debit and credit. Email: or Facebook

If you would like to help us out on twitter that would be greatly appreciated. Follow us @wreckshop101 So far we’ve gotten re-tweets from Reef The Lost Cause, Hasan Salaam, Wise Intelligent, Wordsworth, B-girl Asia 1 and various online Hip Hop publications.

Here’s how you can help “Hoodies for The Homeless” on twitter:
1. Copy & paste the info below.
When someone buys a Wreck Shop hoodie another hoodie is given to a #homelessperson. #givingback thru #hiphop #charity

2. Tag someone well known to put this on their radar.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me via email.

Thank you for your time! Peace and respect!