Project Review: Lamont – Respect My Grind

2E4A4688[MIAMI, FLORIDA] Growing up in different neighborhoods from North Miami Beach, to Overtown, to Perrine, and even down to Homestead. Lamont was living and dealing with the struggles of living in the inner city. Even witnessing his parents battle drug addiction which gave him the strength to vow to never sell those drugs under any kind of circumstance. This is where Lamont truly began developing himself as a person. Currently, Lamont has released his Respect My Grind project that consists of five tracks. I gotta say that Respect My Grind was very well put together. Project credits from recorded by Lifer Entertainment, Mixed by D.Shim Productions, and Executive Produced by Lamont himself. Respect My Grind has a powerful vivid honesty that goes well with his empathetic lyrics. Lamont starts with Disclaimer, bringing that hardcore side of himself with the grittiness of his flow. Then Lamont brings with his next track MASHED POTATOES. Feel with R&B vibes and a catchy hook. A track to get your girl in the mood. The following track is entitled ANOTHER YEAR, which is dedicated to all the people you know who are no longer here. _E4A4760Its like we need to celebrate cause we’re here for another year. Another dope track with those R&B vibes. Then Lamont takes us to church with his track LORD KNOWS. Lamont goes in on this one, he describes a woman asking why they took her baby, he was killed from violence on the street. RESPECT MY GRIND is more of a fun, soulful track where Lamont gives you his back story and let’s you know the only way to work is going the hardest. My favorite tracks are Disclaimer, Mashed Potatoes, and Another Year. But my all time favorite track has to be MASHED POTATOES, because how catchy it is and his flow is sick on this one. Your left impressed with his capability to flow on these different sounding tracks. Lamont did a mixture of sampled and boom-bap beats. Respect The Grind is worth the listen since Lamont is standing up in his artistry and expressing himself the best way he knows how, and that’s through his music. Be on the look out for more releases from Lamont by following his social media links.


New Music: 1Known- Incapable

Homestead, FL resident and avid visitor of the site 1Known recently dropped his new single “Incapable”. This is a song explaining how 1Known is currently looking at relationships. He gets deep over the track which is already quite heavy. He also produced the beat on which he crafted the lyrics for this song. Being a fan of 1Known’s prior work, I am proud to hear the growth in his music. I like to give you all my opinion but still leave space for you to create your own opinion so check it out below.

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New Music: 1Known- Faith


1Known of Homestead (South Miami, FL) is starting off the year with his new single “Faith”. This is a deep joint with a great message. The messages “Keep the faith” and “At least I pray” are chanted on the chorus. He’s goes into the head of most starving artists as he speaks on graduating college and struggling to stay avoid water financially. His talk of bars on working double shifts and hating the holiday is something most retail workers can find relatable. The beat which was produced by Pasteezy is dark and melodic at the same time.

The first verse is from a woman’s perspective and her struggling with with her current work situation. She wonders if she has to start to strip to get ahead in life. Both characters the female in verse one and the male in verse manage to say that they’re alright when asked how they are even they’re battling the thoughts in their heads. That’s something that most of us do on the regular. This is a great joint that may be able to lift your spirits when you’re not at your best. I actually want to thank 1Known because it has helped me a lot as I’ve recovering from my last medical incident. Check it out below and if you like it leave a comment.

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Project Review: 1Known – Never Look Back

Never Look BackMiami’s own 1Known comes with his 10 song project “Never Look Back”. I have to say this project is an earful from the start. The first song “Letter to X” seems like a motion picture that discusses what many of us may have went through with exes. The next song, “Fuck Up”, which was personally my favorite shows true emotion. 1Known speaks on screwing up in multiple situations from relationships to not achieving goals. ¬†On “Circumstances” kicks flows about being an adult and enjoying being young while you can. He also speaks about stressing and having sex, all real life situations were expressed this song. The next song was “Already” which features G. Live. “Already” has that trill vibe with a true club beat and catchy hook. On “I Won’t Lose” you can hear the hunger and dedication that 1Known has the win and Pierre Jebian’s singing on the chorus was superb. The Lil Wayne sampling “Get Right” is filled with bars and punchlines which will feed the fans of lyrics and it has a beat that’s straight slapper. “Celebrate” is a song about enjoying life a bit every now and then which is something that is relatable for everyone. The storytelling on “Conflicted” is so powerful that it’s quite scary. He speaks on everything from struggling to not really knowing what to do if he had to money to do what he wants. From the start of “The Journey” is has such a 1990s hip-hop orchestral feel that I loved it. It was also a great segue into the title track “Never Look Back” where 1Known spits the real and tells why he’ll never look back.

After listening to all 10 songs on this project I’m glad to be able to say it’s a solid project from an artist with great penwork and a solid delivery. He did a tremendous job on his mixing of the tracks. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more from 1 Known. You all listen to the project below and leave feedback.

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