[AUDIO] LaLa – Whine Ya Body


Making her debut on NikkiSiixx.com, we have Caribbean queen LaLa with her latest dancehall single WHINE YA BODY. Born from Guyana and raised in Guadeloupe, currently staying in Houston, Texas. LaLa speaks five languages. Lala runs the party with her single WHINE YA BODY. You gotta dance to this one! Stay in the loop with Lala by following her on her [FACEBOOK].


[AUDIO] Jack Vance – SOUL (Produced By IAMBODI)

Jack Vance

[HOUSTON, TEXAS] Bringing us another fire track, Jack Vance debuts his single SOUL produced by IAMNOBODI. What an amazing feel good track, with a powerful message. According to Jack Vance “Everybody thinks they know you. People love to tell your story, people love to tell you how they think you feel. Do they really know you though?” Jack Vance expresses his SOUL with a heartfelt story with his struggles. The cover art for this track shows an image of Jack Vance’s face with words that express what he truly feels. Be on the lookout for more dope music from the Houston Artist Jack Vance.



Audio: Jack Vance – Growing Pains featuring Macahl Jett and Mecca

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[HOUSTON, TEXAS] Jack Vance makes his return to the site with his latest single GROWING PAINS featuring Macahl Jett and Mecca. Staying on this consistency of very conscious lyrics, after the success of his last track $300. GROWING PAINS shows us the difficulties of living life, trying to go after your dreams or get a job and get that money.

Jack Vance always find a way to recite his story. He even touches base on depression and the negativity that can come around due to not finding where you want to be. If you feel like you’re stuck in a corner, open your mind with GROWING PAINS. One thing I really like about this is the cover art, you shows while you grow things around you probably won’t still be there. Just gotta get through it. Make sure you follow Jack Vance on his Twitter to get updated on that new, new.


Audio: Jack Vance – $300

jack vance 300

Upcoming Hip-Hop Artist from Houston, Texas Jack Vance makes his debut on NikkiSiixx.com with his latest single $300. The track is meant for the ones who are tired of people trying to tell them how to do anything. Like how to think, how to feel, how to talk, how to rap, and how to supposed be. Jack Vance tells us, FUCK THEM. This are the type of people who you definitely don’t want in your life. You just want to grow and learn on your own. Be on the lookout for more content from Jack Vance by following him on TWITTER.


Houston Rap Duo Bizzie Hippie Launches Official Website

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Check it Houston Rap Duo Bizzie Hippie launches their official website http://www.bizziehippies.com. For the trippy rap duo, you’ll be surprised that they’re both enrolled as full time students (in prestigious American universities). Formed to promote 420 friendly music to a culture that understands the importance of balancing partying and priorities, the concept for Bizzie Hippie started when euphoria met enforcement. Bizzie Hippie has been busy especially with the release of their latest project Item 9, which is a very experimental sound with trippy energy and soulful melodies. Also, the title Item 9 was inspired by the movie Pineapple Express (one of my favorite movies). Bizzie Hippie are working on their mission by pushing the ideal of being productive when under the influence of marijuana. On the site you can see what Bizzie Hippie is about, hear music from their latest projects Item 9, Indica, and Sativa. Also you got to check out their shop where they have t-shirts and hats! Oh and one more thing the marijuana leaf as a mouse crossover (pretty dope).


BEAT TAPE: $outhern – Beats 4 Le$


[HOUSTON, TEXAS] Transitioning from rapping to producer, $outhern brings us his debut Beat Tape called Beats 4 Le$. Inspired by the JetLife movement, $outhern produced these beats geared toward for use by artist Le$. In hopes of getting his attention by having his tape online and promoted through media outlets. We just have to wait and see if Le$ takes this. Beats 4 Le$ is meant to showcase the immaculate versatility of a very skilled southern artist, and provide Le$ with the ideal, smooth sounds he’s looking for. This is his short demo tape consisted with eight amazing beats. $outhern’s goal was to provide a style that blends well.