Music Video: 7oddz – “Oddities Philosophy”

[Chicago, Illinois] With their four part “Out For Blood Vol 3” mixtape series releasing throughout 2016, Chicago’s Seven Oddities Records presets fans with a brand new video entitled “Oddities Philosophy”. The song is also the debut single from the upcoming “Old Fashioned Hip Hop” EP, featuring production from Ukraine producer Alf.

In the video, we find Doomsday, DreakTek and Clever One exchanging bars old school style in the A-Lex visual, taking viewers to Montrose Harbor located on Chicago’s North Side. Definitely a crew to check out, here’s 7oddz in “Oddities Philosophy”, making their debut on Nikki Siixx.

Pre-order “Old Fashioned Hip Hop” below:

7oddz x Aromotherapy – “Old Fashioned Hip Hop”

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Music Video: Destinee Lynn – SPAZZ

[MILWAUKEE/ILLINOIS] Destinee Lynn is a female MC, who is apart of F.G.M (Fantasy Girl Musik). After releasing her Tatted EP on October 1st, Destinee Lynn has been working hard and making herself known. SPAZZ is her official music video after the EP release. Pretty dope considering she has already opened up for such artist like Yung Dro, Juicy J, Juvenile, Gorilla Zoe just to name a few. Destinee Lynn brings her bars into SPAZZ, it’s literally like she’s spazzing out. In the visual for SPAZZ she’s with her homegirls and they’re about to get this money, real quick. Be on the lookout from more from Destinee Lynn, in the near future.

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Music Video: Zeeke- The Stick Up Pt. 2

SXSW2015_WealthySoul_3Zeeke is an artist from the suburbs of northern Illinois and has a visual for his single “The Stick Up Pt 2”, which will appear on his upcoming mixtape Better With Time. The video follows Zeeke around what appears to be Chicago. From scene to scene Zeeke is kicking some knowledge through his flows hoping that something he says strikes a chord with his listeners. Zeeke is a raw talent that should grow and mature as he continues to release music, and he believes no matter what happens that he will prevail in the end. [LINKS] FACEBOOK || TWITTER || SOUNDCLOUD || INSTAGRAM ||

New Music: Animuse – Don’t Go featuring Auggie The 9th and Blakkass Westley

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Check out one of the latest tracks released from Chicago Hip-Hop Duo Animuse (Savier & Elishua) with DON’T GO. This track is fast paced and full of energy. Even though they get a little mean with the feelings they have for they’re significant other. But yet they still can’t let them go because they mean so much to them. Currently, Animuse prepares to release a short loosie project on September 17th, TheLucyList! DON’T GO features Auggie The 9th and Blakkass Westley.

Download: Sincerely Yours featuring Neak & Slot-A, “Truly Understand Me”

Truly Understand Me

While musical unity seems apparent in various areas of the country, I must say I am growing to appreciate a movement that’s forming in the midwest. Chicago and its surrounding areas are buzzing with extremely dope artists and seldom do these folks get the shine they most definitely deserve. Just the other day, I tweeted my dudes Neak and Slot-A telling them that I really liked a new record they sent me. But there was a new voice, that I didn’t recognize. Allow me to introduce Sincerely Yours.

Hailing from Oak Park, IL, Sincerely Yours dropped off this crazy statement track featuring my aforementioned dynamic homie duo, Neak and Slot-A. Neak rocks the hook then laces us with the first verse, setting the tone of the story. Sincerely Yours, takes it to the next level, then Slot-A, who also produced the track, comes in with the finale. They simply hope to be truly understood. I’m sure we all feel like that sometimes.

Turn the volume up, and let this ring off. Warning, immediate two stepping may take place.

Want more where this came from? Head on over to our good friends at DJBooth.net to download Sincerely Yours’ latest effort, the self-titled, Sincerely Yours.

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New Music: Jay Lyn Gatz – Forgetting Nouns featuring Flyboy Prince

Check out the latest single from Jay Lyn Gatz FORGETTING NOUNS featuring Flyboy Prince. Jay Lyn Gatz is an upcoming artist from Chicago, Illinois. This single is off of Gatz upcoming mixtape The Renaissance 3 (T.R.3) will be releasing next month on July 17! FORGETTING NOUNS is a very dope track. Jay Lyn Gatz & Flyboy Prince is a great collaboration! The track rides out.