[COMICS] Samurai Shin OST Artwork + Tracklisting

samurai shin art workAfter we debuted our project review for Samurai Shin VS Xia-Dawn. I’ve adapted a new COMICS section on NikkiSiixx.com. Co-Creator Samurai Shin “Mikel.M” decides to drop new Samurai Shin OST Artwork, Tracklisting, and Teaser Trailer for Samurai Shin’s first episode/issue. If you love comic books and hip-hop, this will be the series for you. Samurai Shin is inspired from two anime shows like Samurai Champloo and Afro Samurai, with main characters Amir and Keith. Mikel.M will be writing out the comic and talented artist Ivan Earl Aguilar from the Philippines will be working on the art. Adding the hip-hop element to it, Xia-Dawn being a fan of anime he couldn’t miss out the opportunity to work on Samurai Shin VS Xia-Dawn – KEN. Here is a screenshot of the upcoming tracklisting and tweet from @SShinComics with announcement of Samurai Shin’s update:
samurai shin tracklisting

samurai shin vs xia-dawn comic art

Samurai Shin S1EP1 Comic Book Releases Digital In April and Samurai Shin Psychical Copy + Soundtrack Will Release In May. Be on the lookout for more sneak peeks via NikkiSiixx before Samurai Shin makes it’s official release. Stay tuned!



Starving Artist Suggestions No.1: Please Stop Seeking The Advice of Profits

Dear Starving Artist,

Please stop listening to the digital distribution sites and musicians’ blogs that try to convince you that it makes sense to “keep all of your rights” or “keep more of your percentage” of revenue. It is a marketing ploy.

Because while you are not only keeping more of your “percentage of revenue”, you’re also keeping more of the percentage of the tasks and burdens that are inherent to the process of growing a business – and undervaluing or underestimating the time and monetary costs of these types of burdens is an action that can stifle your business and your career in a long-term and/or terminal way.

You’ll never see a McDonald’s franchise owner working the register so that she can “keep more of her percentage” of profits. Keeping 100% of ten sales is not a better proposition than keeping 10% of a hundred sales. “Going it alone” is a surefire way to stagnate your progress. Money will come and money will go. Now is not the time to concentrate on your profits; now is the time to concentrate on growing your business. You can pay a team’s salary, but you can’t buy teamwork.images-1

The “Starving Artist Suggestions” is a blog designed to give hard-working independent musicians and independent music executives insightful, honest and frank information that will make positive differences in their careers. @Legasey


Music Video: Mic Moses – The Man I Am featuring Matthew Liufau of Seedless

micmoses coverart[LAS VEGAS, NEVADA] Hip-Hop Artist Mic Moses expresses the true life of an up and coming musician with Visuals to his track THE MAN I AM. Mic Moses features Matthew Liufau of Seedless. In the beginning of the music video you see Mic Moses links up with Matthew Liufau in his studio right before they have a performance set for the House of Blues. Matthew Liufau and Mic Moses are warming up before the performance. After a long night, Mic Moses awakens having to go to work. Having to open up the restaurant and get ready for the rest of the day. This shows dedication from Mic Moses, being able to work towards his career and maintaining a job. Mic Moses has that natural ability to produce a solid and unique sound. The track was produced by Eddie Ruxspin and Max Rebo and the visual was shot & edited by OJ County Productions. THE MAN I AM is the first single off of Mic Moses upcoming album set to release Winter 2015. Press Play!



FASHION: 8&9 Summer 2015 – Ruffians Collection – Ontario Sun Beams

CptDCKWjtG6z0omdp4C_hKzqmq8crjb-rSYAy6i8q6yrYB2SCxUEAsdrkKsqFvmem51Is6DIOvl_0iAnxBQ_F475fqMeKoBm=s0-d-e1-ft8&9 MFG. Co. Summer ’15 Ontario Sunbeams. The Ruffians cut & sew collection is available online now. Visual gives us a closer look at Justin Butts “The Mystic Cheese Factory” with @nickylifestyles @sirwaltgrizzly. The Ruffians Collection features U.S. made cut & sew pieces like the perfect tees, terry jerseys and shorts as well as a light weight cotton baseball jersey for summer. Check out the video and shop the full collection via 8&9 MFG. Co.
Type 00NIKKISII to save 15% on your purchase!!


Upcoming Event: 01.29 – Vice City Cypher Presents The Flight Club

Last year VCC returned with a brand new cast and renewed sense of ambition as we took off into the skies in search of good vibes and dope music. In 2015 we’re continuing our flight plan to the top as we bring you nothing but the best in shows and independent artists. So come rock with us this month and see just how much better life is when you’re a part of The Flight Club!

Thursday January 29th 2015
@ Railroad Blues
28 NE 14th Street, Miami, FL 33132
Doors Open 9:30PM
Ladies 18+ | Guys 21+
Ladies FREE before 11PM
Guys $5 before 11PM

Divine Don Julio
Troy B
Nell B
Fraser In The Flesh

Siberian Space Bar
DeeJay Twin

Tix Available at: BUY HERE

New Music: K_ALI – Free Spirits

I must say, I’m a fan of this one. I’ve played it countless times, much to the chagrin of my roommates, and I keep finding new levels to this work. K_ALI has been making moves to evolve as an artist and an enlightened being, this first single from his upcoming album Free From is a testament to that. The guitar track and optimistic vibes draw parallels to the ground-breaking 90’s group Digable Planets, without all the jazz and spoken word influences. It takes an original artist to come up with something this blindingly positive without coming across as “RARE”  or “BASED”, but K_ALI accomplishes this with ease. The third eye vision is strong with this one. ‘Free Spirits’ and the artist K_ALI deserve more shine than what’s been coming his way. The music speaks for itself. Be on the lookout for Free Form dropping sometime soon.


Video: Rachel Claudio – C.L.Audio Diary

Check out the in-depth video of what Rachel Claudio has been through. Rachel narrates throughout the video. View the perspective of an independent international artist. She explains the troubles of not having the finances, traveling town to town performing at local venues, and chasing her dream of becoming an artists.

Spreading her love through her music and performing live in front of thousands. Rachel has performed in Paris-Montpelier/France, Benadalid/Spain, Batumi/Georgia, Lahore/Pakistan, Vilnius/Lithuania, New York-Philadelphia-/USA, Sao Paolo/Brazil, Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia, and Perth/Western Australia.

An Australian female singer/emcee/producer that has a talent! I love her voice, it really provides a smooth soul music. –NikkiSiixx


Willie J. Jr. Featuring Tripz Traxxx- The Sickness (Download/Listen)


While Halloween is quite some time away, we’re here with a scary ode to being sick. Chicago rapper Willie J. Jr. drops off The Sickness. Featuring Tripz Traxxx, these two rappers trade frightening bars over this super trippy beat. There seems to be a Hopsin and Tech N9ne vibe while zoning off to this one. When you want to let someone know just how sick you are, this is definitely the perfect theme song.

Connect with Willie J. Jr. @WillieJJr