[ALBUM REVIEW] AJB4 – Organic Growth

[CHATTANOOGA, TN] This will actually be AJB4 first official post on NikkiSiixx.com. He did make an appearance with his single I BE THAT, in a previous project review I did for Samurai Shin VS Xia-Dawn. This time we have my review on his latest album Organic Growth. But before I get into the review, lets get to know him a bit better.

Growing up with the church and traveling all over the world due to his father love for God and his strength being a chaplain in the military. In 2008 his cousin and himself started to create rap songs that showed their devotion for the church. Which later turned into something greater, the love to becoming a musician and perfecting his craft. Lets look eight years down the line, here’s where AJB4 has released six projects and he’s received radio play from various online radio stations like K107FMJamz, GospelSynergy Radio and QSJRadio.

Throughout the ten track album, AJB4 presents us with solid work. The tracks I felt that really stood out to me were Loaded, Figure It Out, Its On Me, Spam Musubi, and You Don’t Know. Here’s what I thought are Organic Growth.

[02. LOADED] I really wish AJB4 started the album with this track. It really grabs my attention. AJB4 comes loaded and locked, with God by his side he feels there’s no room for error. He fights for what he believes in. Melodic harmonies in the hook, its hard not to recite it.

[03. FIGURE IT OUT] AJB4 opens up his heart, to the one that befriended him. Even though there was something more but it ended up in the trash. Growing up and becoming a man, AJB4 knows what he wants. And won’t let anyone hurt him when it comes to love. This tracks production makes me want to move back and forth. Even feels trance-like.

[05. ITS ON ME] I find this to be my favorite track off Organic Growth. Who hasn’t experience a relationship where the other half expect perfection from you. Causing stress and unnecessary pressure in not messing up. Or for some reason everything is your fault. AJB4 expresses his lyrics with a sense of wittiness. Even when breaking down the second verse and how she flipped so fast like he never existed and blocking him out of her life. At least AJB4 admits to his messes.

AJB4 - Organic Growth BACK

[08. SPAM MUSUBI] AJB4 talks about a girl of interest, that feels could be the one for him. Meeting her online, developing a dating relationship, talking all the time, and having something he thinks is real from afar. Kinda like it’s too good to be true, but that didn’t work out. Decides to make a move on someone but later found out she was in a relationship. AJB4 is looking for someone who’s real and not fake! I really like AJB4 flow on this one.

[10. YOU DON’T KNOW] AJB4 has been through a lot of struggles. But regardless he looks up to God and here’s where he can strive for greatness. Even have a close death experience it hit him like a ton of bricks. Feeling free and going down the right path. Talking about his story, he hopes you can learn from his mistakes.

AJB4 says his main goals are to make good positive music, praise God, keep it real, and share experiences in his life.

This concludes my album review of AJB4 Organic Growth, I broke down my favorite stand out tracks. Which tracks you felt were you’re favorite? Would love to hear what you have to say, just comment below or tweet me at @NikkiSiixx #OrganicGrowth !! And make sure you support AJB4 by listening to Organic Growth on Spotify, Purchase the album, and follow him on all his social media accounts. Let em know where you heard about him, right here on NikkiSiixx.com!



[Nikki Hears It First] Dubby of Team Loko “Chase” Episode Six

We got a new episode of Nikki Hears It First! Where I film my reaction to hearing a new track or watching a music video from an indie artist. This time on my sixth episode, I’m watching Hip-Hop Artist Dubby of Team Loko with his visual to his single “CHASE“. Take a look at what I thought about “CHASE” and I would love to hear what you guys think about the track/visual!





[AUDIO] Jared Xavier – Whatever You Want

[WILKES-BARRE,PA] Making his return back on NikkiSiixx.com, Jared Xavier brings us another dope single titled WHATEVER YOU WANT. Bringing us some R&B vibes over a lvstlivingsoul production, while reciting how he lives to inspire. He even touches based on police brutality, social media, and the hard work he’s putting into his music career. WHATEVER YOU WANT really gives you an insight on what Jared Xavier has on his mind. Stay in the loop @JaredXavier_.


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Music Video: SEYI – Wanna Be

[Far Rockaway] I’ve previously featured SEYI single track WANNA BE and Seyi is ready to premiere his visual for it. One thing SEYI is able to main his coolness with his flow over Mr. Marx calm production. WANNA BE is actually SEYI’s first music video. SEYI explains the term for WANNA BE

“Up to now it has been used in a negative context in describing a person’s character as unauthentic. I’m aiming to flip the meaning of the term and use it as something positive. Describing a WANNA BE as someone who wants to be the best person they can be and believing in their own potential enough to not give their dreams and aspirations a ceiling. To be able to do that, you must first accept the person that you are and understand that your future is yours to make, not anyone else’s.”

If you’re feeling SEYI’s music follow his movement by following him on INSTAGRAM and take a selfie with your 3 fingers making a “w”, the “W” Stands for WANNA BE. The music video was shot and filmed in Soho NY and Brooklyn. Be on the lookout for SEYI’s track listing and artwork for his upcoming mixtape N>I>B (No In Between) by following him on his social media links below:
12108037_1054589444586027_332713924995462538_n 12113306_1054305791281059_2326687242283165614_o 12144783_1054333754611596_4359130611617159148_n



NikkiSiixx on The Indie Rapper’s Guide to the Universe | Knights of the Turntable #44 via The Koalition

n239284651846_1969Check it out ya’ll I was on this weeks Knights of The Turntable where we go in on The Indie Rapper’s Guide To The Universe! Welcome to episode #44 of the definitive Hip Hop podcast, Knights of the Turntable. The landscape of Hip Hop has evolved in such a way that independent artists can be successful and build solid careers, but not without a few rules along the way. Hip Hop and geek culture cultivator NikkiSiixx, who’s celebrating the 5 year anniversary of her site, joins the show with @JoeHovasMF @richbaileyjr @The_CSJR. To share stories and suggestions for those trying to gain exposure and building positive networks. Additionally, here are some of the stand out indie artists we mention during the show:
Art Morera || Kirby Maurier || SABA || Pope Adrian Bless || G.I. Magus || Adam Reverie || D Gut


FASHION: 8and9 Presents The Intro – Cormega

logo 8and9Check out one of the latest episodes of “The Intro” brought to you by 8and9. This episode features Cormega cruising through Little Haiti in his classic 1988 BMW E30. Cormega discusses what fashion and hip-hop was during that year, along with how the streets influenced rap. Mega discusses his relationship with 8&9 and how he’s been involved in some of the creative process such as the collaborative with the “Montana” snapbacks and most recently “The Realness” bucket hats which were released this year. The visual was shot by Darryl Omar.

Cormega “The Realness” Bucket Hats




Culture Shock: Miami’s Indie Scene Looses Venue Support

For the last two years Miami’s Indie Scene has taken a toll on where or when a local hip-hop showcase will happen. One of the biggest concert venues GRAND CENTRAL in downtown Miami has announced they’ll be closing their doors on September 26. And before a mass amount of supportive venues have shut down as well: The Stage Miami, LMNT, Club Eve, The Nest, The Goose Lounge, and the list goes on and on. We may call this a local entertainment recession right now.
Here’s a bit more information on me and my experience with Miami’s Indie Scene. I’ve coordinated events in Miami and West Palm Beach areas since 2011-2014. With my accounted history I’ve coordinated about 50+ shows that were artist showcases, networking events, artist listening events, beat competitions, open mics, anniversary parties, The Walking Dead Viewing Party called iScream Sundays, and even a yearly event called Blogfest. I would say I was a lucky promoter guaranteeing venues at no cost because of the quality of the show I was providing. The bar will make their money off drinks and I’ll cover the events expenses with what I made off the door. As the years passed the harder it was to get a show booked, venues I previously worked with wanted to start charging me $1,500 to book a show on a Wednesday night, they would never give me weekends considering my crowds supported me more on the weekends. Also my budget wouldn’t allow me to cover these expenses which made it even harder to book shows.

IMG_0061For the last two months I’ve partnered up with PropsAndBonds who’ve coordinate monthly events within the Miami Scene and also coordinating Vice City Cypher’s Saturday Mic Live at Catalyst. From January-August I was living in California, I came to visit and was hoping to coordinate my sites 5 Year Anniversary show. I asked for their help and we’ve came up short. Every venue PropsAndBonds met with said they would love too but can’t since they’re going to be closing down due to higher rent costs within the Wynwood community. Which startles me because this is where the new Miami reached out to and helped grow from what it was. No one would have set foot in this area 10 years ago but now it’s the talk of the town. But will it still be considering now venues are no longer interested in working with the hip-hop community. Even though it’s been difficult we’re still working hard to make this event happen and give an amazing show with the best hip-hop artist we know.

The harder it is for a promoter to book shows will make it even harder for an upcoming artist to get some time on stage or be able to present a live show in-front of a real audience. As you see as artist you need to come up with creative ways to get your performance out there. There’s an artist who I know that goes out of his way and performs live on the street with a mic connected to a speaker. He’s name is Stide Prince and he calls these pop-up performances The FUCK YOUR VENUE TOUR. But there are issues with doing these type of shows you need a permit from the City of Miami. Or they will shut you down.

A video posted by Aristide Junior (@stideprince) on

I feel that we all need to come together in working to getting more shows coordinated and get more possibilities for the independent artists to perfect their craft. If you have any ideas or know any venues that will be interested in working with me contact me via Twitter at NikkiSiixx.


Music Video: Latasha Alcindor a.k.a L.A. – The Island

[BROOKLYN, NEW YORK] Check it out the talented Latasha Alcindor with latest video release entitled THE ISLAND. L.A. gives us her latest offering with what she has going on with Fro Casso in her DWS visual series. THE ISLAND resembles an anthem of belonging and self-acceptance. It shows L.A.’s growth in body, mind and spirit as an artist and a woman. I love L.A’s style and energy from her performances visually and live.
Latasha Alcindor

“Connect to my lands and not be afraid of the greatness. We all feel this way. Like on an island, but I rather make the best of it.” – L.atasha A.lcindor

THE ISLAND was directed by Fro Casso, and produced by Sam Katz. I really like the production on this track it really embodies that Afro-centric sound but with sounds of today. Sponsored by 88 Days Of Fortune. Stay tuned for some more dopeness from L.atasha A.lcinodor and don’t forget to follow her on all her social media outlets.



Audio: NoMBe – “Miss Mirage”

NoMBeIt is hard to clearly define the genre that NoMBe fits into, on his latest track “Miss Mirage”, he doesn’t make that task any easier but he pleases the ears nonetheless and that’s all that matters when you are making music. NoMBe is an artist in every sense of the word, producing, writing, mixing and mastering his latest soulful offering into the blogesphere. With a unique combination of electro soul, old school hip-hop and indie/pop, NoMBe will surely separate himself from the rest of your playlist with his sound. “Miss Mirage” is a smooth ride with enough up’s and down’s to keep you guessing while also enjoying the ride. The song has been featured on notable outlets such as HillyDilly and Billboard and with over 180,000 plays on Soundcloud it has grown and will probably continue to spread across the world. NoMBe is planning to release an EP titled Mood Indigo later this year, but for now listen to “Miss Mirage” on Soundcloud and enjoy the ride! [LINKS] WEBSITE || SOUNDCLOUD || TWITTER || FACEBOOK ||


Audio: Dubby of Team LoKo – Phake

dubby of team loko woods photo[PENNSYLVANIA] Dubby is bringing that fuego 🔥 with his latest track PHAKE. A lot of lyrical content from Dubby of Team LoKo. He also maintains that super catchy melodies between his verses. Dubby dedicates PHAKE to all those phony little rap boys. According to Dubby “If you’re garbage, stop. You’re ruining it for the ones who really do this… sheesh“. PHAKE was produced by The TrendsetterZ. One thing I really like is Dubby’s capability to rap over any type of production. On the second verse he sounds like a completely different person, but it’s him. He’s able to switch his flow throughout the track. Be on the look out for more exclusives from Dubby!


Music Video: Art Morera – Miami Vice

artmorera-miamiviceArt Morera is taking over Miami with his latest single off of his Around Midnight album Miami Vice. The music video was premiered via DJBOOTH.NET. Once you hit play you feel like you went back in time. Nixon was able to capture the true essence of MIAMI VICE with this one. With Art Morera’s lyrics being so descriptive that will leave you with the images playing a movie in your mind. The video was brought to life by Kimber Vasquez, with his keen-eye in capturing the perfect moments. The visual also gives off a movie feel. When Art gets a call if he has that new shit? What could this new shit be? You’ll find out at the end of this video! Peep that new shit that Art Morera is bringing you with his MIAMI VICE. Don’t forget to get his Around Midnight Album via iTunes.


Music Video: Art Morera – Waiting

Check out the latest visual off of Art Morera’s album Around Midnight with WAITING. What a stunnin’ music video. Art Morera finds himself embracing Earth’s beautiful scene in California. Up in the woods/mountains. Breath-taking visuals. WAITING is a track for any inspiring musician who’s working hard in making their goals/dreams come true. Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 6.19.59 PMArt is waiting on the listener to come across his music. Super down to earth just like his melodies in the chorus. “All Night Ive been hopping trains, loosing track of the time. What we have, Here and Now, I’ll be Waiting All My Life, Waiting For, Waiting For, Waiting For You..” The track was produced by THE KNO (which is a collaboration between NIXON and Art Morera himself). Stay tuned for more releases from Art Morera through his social media outlets below.

New Music: Gensu Dean & Planet Asia – Faces On The Dollar


Producer Gensu Dean and the California microphone legend Planet Asia teamed up for the newly released Abrasions album. Here is Faces On The Dollar, the first official single from the collaboration. Let’s take it to the west coast one time and vibe to this funky greatness. The song is available for free download, support the album, on sale now.

Connect with Gensu Dean: @GensuDean | Facebook

Connect with Planet Asia: @PlanetAsia

Willie J. Jr. Featuring Tripz Traxxx- The Sickness (Download/Listen)


While Halloween is quite some time away, we’re here with a scary ode to being sick. Chicago rapper Willie J. Jr. drops off The Sickness. Featuring Tripz Traxxx, these two rappers trade frightening bars over this super trippy beat. There seems to be a Hopsin and Tech N9ne vibe while zoning off to this one. When you want to let someone know just how sick you are, this is definitely the perfect theme song.

Connect with Willie J. Jr. @WillieJJr

Hippie Sabotage: VACANTS (Download/Listen)

Hippie Sabotage - VACANTS - cover

As electronic dance music, better known as EDM, is on the rise as a global phenomena. So is the fusion of trap music and such electronic music. These two California based brothers are Hippie Sabotage. VACANTS beat tape is their fourth release. This astoundingly perfect fusion of trap and electronic tones will definitely put you in a turnt up mood. Be prepared for big bass, crazy samples, and LOUD drums. One of my favorite audio clips is definitely Flavor Flav’s “Yeaaaaaahhh booooooooooiiiiiiii!”

This dopeness is available now for stream and free download.
VACANTS by Hippie Sabotage
Connect with Hippie Sabotage: @HippieSabotage | Official Website

Album Review: Rich Kid Sound System: No Cheers For Pioneers

No Cheers For Pioneers is definitely the top Indie/Hip-Hop Album of the summer. If I do say so myself. Rich Kid Sound System consists of Gabriel “Q” Pelaez (songwriter/vocalist/rapper) and Leo De la O (producer/vocalist). I really find this tape to be a great listen and it vibes out like summer days. Since their influences are The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Lykke Li, MGMT, and Justice. You’ll understand when you take a listen.

Throughout the tape you hear a conversation between Q and a lady friend at a crowded bar. She ask him questions regarding what he wants to accomplish with his music, what inspires him, and has he ever fallen in love. Pretty dope mini interview, really lets the listeners get to know more of Q from RKSS.

No Cheers For Pioneers is a seventeen track project. I’m going to review my favorite six tracks. So here it goes…

SONNET 27 The hook really won me over for the fact it’s catchy and relative. You gotta sing along. “Let’s take a journey and cross my mind and fall in love with the things we find. ” Q’s flow compliments the production.

TALK ABOUT USI’m sending out an SOS but all I hear is whispering, pick up on my lines when I cast them out like fisherman. Here we go with this again, Hope someone is listening, tension whores you can’t ignore” Song is definitely on repeat!

WHY DON’T THEY DANCE Wow! This song puts me in a really awesome mood. Just makes you want to dance! If I were to direct a video to this song I would just have EVERYONE dancing and catching everyone having a good time.

SOMEBODY THAT I USED TO KNOW To be honest I was able to hear this track before it’s release.. I really thought it was RKSS song (Never heard Goyte’s song before). Even though it’s a remix off of Goyte’s Somebody I Used To Know, I still believed that RKSS did an amazing rendition. I prefer their version.

GET WHAT YOU GIVE This has to be one of my favorite tracks off the album. Catchy ass hook! Can’t stop singling along. “I heard it all before, it seems like. You get what you give, yeah!. Get what you give, give, yeah!” Q states “See I’m a put my best up in it. push my self testing limits. Most these acts just tend to mimic, movie stars with a rendered image..”

NO CHEERS FOR PIONEERS Damn this one is also one of my favorites. The production, the lyricism, the chorus.. all of these elements make this song worth listening to over and over. This song can be an anthem for the ones who gone un-listened. When Q start’s the first verse he paces little by little with the beat. Found that to give momentum till the chorus kicks in again. Love it!

People in Miami enjoy sunny days, warm weather all year long, music, and dancing. We wanted to make music that combined all of those elements. -Q

This concludes my review on No Cheers For Pioneers from Rich Kid Sound System. If you loved the album as much as I did, you must click the cover art above and get your free download ASAP! S/O to RKSS!