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Interview: Nipsey Hussle Talks SNL Mention, First Song/Snoop Dogg, Proud 2 Pay, & More

Damon Campbell caught up with Nipsey Hussle outside of his Crenshaw pop-up shop at Fat Tiger in Chicago to discuss being mentioned on SNL despite his not-so-funny background and the serious nature of his music, going from shining shoes as a youngster to being confined to a whole different type of SHU program in jail right after signing a record deal, the first song he ever made, which—fittingly enough due to comparisons—was over a Snoop Dogg instrumental, and the lesser-known origins of his Proud 2 Pay campaign that spawned a $100 mixtape.

–Shot and edited by @aaronklisman and @A_CloudyVision



Interview: Nick Nemesis – Sidetracked 2

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Nick Nemesis is an independent artist from Pennsylvania. Releasing Sidetracked 2.After hearing the track I had a few questions for Nick and I was able to get a brief interview with him regarding the mixtape, a few tracks, and his upcoming project May I Help You.

when you stated “sidetracked 2 contains a wide variety of styles so many listeners are able to enjoy the tape” can you list the genre’s you incorporate in the tape?
Well it has a lot of diffrent styles of hip-hop such as club, underground, story telling and even rock influenced tracks. Also some tracks have more of a rock or even electronic/dubstep feel to them. I try not to limit myself and make my tapes consistent with different genres that everyone can enjoy.

track 6 Boss Battle featuring Joel Venom is a very catchy track. that’s a creative title! what inspired you to title it Boss Battle?
Joel and I were writing Boss Battle as a joke starting with the beat that just makes you think video games. So we decided to use the concept as if you were facing the last boss to win the entire game!

what are your current projects? anything new in the works?
May I Help You? Coming this August! No official day yet but here is a promo video for more info!

what are your favorite hobbies besides music?
ehhh lol pretty much anything I do involves music but I guess just chillin with my friends, partying, and just being 20.

track 21 Sunshine featuring Dante Outten who inspired your verse?
I actually wrote that whole track and I had Dante sing the chorus. My verse wasn’t really about anyone specifically, but more on a collective of all my crushes/love/that kinda things that I’ve experienced or heard of.

track 24 True Colors was sampled from one of my favorite rock bands Staind. Did you already know where the hook came from or you just came across it and wrote to it?
Yeah! A lot of people think rappers only listen to rap but I listen to everything. I’ve listened to Staind before I even started rapping. When I heard that sample in the beat I just ran with the concept and it made into a really good track!

last words?
ummmmmmmm #Deific! #GSNS (GrindSteadyNeverSleep) May I Help You? Shoutouts to everyone who supports me! Joel Venom! Blak Spyda! Mike Snow! Dante Outten! an of course thank you to the BEAUTIFUL Nikkisiixx for the interview!



Musician Interview: Ron Slyda

I interviewed Hip-Hop Artist from Miami, FL Ron Slyda. Check out we discuss on his upcoming mixtape The Rocket: Musicool will be released on June 26, 2011, why he became an artist, and so much more. View our video above and don’t forget to check out his links below.


The shirt I’m wearing is from @THEONLYGIANT view more styles at their WEBSITE


Interview with Hazardis Soundz

Hazardis Soundz from Nicole Gonzalez on Vimeo.

Check out my interview with Hazardis Soundz right before Haz Mat II (Sophomore Album) releases on April 26, 2011 at We discuss the project, local artists in South Florida, and upcoming releases. Also, I have an exclusiive sneak peek to a track from Haz Mat II called Clash of The Titans featuring artist LMS, Saheed, JNICS, Mike Beats, and Dynas. Enjoy!



Musician Interview: Chorde

Chorde Ronald Meredith was born on December 19, 1989 from Jamaican parents – Faith Boothe and Ron Meredith in Ft Lauderdale, FL. He lived in Jamaica and Connecticut once upon a time but most of his life was spent in South Florida. Ron Meredith is a musician who plays the piano, drums, clarinet, harmonica, and sings. He could also be classified as the reason for Chorde’s musical talents.

Chorde has been singing since he could talk, and he taught himself how to play the piano when he was four. It was in the first grade where he made the decision that he wanted to be a basketball player, singer, and a fireman… but he stuck with singing ever since.

Chorde’s first vocal coach and chorus teacher was Julie Webb and she worked with him intensely before and after school and was a vital part of his musical growth and can also be seen as the one who played a large role in Chorde’s achievements of many musical awards and the lead roles for tons of musicals such as The Chorus Line, The Pajama Game, Guys and Dolls, Bugsy Malone, etc.

Here is how our interview went:

For being a young artist, do you feel that you have what it takes to be known? I feel like I have more than what it takes. I have the talent and I have the drive and I am definitely confident enough.

What type of artist you consider yourself? I don’t really think I fit as a specific type of artist. I feel that when you categorize yourself then you basically limit yourself. If I had to choose a category I’d say I am a Pop artist.

Have you performed at any venues? If you haven’t where would you like to perform? I’ve opened up for Currensy, Scotch Davis and Dom Kennedy in Miami at Ashley Outrageous’ “Cool Bowl” (I can’t remember the warehouse it was a hip hop event though) it was pretty dope chillin’ in the back with all of them. I have performed at club Revolution opening up for Serani which was cool. I’ve performed at a few clubs on South Beach such as Heathrow, Skyline, and also plenty of clubs/lounges in the Broward county area.

Why did you feel like you needed to drop out of College? I dropped out of college because I wasn’t able to work with the kind of music that I wanted to do. Plus doing all that homework wasn’t allowing me to do shows or record. Also, I didn’t want to pursue my music career after I was 22 or 23.

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Chorde dropped his first EP “Start to Finish | Phase One: The Attraction” on 10-25-10 which has thousands of listens and downloads and has been downloaded in several countries such as Japan, Spain, Brazil, Jamaica, France and the US to name a few. Start to Finish | Phase Two: The Fascination is the current project being worked on and is scheduled to be released in a few months.

How was the success of “Start To Finish – Phase One: The Attraction” so far? Phase one did great! It has been downloaded and played in 12 different countries all over the world. Also, I have had a lot of different artist in the US and over seas wanting to work on collaborations together. Working with new artist is always awesome!

What’s the concept of your second project? Is it purposely the sequel to The Attraction EP? Yeah, well with the first EP we came out with some R&B tracks and some Hip-hop tracks. With the next EP, it will be more poppy. Pop and Hip Pop feel had to switch it up and let people know that I’m not limited to just one sound…

Do you already have a set release date for “Start To Finish – Phase Two: The Fascination”? We don’t have a set date for the second EP because things change everyday. I am always adding tracks and taking tracks out, so hopefully in early mid May but you never know. But I will keep you posted, NikkiSiixx!

What are the goals you have that you want to accomplish before 2011 is over? I just wanted to get my name out more. Have more people listen to my music, and it will happen. I know it’s going to take time, but I’m confident that it will happen. One specific goal I had was to get my music on the radio and and I have a song called “Bad Girl” that plays on X102.3, I know that I can accomplish anything.

Any last words? Special thanks to everyone that listened to, and downloaded the album. I really appreciate it.



NikkiSiixx Presents: The Rising at Transit Lounge 03/12/2011

NikkiSiixx Presents: The Rising at Transit Lounge 03/12/2011 from Nicole Gonzalez on Vimeo.

Check out my exclusive footage from The Rising on 03/12/2011 at Transit Lounge. Caught a emcee freestyle competition that was hosted by Trojan Condoms with emcees like MyVerse, Syd Vicious, Saheed, Melodik Flows, Art Morera, LMS. Performances from Wrekonize, Madd Illz, One Be Lo, Opio, Freeway, JNICS. Interviews with MyVerse, Syd Vicious, Opio, One Be Lo, and Math Hoffa

Congratulations LMS for Winning The EMCEE Freestyle Competition!!!


Musician Interview: Saheed

“I really like to think before I speak.” -Saheed

Welcome to my new segment of Musician Interview. Every Monday I will be posting interviews about local musicians, bands, and anyone who is trying to do it big in the music industry. If it’s from Hip-Hop to Hardcore Heavy Metal, I will do my best to bring the diversity that Miami brings to it’s local music to you. Here’s how my interview with Saheed Abdelghani.

We sat down at the table. I was pretty nervous since this was my first real interview with anyone. We were both stoked! While getting everything ready we listened to a few new joints that Saheed just worked on. We were jammin’. Let’s do it!

What do you use as your inspiration for your writing? Good Music. A lot of things inspire me. I write things that I go through, everyone goes through their shit. Just by listening to good music makes me say Damn! that makes me want to write. Seeing others succeed through music inspires me cause of goodness of music.

What made you pick up that pen and write on that piece of paper for the first time? First, first, time I ever wrote? Wow! That’s a long time ago! I remember in middle school like when we took the F.C.A.T with the essay portion. I will always get back a score of 4.5 or higher. Whenever I had a random thought that came to me I will write it down. I feel like I have always been able to write this way. I just write when I feel like writing. If it’s a script to a movie, write a love letter, or write to a new track.

If it wasn’t for Hip-Hop where would you be now? I wouldn’t have a life right now. It would just have a regular life with a regular basic job. Not doing anything with my life. The reason why because all I want to do is make music, music is my life. Also, if Hip-Hop wasn’t there I would be writing books or acting in movies. I never wanted to be a doctor, or lawyer, a cop, a fire fighter, I probably be a dj, or teach the blind and the mentally handi-capped.

How do you get booked for your shows? I know a bunch of promoters, which took me a lot of time to get to know them and work hard to get their respect. The Djs or promoters are the ones who book the shows. They know I am going to be bringing people to the show since they follow me and my music. I get offered the shows I don’t need to ask for them. They know I can bring it!

When you’re on stage what’s the feeling you get? It depends on the crowd. If it’s an exciting crowd, I get all into it. I just want to represent my music as good as possible. When I go on stage I usually stay calm, I don’t get nervous at all. I go do my own thing on stage. The only thing on my mind is giving the crowd a good ass show.

When there’s a huge turnout does that get you nervous? Not at all! Not at all!! It gets me more excited.

Where has been the farthest you traveled to perform? Columbia, Missouri: For a performance. There cool ass people with a real support for the hip hop scene.

Rumor has it that for the Canibus Show for Street Wars 2 you called Mosh Jelton to not show up since you weren’t ready for the battle and it wouldn’t look bad for your reputation if you were the one to call out? How do you feel for these accusations? Is that really a rumor? You can call and ask Mosh Jelton himself. I went Street Wars ready to battle Mosh, he didn’t show up and had a court date the next morning. For whoever started that rumor is a LIAR! AND A BITCH!

What is your all time favorite track of yours? And why? A song that nobody has heard yet.

Has a girl/woman inspired you to write a track? Why? Which song? Yes. Women have inspired me to write a my songs. Which songs that you’re asking me about? All my songs, I guess I’m just inspired by a lot of woman. Women are inspiring. (Laughs)

How do you choose the song for a new video you want to make? I get comments from people how good the song is that it should have its own video. Or I can visualize the video when I’m writing the song.

What do you want to say to all the people who have supported you? I LOVE YOU! You guys are the best and you guys are what really gives me inspiration.

Thank you for this interview. I appreciate that you’re taking your time to ask me these questions about my music and myself to share with the people. I highly appreciate all my friends, fam & supporters. I promise I’ll do anything to give you the best music I can make. Just keep your eyes and ears open because you’re going to be hearing a lot about me and seeing me a lot more. Peace to everyone. Power to the people. *puts fist up in the air*

Check out his new video that just came out today: The Ups

I think this video came out great! I really like it. The song is awesome as well

If you like Saheed then check him out on his social networking sites for any updates on new joints and seeing how he is becoming more known for his music. Im saying this because during the interview I felt I met the guy behind the image of someone that performs his music. So, I am mad proud of you. He became my fam.