Exclusive Leak: Does Tink Take A Jab At Nicki Minaj?

I’ve been told by valuable sources of possible jabs at Nicki Minaj, taken by XXL Freshman Classman Tink. Tink is the featured artist on Chicago Artist J. Reign track WANNA DO. Tink was signed with Timbaland’s Mosley Music Group, an imprint of Epic Records, in October 2014. Pretty interesting, considering back last year in November, Tink was considered a candidate of being the next Nicki Minaj via Billboard. Tink is a possible threat since she can sing and can rap. With Timberland co-signing Tink and her non-stop growing fan base. Timberland also stated that Aaliyah came to him in a dream saying Tink is the one, the one artist that can possibly bring back the style and essence of Aaliyah’s sound. This year May, Tink had an interview with NY Mag, regarding how Nicki Minaj is an inspiration to her to start rapping. “I’ll be honest with you, before I heard Nicki rapping, I probably wouldn’t have thought to rap myself. Just to see a female doing it and being in there with the guys, it was motivation.” VIA NY Mag.

Something must’ve sparked Tink between the time she said that to right before recording her verse. In the studio session, Tink was flamed on and insisted on having her verse go first on WANNA DO. The track was recorded at an unknown studio in Chicago. But after it was recorded her PR company insisted on getting it deleted. Luckily Tink, couldn’t hold back and was still able to leave at least one remark against Nicki on the remake of the verse.

“Acting Like I Don’t When I Really Really Do
Need You Like Nicki Need Her Silicone Boobs
And Knowing I Get Excited Every Time You Come Around,
Cause Just Like Titanic Sink Ship You’re Going Down”

I had to look more into this and what I discovered was Silicone-filled implants are silicone shells filled with a plastic gel (silicone). Also, I would think if mentioning something artificial she’s intending their must be something fake about Nicki. Considering, Tink stays true to what she raps about. We just have to see if anything else plays out. Check out the latest from Tink with Winters Diary 3 Mixtape.

What would you say about this verse from Tink and what would Nicki Minaj say about this?



Music Video: J.Reign – Wrong Wit Me featuring Nico Barz and Tre Dolla

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 12.07.03 PM[ATLANTA, GA] J.Reign releases his latest music video WRONG WIT ME, featuring Nico Barz and Tre Dolla. J.Reign was born and raised in Chicago, but once he turned 18 he moved with his mother to his new city of Atlanta. WRONG WIT ME is a track about learning how to not stress out over things you can’t control. The visual takes us to what seems to be an abandoned building with graffiti all over the walls. J.Reign, Nico Barz, and Tre Dolla are reciting their lines, while we have a woman dance to the music. It was cool how they added her into some of the scenes. They even had some fire effects behind her. J.Reign has also been at work recording a new LP titled Hat Trick which is hosted by the one and only “Jack Thriller” (Comedian). Also he has been busy collaborating on videos as well, including this video for WRONG WIT ME. Which is the new single off his Reign Gretzky: Hat Trick mixtape which is going live early August. Be on the look out!