Movies: Daddy’s Home Official Trailer #2

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are back with a comedy after their hit THE OTHER GUYS. They bring us Daddy’s Home. Will Ferrell plays the step-father and Mark Wahlberg is the father of the kids. The tension builds high and the laughs are non-stop. I can say they are the best tag team comedy duo out right now besides Seth Rogen and James Franco of course. Sean Anders and John Morris co-directed Daddy’s Home, based on the screenplay by Brian Burns. Daddy’s Home is set to hit theaters December 25th.


Artist Advice: The Importance of Gaining 10 New Fans than 100 New Followers

In this week’s Artist Advice Article: I selected suggestion by @mrsassone with “Why making a genuine connection with 10 new fans is better than 100 new followers”. Thanks Frank for the comment. Here’s what I have to say about gaining a genuine connection is better than 100 random followers.

I know it may seem having 100 new followers is the next best thing in expanding you’re social media presence but in reality it’s not. Gaining 10 New Fans is the move in gaining true support from people who really do love your music. Who are willing to pay to see you perform live at a show and even purchase an official merchandise item(s). These are the people who will share your music to their friends, co-workers, allies, by word of mouth, tweet, or post. Sometimes getting a referral from a person you know, “Hey man, you should check out this upcoming artist. He’s pretty dope and you gotta listen” can really motivate the new listener to you.

There’s many ways to earn a fans appreciation, one way is by giving them access to you without having them hold your house key. Like providing exclusives on music before it’s release or Skype/Google Hangout a Fan-Only Listening Session while you’re at the recording studio. Giving them intimacy like they’re right there with you. Makes them feel closer to you as a person, not just an artist.

Becoming More Interactive helps tremendously. Not just posting random thoughts, but more on what you do on a daily basis. Let’s say you’re going to eat at Applebees and you post a pic on Instagram. In the caption of the photo: You explain what’s happening, why your there, and ask a question. (What is your favorite meal from Applebees? or What’s the best drink to get from the bar?). The world feels the need to add their own input so why not start there. By asking a question this starts a debate and you get to know what your fans like.

FullSizeRenderOnce they start posting their answers. Your job is to respond to each and every one of those comments. Also, check out if there following you, you should follow them back. That always makes a fans day! When they see the person they look up to acknowledging them. It’s an overwhelming feeling. It’s like one day I posted a pic on Instagram regarding a movie James Franco directed. I captioned the photo my commentary and moments later I get 2 notifications, James Franco liked the photo and started following me on Instagram. I will always remember that moment where I’m like James Franco is following me?!!! [screams]

DON’T FORGET Hashtags!!! Hashtags is a way for someone can come across you’re post if you use the right keyword. For example, above scenario you can put #Applebees #whatsfordinner #restaurant #musician #YourName and anything else you see fit. I noticed for me when I do post with hashtags my likes are doubled. I like to use about 10 or more hashtags for the post.

2zio2v4As the great Praverb said in his article on 100 Ways for Musicians to Gain 100 True Fans: “The ideas revolve around the basic concept of friendship. In order to gain friends and sustain them you have to show them that you care about them. This includes being an effective listener, suppressing your ego, being thoughtful, offering your time, respecting their opinions and more“. His article is a breakdown of how you can gain fans, going over 100 ways to do it. I won’t go into detail on it but you can view his article (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT). #RIPPraverb

I understand it’s all a numbers game, but when you have 10,000 followers and not one shows up to your show. You will be considered a lie. Why? Because how do you have such a huge online presence but when in comes to real life… they don’t show up. Building friendships with your fans can help generate a positive support system. In the end your real fans will be there after Instagram/Twitter has to clear out bots and spam accounts. Which will leave you with 100 to even 1000 less followers than before. This concludes this week’s Artist Advice Article. Good luck and just be you! Anything you’ll like to add to this article please comment on the comment section below.

Movie Trailer: The Interview with Seth Rogen and James Franco

Just saw the teaser trailer with this iconic duo Seth Rogen and James Franco with this fall THE INTERVIEW. The people who brought you NEIGHBORS & THIS IS THE END are bringing you a crazy concept and bringing it to life. The trailer shows that Seth and James are apart of a celebrity tabloid television show that becomes very popular. So popular that Kim Jong-un is a huge fan of the show. Seth and James thought it would be great to have Kim Jong-un on the show. Once the CIA finds out their intentions they decided to contact them and request that they will assassinate the dictator. Will the guys succeed with their mission? This movie looks hilarious and there’s even explosions! THE INTERVIEW is set to be released on October 10, 2014. Can’t wait!

Netflix Movie Review: As I Lay Dying

MV5BMTQxNDE5MjczM15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODY1NzI4OQ@@._V1_SX640_SY720_Last Night I was going through Netflix and discovered As I Lay Dying was available to view. I was like yesss! I’m finally able to catch this flick. I literally didn’t know what to expect with this film. All I knew was that James Franco was in it and he also directed it. The movie captivated me and I was impressed. Consider the movie takes place back in 1930’s. Based off a novel by William Faulkner.

The selection on the cast and crew were great choices. We have characters such as Darl Bundren (James Franco), Anse (Tim Blake Nelson), Cash (Jim Parrack), Dewey Dell (Ahna O’Reilly), Jewel (Logan Marshall-Green), Vardaman Bundren (Brady Permenter), Addie Bundren (Beth Grant), and many others. I love their monologues, that took place throughout the film. They executed their parts perfectly.

Their mother is dying and would like to be buried a few towns over in a cemetery. They have to go on this mission, mind you back in the 1930’s which is way different to what we can do today. Having to horse bench wagon carrying a wooden casket in the hot summer sun. It was tough. The story is based on four brothers Darl, Cash, Jewel, and Vardaman. They also had a sister named Dewey. Each one has their own story which you really need to pay attention and follow.

tumblr_mlvlypheRF1qhuc9do1_500The visual was breathtaking. The spit screen effect really gave more to the scene. You’re able to see different views and it was just mind blowing. You just need a bit a patience to follow through at the beginning but once you start understanding the concept, it will pay off at the end. I’ve already watched this movie twice and will do so again.

Movie Trailer: HOMEFRONT (11/27/2013)

Releasing Thanksgiving Weekend HOMEFRONT. This movie looks really suspenseful, filled with action, and has a great cast along with an intense storyline. Phil Broker is the main character played by Jason Statham. When you see Jason in a flick you already know he’s going to be kicking some ass. Phil is a former DEA Agent who moved to a small hick town with his daughter Maddie. One day at school Maddie gets picked and pushed by a boy. Then she kicks his ass! The mother of the boy is so upset, that she talks to the local drug dealer GATOR (James Franco) to scare them out of town. Little does GATOR realize that Phil will do whatever it takes to keep his family safe. Can’t wait to watch HOMEFRONT.

Movie Trailer: This is The End

June 12th Sony Pictures releases This is The End! The world is coming to an end and here’s what our favorite comedians will do to survive. Starring Seth Rogen, James Franco, and many other talented actors. James Franco decides to throw a huge party to celebrate the end the year. Little does everyone know the world is ending! Each actor/actress is acting as themselves during the movie. I think this is a great twist to the story.

I read the article from June/July 2013 issue of Complex Magazine they had with both Seth and James on the main cover and interviewed. They are a hilarious duo. Besides working together on they’re popular film Pineapple Express, Freaks and Geeks, they are also friends as well. Great interview by Foster Kamer.

Don’t forget to take a look at THIS IS THE END in movie theaters on June 12th!