Audio: Jared Xavier – The World Is Mine

[WILKES-BARRE, PA] Jared Xavier makes his second appearance on NikkiSiixx.com with his latest single THE WORLD IS MINE. With his lyrics he makes valid points on this psychedelic track produced by @AbJonian. Such as “We are the ones who control the world”, cops targeting Young Black Americans, and it’s now our time to shine. The piano provides a jazzy feel to it but then theres an electric sounds providing an EDM/trance vibe. It works! It’s hard not to follow along with his hook. Great track and you should be looking forward to more content from PA’s talented artist Jared Xavier.


Audio: John Bliss – $igns

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 5.27.02 PM[GLENSIDE, PA] John Bliss released his latest single $IGNS. For only being nineteen years old the progressively growing artist makes his debut via NikkiSiixx.com. John Bliss is also on the elite roster for MHR (Marsten House Records). The production reminds me of jazzy/wavy 70’s era kinda like the theme song of I Dream of Jeannie. $IGNS is a track about seeing signs about whats going on or what will come. John Bliss remains energetic and witty on the track. $IGNS was Mixed/Mastered by Marsten House Records. The rise of this rapper is something you won’t want to miss out on.

“Never confuse the size of your paycheck with the size of your talent.” – Marlon Brando



Audio: Zulu Soul – Eutrepics

[NEW JERSEY/ST.LOUIS] Producers/Rappers Zulu Soul and DJ Fishbulb create a hip-hop duo. They created this track called EUTREPICS. This track was also was the first winner of the first Submission Sunday on HipHopSpeakeasy.com. EUTREPICS is a jazzy production by DJ Fishbulb and the calm delivery was from Zulu Soul. His flow is something to get use to, but he is able to deliver his message.

“What makes us unique is our lack of influence. We come from a place where very few people make the kind of music we make so everything we make is completely organic. The influences we do have are based on the music we seek out ourselves. We make honest music from our own perspective and we feel this is what makes people connect with music”. – Zulu Soul


New Music: Case Arnold – Be Yourself ft. Tim Gent

ft tim gent

[CLARKSVILLE, TN] Case Arnold just released this morning, his new track BE YOURSELF with fellow Experience The Culture emcee Tim Gent. Just another track, Case Arnold is busy working on consistent releases until his next full-length project. BE YOURSELF was produced by Ozhora Miyagi, love the overall jazzy sound. Really gives a feel of the night life, with that sultry trumpet on the beat. Case Arnold expresses all the time and efforts he does with his life. From his relationships, long late nights, and being able to provide. It made me feel that maintaining who you really are will be able to help proceed with life. The collaboration between Case and Tim Gent is dope! Both flows complement each other and the production. You can leave this on repeat, for awhile. TWITTER || SOUNDCLOUD || INSTAGRAM ||