NikkiSiixx Adventures: 10/4 – Wizard World Comic Con in Ft. Lauderdale

I attended Wizard World in Ft. Lauderdale this passed weekend. And for a girl who loves comics, video games, and anything geek culture, I had a really great experience for my first time ever going to a Comic Convention. I was set and ready to go in cosplay. I chose Kairi from Kingdom Hearts II. I even had my keyblade ready to kill some heartless. I was accompanied by my friends @iloveSmurfs22 and @Eric__TH. Eric was dressed like Pence from Kingdom Hearts II. Check out some of the photos to see who I came across on my adventures:

Kairi & Pence from Kingdom Hearts 2 || #wizardworld #comicon #kingdomhearts #kairi #pence #cosplay

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Hanging out with @herohypecon || #wizardworld #comicon #kingdomhearts #kairi #cosplay #ironman #warmachine #halo

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Epic battle against Lady Shredder || #wizardworld #comicon #kingdomhearts #kairi #pence #cosplay #shredder #battle

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I'm DeadPool's hostage!! || #wizardworld #comicon #kingdomhearts #kairi #cosplay #deadpool

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We ran into Roxas! United Kingom Hearts Characters || #wizardworld #comicon #kingdomhearts #kairi #pence #cosplay #roxas

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TV: GOTHAM | Welcome To The Rise Of The Villains (Mini Teaser Trailer)

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 5.23.02 PMRecently released teaser trailer for Gotham’s Second Season Premiere. Welcome To The Rise Of The Villains is the theme for this second, and I just can’t wait to see everyone’s characters truly come to life. With Penguin being in charged of crime in Gotham, James Gordon becoming Commissioner, and new sides to Nygma and Barbara. We see in the trailer a plaque/statue of what seems to be made of bronze. We See Selina Kyle (CatWoman), Oswald Copplepot (Penguin), Nygma (Riddler), Jerome (Joker), and what appears to be Barbara as well. All looking evil and out to attack. You hear the voices of the characters “Hello Gotham. Welcome To The Rise Of The Villains. You had your chance. Your Heroes let you down. Behold, a city riddled with fear. Beware of the upcoming storm”. This Monday get set for the premiere of Gotham Season Two.



TV: Gotham Rundown – Episodes Sixteen (The Blind Fortune Teller) and Seventeen (Red Hood)

Welcome back to another Gotham Rundown! This week I’m going to be discussing on Episodes sixteen The Blind Fortune Teller and seventeen Red Hood. Last week I went in on episodes Fourteen and Fifteen, where we left off Lee and Jim are becoming an item, the twisted mind of Dr. Crane and the birth of Scarecrow. Here’s what happens on episodes sixteen and seventeen:


Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 11.15.16 AMPenguin has his mother perform at the venue everyone just needs to deal with it. Fish awakens still trapped underground but has full control of downstairs. Taking care of everyone who has something taken from them. Barbara arrives back to her apartment where she finds Kat and Ivy. She kinda accepts the girls being there after a night of drinking. Gordon and Lee are at the carnival watching a live acrobatic performance. Then the small car thats filled with clowns and comes to start a huge fight throughout all the acts. Everyone is fighting. Jim stops it. Penguins mother finishes singing and no one claps. Penguin claps it makes everyone clap except one jerk who booed her off stage. Penguin goes attacks him for making fun of his mother. Lee is taking care of some of the carnival acts She ended up discovering that the families have been feud for years. There looking for Lyla the snake dancer who they’re fighting for. They go to her trailer where they don’t find her but her son and her snake. The Ringleader seems to lead the snake tamer to be a whore and likes to go out. Gordon tells the boy that to take the snake out, the snake is heading to a direction, they follow. The snake leads them to the body of Lyla who was murdered and hidden in the hay cart. The Ringleader says they found her like that. Fish is planning on escaping, and saving everyone from their future demise.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 11.16.03 AMAt the GCPD looks like a party/prank according to Harvey. Gordon interviews Drew regarding his mother. He’s a bit off. Gordon interviews the rest of the circus act. Fish and her group are ready to put her plan into action. In exchange for one of the lives she wants food, water, and blankets. They refuse they won’t get a live patient. In order for her to see the manager she will exchange her place with the guard. She has her back up of men to protect her. Lee invites Gordon to finish their date over dinner, and then they get interrupted by a blind physic. Lee wants to hear the message. Lee doesn’t like how Jim isn’t open minded to the after life. Alfred confirms with Bruce about having a meeting with Wayne Enterprises about confronting them about the corruption thats going on in his company. Barbara is trying to find the perfect outfit to go and confront Jim. We then see Lee and Jim having dinner. Lee figures out the physic’s message. Jim agrees to check out the location, but Lee couldn’t help but look into this woman’s murder. They search below the bridge and they find a hatchet that’s covered in blood. The hatchet is from a satanist cult. Jim admitted she right about him needing a strong woman. Gordon brings the physic reader into questioning and tells him he had someone apart of it. He’s protecting someone he loves. They have Jerome come into the room, where Gordon accuses him of killing his mother and says the physic reader is his real father. The reader admits he is his father. Jerome couldn’t believe it. It’s impossible. Jerome starts crying then an evil grind then said she was a cold hearted whore. Also, this is the birth of The Joker. He was cruel and seemed to laugh about the situation. Lee is distraught. She was thrilled and scared about the whole situation. Then end up kissing passionately. Then we see Barbara walk in on them without them noticing. But what did she expect? Like he wasn’t going to move on after her leaving. Victor visits Penguin on regards to Falcone. Penguin is not making any money, he brought someone to assist him and its Butch. But its not the butch from before he kinda brainwashed him and now is under Penguin’s control. Bruce is ready for his meeting, heres where he questioned Wayne Enterprises about their involvement at the Arkham project. You can tell the board members are a bit put off as if their hiding something. And Fish Mooney was to switch positions to meet the manager of this facility she’s been captive.


Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 12.17.28 PMWe start off with a bank robbery from a group that had one particular member who stood out with a red hood. The main group leader didn’t like it as much since he was causing a lot of attention to himself. The Red hood has the spotlight and didn’t get shot at all by the security guard. Escaping by diversion when he let hundreds of dollars loose on Gotham street’s it cause mayhem while people tried to grab all the floating money. Alfred gets an unexpected visit by an old army mate from when Alfred used to serve. He seemed a bit washed up. Bruce offers him to stay for a couple of days till he gets his shit together. Fish is taken to the higher levels to meet the manager she is a bit caught off guard to see all the victims with missing body parts. Gordon is on the lead on who’s apart of the Red Hood gang. Then we see the gang counting their earnings when a disagreement and the one who started it gets killed by the short main leader. Now he wheres the red hood. Fish meets with the manager and demands to meet with the owner, the doctor the Doll Maker. Penguin is screwed, Maroni cut off his alcohol supply. But Butch has a plan to help him out. Gordon and Harvey find the garage and found the dead body from one of the members of the Red Hood gang. But so far nothing stops the crew. They were involved in another heist. Alfred’s friend wants to see Bruce’s fighting stance. He tells Bruce to get at em. Even letting Bruce punch him in the face, Alfred had to stop this madness. Penguin plans to steal Marooni’s liquor trading post but the cops all of a sudden take over and the merch. Butch comes in and tells him the officers work for him and it was for Oswald.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 12.18.08 PMBarbara tries to tell the girls they can use their looks as power. Kat disagree with her actions and look at what it hasn’t brought her anything good. In the line-up they find the chunky burglar but they want him to go back to the other members of the gang so they can arrest them all. The manager tells Fish Mooney they’re going to take her eyes. But she will not let them and took her eye out with a spoon. and then faints. Bruce brings out the really good wine and join Alfred and his friend over stories through the Thunderstorm. They have a disagreement regarding the details of their passed stories. Reggie will be leaving tomorrow. The main burglar gets a surprise visit from another member wanting the Red Hood to impress his girlfriend. He didn’t and got himself shot. Gordon and Harvey head upstairs to find him shot, they have the lead to the next heist. Penguin and Butch toast to getting the alcohol for the club but then Penguin wants to toast to Fish and finds Butch agreeing to her demise. Alfred finds Reggie in Bruce’s office stealing. And he stabs Alfred, Bruce ends up finding him bleeding out. We see the remaining three robbers in front of the bank and Jim confronts them. 2 gunmen down and the Red Hood remains. He was about to shoot Gordon and got rundown by GCPD. He gets a call that Alfred has been stabbed. We find out that Reggie was hired by Wayne Enterprises. He mentions about taking the kid out now, but they’re not. The Red Hood was picked up by a teen at the crime scene, not sure what that’s going to lead into.

This concludes my recap on episode sixteen and seventeen of Gotham! Don’t forget on Hulu with a plus membership, you’ll be able to catch up on all episodes of Gotham. I highly recommend you do so. 21 days left to Gotham’s return for Season Two this Fall September 21st on FOX! Next Monday, I’ll be reviewing Episodes Eigthteen “Everyone Has A Cobblepot” and Nineteen “Beasts of Prey”.


Video: Straight Outta Gotham

The other day I was tweeted this link from YobyDren and I’m absolutely in love with this concept. Over the last two weekends STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON has been showing success being Number 1 in box offices. The group NWA emerges from the mean streets of Compton in Los Angeles, California, in the mid-1980s and revolutionizes Hip Hop culture with their music and tales about life in the hood. Inspired by the craze and inspired by the hit tv series Gotham from Fox. Matthew Schwartz. Starring: Cody Beasinger, Jon Silva, Jason Beever, Kyle Beasinger, Yoko Mizuhara, John Hinson, and Gavin Richards created Straight Outta Gotham. Inspired by Batman villains stories. Two-face, The Riddler, Joker, and Bane take it to the mic. My favorite verse has to be with the Joker. If you’re loving this video as much as I do you should get the MP3 of the track too via SOUNDCLOUD. Let me know what you think about they’re take on NWA’s classic Straight Outta Compton. Youtube Channel: Castanet Creative (@castanetcs).

Here are a couple of screenshots from the video, don’t forget to press play!
straight outta gotham straight outta gotham 1 straight outta gotham 2 straight outta gotham 4 Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 10.39.05 PM


Movies: Official Comic-Con Trailer for Suicide Squad

Check it out the first exclusive trailer for Suicide Squad brought to you by the amazingness of Comic-Con! Pretty dope trailer, but I couldn’t help but notice there was a lot of Harley Quinn cut-scenes, but hey Margot Robbie really pulls her off. Also, I really want to see how Will Smith plays Deadshot. Suicide Squad story is a secret government agency recruits imprisoned supervillains to execute dangerous black ops missions in exchange for clemency. I was pretty anxious when I started to her Jared Leto’s Joker come to life. I think his voice is spot on for the Joker Persona. I would need to watch the movie before I can compare his character to other Joker’s. Action packed film is set to release August 5, 2016.


NikkiSiixx Artwork: Lego Joker ‘s Last Laugh

I’m a huge fan of The Batman series. And for some strange reason I keep creating art work involving The Joker. My latest piece is titled Lego Joker ‘s Last Laugh. Finally The Joker was able to accomplish the unthinkable and poison Batman & Robin with his infamous laughing gas.

[x] First off I free hand the sketch. First I started with The Joker then out of no where I decided to add Batman & Robin into the bunch. Felt The Joker was a little bit too lonely on the canvas.

[x] Next off I painted the light colors, once dried I started with the dark colors. Luckily I had all the colors needed.

[x] Didn’t know where I was going with this but I decided to add the backdrop with the green mist from The Laughing Gas. Started it light.

[x] I added a darker green color to give a mist feel when you look to The Jokers right hand there’s the green mist overlapping it.

[x] My favorite part! The outlining. I use a thin point fabric paint to create the lining. Also when it dries up it gives a 3D feel to it. Check out the detailing on Batman & Robin.

[x] Joker’s last laugh won’t be complete until I added the HA HA HA everywhere. It’s everywhere because they can’t control their laughter. It’s unstoppable.

If you’re interested in purchasing Lego Joker’s Last Laugh hit me up on Twitter @NikkiSiixx