Radio Feature: NikkiSiixx.com Artists on KCoolShow FyourFM (CA)

Last Thursday the guys from the KCoolShow featured 3 tracks from artists that were featured on the Category NEW MUSIC on NikkiSiixx.com. They were Art Morera ABOUT, Ron Slyda FOCUS, and Gill Graff with GOODBYE featuring LuvEra, Knowledge Medina, and Roly. And check out all the badass things they said about me 🙂



NikkiSiixx Featured On: KCoolShow on BlogTalkRadio.com (CA)

Thursday Night I was invited to come through to the KCoolShow where host Klizz and Coolhand bring together hip-hop with underground and mainstream artists. With interviews with artists and anyone involved in the hip-hop community. This is where I come in. Check out the three tracks that came from the NikkiSiixx NETWERK Series VOL TWO & THREE.

-Dirty Dem featuring Art Morera – It Ain’t Hard To Tell
-Saheed – Peace & Quiet
-Anjuli Stars – Fish In The Water

We talked about my activism in the hip-hop movement in South Florida, what my site has to offer, HAZ MAT II, GrindTimeNow, and a few shoutouts.

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