Fashion: KicDrum Products – Fresh Gear!

Came across KicDrum, a Music and Design Production Company from Philly. These guys have some really fresh gear and check out what else they offer from T-Shirts, Hats, Accessories, and Vinyl’s.

Love this shirt in red! Hip-Hop Origins from the Emcee with a mic & a ghetto blaster, Drummer with classic SP-1200, and a female tambourine dancer.

The hat is too dope! Limited edition Rainbow Six custom crafted five panel adjustable cap. You will need to get your Pre-Orders in! Don’t miss out.

Damn! This one is sold out! I love the color selection in the Guru’s photo transitions.

KicDrum Products combines street music and street fashion, creating BOOM BAP hip-hop for your head and gear to rock during your daily operations. Every piece of KicDrum clothing is carefully and uniquely designed to reflect KDP’s artistic and musical tastes. Every piece of music released is created to remind you that hard Hip-Hop lives.