EP Review: Kojazz – JaZZ Daniels

[NEW YORK] After having Kojazz made his appearance on the NikkiJoMazing Couch, then releasing his Change The Subject EP, and constantly working with his other affiliates from the iLLustrious group. Currently, KoJazz released another collective project entitled the Jazz Daniels EP. The nine track EP is solely produced by Solidified. According to KoJazz “Journey through 30 minutes of liquored up tunes and cheers to good times sponsored by shots of good ol’ Jazz Daniels…Listen Responsibly”. And that’s what I’m planning on doing, I’ll be reviewing the project and pick out my favorite tracks.

[HONEY ON THE ROCKS] This track definitely sets the mood right and demonstrates a night of influence. Kojazz is setting the tone over this sweet Solidified beat. Kojazz is very descriptive and describes heading to a bar and fighting his demons. His flow lands perfectly with the beat. kojazz music

[THE BREWERY] Kojazz collaborates with JuG the ILLEST and Rell Burgundy. This track sets the mood for the afterparty. Everyone has bars and I think its pretty dope there’s a Flash line hidden in the track. The hook is mad catchy! THE BREWERY can definitely be played at clubs I can sense the crowd to really be feeling this one.

[POUR DECISIONS INTERLUDE] After a night of binge drinking, you can only imagine the poor decisions you’ll make under the influence. One of them like driving under the influence. I really like the samples and skit at the end. Showing you the effects of driving drunk and getting pulled over.

[ALCOHOL POISONING] I feel like this is the climax track to the Jazz Daniels EP. Everyone on the track Christyle, MeRCY, and Kojazz get rowdy on this one. I really like Christyle’s verse, she’s brining it to the table.

[GENTLEMEN JAZZ] time to slow down the night and unwind with Kojazz and YoAmanduh. Even though Kojazz may seem tough but he can get romantic on the track. YoAmanduh brings that late night vibes with her sultry voice. Nice way to end the 30 minute journey.

kojazz 1This concludes my review on Kojazz’s Jazz Daniel’s EP. Shoutout to everyone who was apart of the project Solidified, Bishop, MeRCY, Rell Burgundy, JuG the ILLest, Christyle, & yoAmamduh. If you’re diggin’ the EP as much as I am, you gotta follow and stay in the loop with Kojazz.



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NikkiSiixx.com Presents NETWERK VOL NINE! Bringing you twelve dope artist from all over. We had our event in August 2014 at Propaganda Lake Worth in which 5 lucky performers were able to perform which were: SP, DOOBZ, RAPPER RICH, ROB REGIS, and XALI. They were all able to speak with NikkiSiixx with her Mini-Series CATCH UP WITH THE ARTISTS II. Check out the track listing below and don’t forget to Download You’re FREE Copy of NETWERK VOL NINE!

01 – The Innovators @DezTheNavigator & @IBSenorChase– THIS ONE FOR MR.P
02 – 1Known – INCAPABLE
03 – Granddad Woolly – GOOD TIME
10 – XALI – x XXX

New Music: MeRCY – iLL Minded featuring KoJazz

mercy ill minded 2Pompano Beach hip-hop artist MeRCY releases a track called iLL MINDED with featured iLLustrious Member KoJazz. This is actually the lead single off of MeRCY’s upcoming project iLL-Minded, They both provided some thought provoking bars over insane production by Zino. If you’re not familiar with MeRCY or Kojazz you can get to know them better through an exclusive interview we did on NikkiJoMazing. MeRCY & KoJazz sound great together, they we’re both able to illustrate their lyrics, through the power of words. Take it back and press play and get iLL Minded.

NIKKIJOMAZING: S1 EP9 with iLLustrious

NikkiSiixx x JojosBlock x Womazing brings you NIKKIJOMAZING a weekly hip-hop show brought to you by these four strong women in the hip-hop community. We bring you an exclusive interview artists and producer from iLLustrious members MeRCy, Bishop, Kojazz, Solidified. And mentioned other members YoAmanduh and SeeFrancis. We discussed previous projects/upcoming project, flashback to DXC 2 years ago, and the bond between the members.Tune In every Monday 4PM Eastern. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow us on twitter @NikkiJoMazing.


Upcoming Event: 11.09 iLLustrious Music Group x Green Gate Marketing Presents: An iLLustrious Music Showcase

iLLustrious Showcase Flyer
Official Showcase of iLLustrious Music Group. This event we feature members including, KoJazz, See. Francis, Bishop, MeRCY, Solidified, and frequent collaborator Zino. Also performing as the Opening Act, will be members of the group Y.G.O.E.

November 9th, 2013
7pm-Midnight, at 310 Himmarshee ST, Fort Lauderdale FL .

Event Includes:
Performance by KoJazz and songs from ‘Change The Subject EP’
Performance by See. Francis
Solidified Vs. Zino Beat Battle
Performance by Bishop and songs from ‘Roses Are Red’ & “Rose Gold”
Performance by MeRCY and songs from ‘The Prestige 2’ & “Prelud3”
Performance by Bishop & Mercy and songs from their well received LP ‘My Brother’s Keeper’

Music By DJ Anthology
Surprise Guests
Food & Drinks
$10 Cover

#SmaktastikReview: KoJazz – Change The Subject EP


Whaddup Nikki readers! I’m fresh off that GTA V son and I’m hyped! I’m rollin’ through the city with my stolen vehicle and decided to cycle through the radio stations and heard Kendrick Lamar. I’m like oooooooh snapsss! I cycle back and literally sat in the car and listened to the whole song. That put me in the mood to hit yall’ up with some new music! You know a song’s good when you’d rather sit in the car and listen to that instead of running around with a shotgun and shooting innocent people.

This time around I’m bringing you guys an album review. A project in its entirety. “Change the Subject EP” by KoJazZ is a great collection of Hip-Hop material. KoJazZ brings a mixture of boom-bap and commercial sounds that had me goin’ around dancing like Diddy while shoutin “whooooooooo” a-la-Ric Flair!
KoJazz, finally comes through with his first solo project, Change The Subject EP. Styled as a refreshing hip hop project, ‘Change the Subject’ features multi-syllabic internal rhyme patterns and inner city narratives based on KoJazz’s experiences in Mt. Vernon, New York.  When depicting life in his music, KoJazz alternates from moments of pain and pleasure, to frustration and braggadocio.
….AND The Beatssss….oooooh the beatsss!! Shoutout to them bosses Suhnraw, BKS, E.Mishene, Al Jazz, Shag, Canya Reial and Kryptonite. They did their thing on the production.
With this project KoJazZ joins the Hip-Hop movement to combat the wack and subjectless.  The EP does exactly what the title says…change the subject. There’s nothing cliche’ or played out here. The content and concepts are original and I would even go as far as to say genius. If you don’t believe me just go and listen to “Pros and Cons” and “Boy Smoking Trees“. It seems like KoJazZ has equipped himself with a quality EP with creative concepts, talented features (kudos to MeRCY and Bishop) and beats that make you mash yo’ face up.
However, where the EP falls short is KoJazZ’s actual delivery of his content. His flow lacks commitment and conviction which can take away from the lyrical potency in some of the records. KoJazZ has tremendous potential. His songwriting is impressive to say the least and for a first EP, this project is something to be proud of. I dig his messages. Whether it be “Hi(gh) Standards” where we’re encouraged to check the highest quality of hoes or “Stereotype” where we relate to messin’ with gassed up dudes, I’m always feeling the music. The talent is definitely there and  I look forward to hearing more from this artist.

Smaktastik Line:

“Dealin’ wit the stereotypes is something that the stereo likes. When the stereo’s hyped, shut off yeah the stereo might. I aint never did wrong doin’ right.”


New Music: KoJazz – High Standards featuring Bishop

High Standards
Check out the latest track from KoJazz titled HIGH STANDARDS featuring Bishop. I’m really diggin’ the track. It’s an all out feel good vibe to it. It’s all about getting everything because you deserve it. From getting high, money, woman, and get fly. HIGH STANDARDS is produced by Shag. Love the flow and charisma. KoJazz’s Change the Subject EP is almost set to release in the near future.

This is god given, bars in the stars written
Margins a large difference
Hardships and hard living
Road to riches you oughta hop in the car with him -Bishop


Download: Mercy & Solidified – Heroes & Villains

Click Image For Download
@Mercy & Producer @Solidified released their comic book theme EP Heroes & Villains This project is a great reflection of are everyday life and all the challenges we have to face to get through life. From constant battles between good vs evil and choosing from what’s right to what’s wrong? The EP has other artist featured such as Bishop, JuGGie, KoJazz and Chief Toney. Great mini gift that comes with your download custom comic strips for each track, the original drawings were created by Mercy himself and check out the other marvelous artwork regarding Super Heroes and Villains.

“There’s a war coming, you sure you’re on the right side?”


Download: SMMB & Shag – High Skool Daze

High Skool Daze is a compilation mix-tape that features artists Mercy, Kojazz, Bishop, P. Hall, EK, Blaq, and Khaself. This tape was able to captivate all the emotions and issues you deal with. Topics from your first day of school, classes, senioritis and more! The tape consists of 15 tracks, great listen.