Video: Episode 5 – 52 Weeks To Fly – La Guardia from 85 Band Journey for 2014

Check out the fifth episode of La Guardia’s weekly webisode titled 52 Weeks To Fly. This episode La Guardia is grateful for the help he received from Michele Moore, ArtOfficial, Brian Breach from GTP$, for their support. La Guardia was motivated to get his stuff together to make sure he’s going to make it to SXSW. Working on an upcoming tour called The No One Knows Who I Am Tour for April 2014. Also he’s working on new music which is set to be release by Valentine’s Day. So stay tuned for the next weeks episode of #52WeeksToFly

52 Weeks to Fly is my year long sink or swim ride to a full time, self-employed, self-sustaining life as an artist (rapper, designer, performer, producer, creator). The episodes will document my history, creation process, planning, marketing, performing and all hit or miss attempts at making my dreams a reality. I’ll also feature interviews with musicians and entrepreneurs at various stages of success.


Album Review: 85 – The Dive


85 is a band that consists of members; Devin Arne – Guitar / Synth – Alex Weiss – Percussion – Mike Cejas – Bass – La Guardia – Vocals. They released their album The Dive this passed July (2012). The boys put hard work into this project and it definitely showcases it when you take the journey with 85.

Usually for my reviews I like to pick six tracks from the project and give my intake on them. But since The Dive is on another level, I had to review the entire project as a whole. Because the album is a story from start to finish. I love the fusion of hip-hop, soul music, and electronic funk that’s put into play.

BEST YOU CAN – Funky Pop beat and a good vibe over all. To me this track is fun and I had to jam along. This song makes me feel like I’m apart of a celebration. In the hook “I’m the best you can do….And you’re most likely probably the best that I can do too” is not the same case.

TAKE IT ALL – This track is when the person your with wants to end their relationship with you and they want it all back. Even if that includes your heart. At the beginning of the track you hear La Guardia and his girl get in an argument and she just had enough. He thinks it’s gonna be okay within a few days, but in reality it’s over. “I’m sinking, I admit it…it hurts…let’s mend this. You know what, no…you took it all, so just keep it all and let’s end this

EVENT HORIZON – this :40 second skit gives me the chills. It’s a voice mail from a missed call received from your ex. A call that you wish you were able to receive. She’s letting you know.. she’s still tired and that she still…


FUNERAL – I love the slow introduction into the song. It’s mesmerizing, but yet so dark. Which fits perfectly with the title of the track. This track marks the beginning of the apocalypse. “Where everyday is a funeral“.

TRYING NOT TO DIE – “Don’t you want to forget? Don’t you want to black out? Let’s Dance Together & Figure It Out” the voice of his ex. It’s all about survival. Dealing with pressure and stress from the world you just trying not to die.

IM NOT ALIVE – Wow! This track has to be one of my favorites from The Dive. Even though you’ll living alone, your not alive because you’re not with that significant other that you need to be with. Something is missing. Going through a separation from a relationship that didn’t last, is a huge test. To show you what were your errors and giving you the time to see it through. You gotta learn the hard way. Making you feel like you’re not alive.

THE DIVE – Here it goes the final track on the album. It’s all or nothing. Nothing is going to stop La Guardia from trying to find out if she still here. Going to risk it all. Let’s fall into the abyss.

I’m standing on the edge, hands full of sweat, plans in effect
I’m trying to be calm, but I can’t cause I’m vexed
I’m commanding my courage to cancel my nervous and handle what’s next
All hands on deck
I just wanna hear you breath
I just wanna know you’re alright
I never wanna see you leave
Just hold tight…

I consider this to be one of the dopest albums I’ve heard so far this year. 85 gives you everything you need when it comes to feeling the music. From the diversity of sounds, instruments, and add-ons the music comes to life. You can get your own copy of The Dive when you purchase the album via BANDCAMP.

A cup of hip hop, a sprinkle of electrons, a dash of rock, a few pinches of soul and a light shake of anti-matter is what your ears can expect when listening to 85. -85

All music composed and produced by Devin Arne.
All lyrics written and performed by La Guardia Cross Jr.

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Download: 85 – Eighty Five EP

85 is a band that consists of three members. They are La Guardia on vocals, Devin Arne Composer/Musician, Alex Weiss on Percussion. Releasing their EP Eighty Five six months ago, I finally got around to reviewing it and I gotta say this is a great project. The EP gives you a feel like your watching 85 performing live in a small lounge setting.

My favorite tracks off the Eighty Five EP are HOVERBOARD, CLASSY, PURGATORY, and SEA INSIDE. The mash of genre’s is an amazing sound! From Hip-Hop, Rock, Alternative, and Electronic. Jamming to 85’s original production and vocals. For only having 7 tracks, this EP needs more! This is just a taste to whats to come from the group.

Released 07 July 2012
Music composed by Devin Arne
Music/vocals mixed and mastered by Devin Arne
Percussion by Alex Weiss
Lyrics/vocals by La Guardia
Featured vocals by Mozel + Jandra & Dana Alexander on “Hoverboard”
Graphic Design by La Guardia
Photography by Zindagi Studio
85 © 2012