Download: Latrell James – TWELVE

Last thing we have from Boston Rapper Latrell James was his music video for THE BUTTON. Which is also on his current project entitled Twelve. My favorite tracks off of Latrell James Twelve are Beautiful Day, Distance, Flying Nimbus, The Button, On My Own, and Candles. Twelve represents Latrell’s life from age 12 to 24. Dealing with changes and growing on his journey from adolescence to adulthood. The project was self-produced alongside his brother Tedd Boyd. Great overall production.

Check out the visual for his single ON MY OWN. Directed by Downlow Productions. ON MY OWN explains a point in Latrell’s life where he felt he needed to remove certain people that were preventing him from earning success. The music video you’re able to sense Latrell on his own and keeping focus on his lyrics.

Sometimes it can take a lifetime of trials and tribulations for a person realize their true aspirations. For me, the maturation of my artistic journey can be experienced in a span of twelve years. – Latrell James

While Latrell James continues to work hard in accomplishing his dreams in becoming an established artist, we just have to wait and see what he has next.



Music Video: Latrell James – The Button

Check out the latest single from Boston Rapper Latrell James with THE BUTTON. THE BUTTON is a single off his upcoming project Twelve. The production from 5 Star Generals and amazing footage from J Documentary, they were able to reflect the story and record as Latrell paints a picture of the environment he grew up in. Video is very dramatic with the black and white visuals. The overall sound and feeling I get from THE BUTTON is pure assurance that Latrell James is heading down the right path with his music. Growing up wasn’t easy for Latrell James.

The Button represents a time in my life where I couldn’t decide if it was myself destroying my potential or the places I was raised. Each verse points the blame at my surroundings. The visual is an ode to where I spent 18 years of my life. – Latrell James