Download: The Verbal Surgeon – The Science of Tactics

science of tactics

The Verbal Surgeon has been on my radar for a grip. He came across my ears with a couple of collab tracks with the wunderkind producer and good friend Space Gang. The Surgeon recently re-released his bursting-at-the-seams tape ‘The Science of Tactics’, and goddammit, he goes in. The Massachusetts native has a definite East-coast vibe emanating from his soul. He’s an open artist and a lyrical tyrant; The Verbal Surgeon has all the tools to make the game his.

‘The Science of Tactics’ is an illustrious demonstration of poetic desperation; the struggle of a starving artist fighting for his place. The tape clocks in at around an hour long and has the feel of an album. The beat selection is superb throughout; very ambient, very heady production on every track. Every collaboration and feature on ‘The Science of Tactics’ is a healthy addition to the entire project. With an offering like this, it’s only a matter of time before someone takes notice.

The Verbal Surgeon is a lyrical poet. He crafts stories and brings his listeners into his perspective with an open and honest approach to his brand of hip hop. Unabashedly East Coast, The Surgeon creates music that’s universally enjoyable. This is not snack-pack rap, this is grown man hip hop. Thought provoking, illuminating, honest; The Verbal Surgeon put himself into this tape and created a project that is chronically underrated and deserving of high praise. Do not sleep on this, you’ll be kicking yourself if you do. Shouts to The Surgeon and everyone that came together to make this tape what it is. The future is bright big homie, keep up the good work.