[BEAT TAPE] Simon Jr – Follow Me On Myspace


Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com we have hip-hop producer all the way from London. Representing the United Kingdom, Simon Jr incorporates his unique producing methods and creates some dope hip-hop influenced beats. Simon Jr brings us his latest beat tape which is called “follow me on myspace“, the twenty-two minute project definitely keeps you listening. You gotta bob you head to this one. I know if I was a rapper I would most likely recite my lyrics over Simon Jr’s beats. You find some familiar samples from classic tracks and Simon Jr knows how to flip tracks. When creating music, Simon Jr has fun and loves representing his style. If you’re diggin’ Simon Jr’s beats as much as I do, make sure you support the UK Producer by following him on all his social media links below:



BEAT ALERT: Tony Tokyo – Clouds


Tony Tokyo [LONDON, ENGLAND] Tony Tokyo is a producer/remixer/DJ who specializes with 123 BPM, Anime, and S.Pellegrino. Tony Tokyo presents us with this beat called CLOUDS. I’m in love with the production, especially that it sounds like this. It gives me a feel of 8bit video games with a symphony behind it. Absolutely stunning! And doesn’t it sound like you’re floating through clouds? If interested in contacting with Tony Tokyo for beats view his social media.



Music Video: Smithigo Shawts – Expressing My Thoughts

Smithigo Shawts released his first official music video EXPRESSING MY THOUGHTS. The track is expressing what Smithigo Shawts thinks about what current mainstream artists talk about in they’re songs. Promoting sex, drugs, and gun violence. By doing so this is alternating our youths mind of thinking of what’s really right or what’s wrong? Listen to what he has to say. Representing London, United Kingdom.



Tribute: Amy Winehouse (1983-2011)

Amy Winehouse was a talented singer but was misguided with her battle against drugs and alcohol abuse. She had a distinctive voice and beehive hairstyle. I was a fan especially Back To Black. Winehouse’s debut album Frank” was released in 2003 and went triple platinum in Britain. The Grammy award-winning soul singer was found dead in her London apartment today, she was only 27. The cause of death is still unknown. Once I found out I was in shock. I was more disappointed than anything. As a fan of her music I was hoping she was going to change her ways and finally get her life together. Since the cause of death is still unknown I don’t want to assume anything.