[AUDIO] Young Giantz – Fly High

[LOS ANGELES] Making their debut on NikkiSiixx.com, we have rap duo Young Giantz. With their latest single FLY HIGH, which is actually their lead single to their upcoming project, “Fleetwood Brougham”. Set to release in September. West Coast Inspired, FLY HIGH brings you that classic Cali Vibes on this track. The duo really knows how to bring quality content. If you’re diggin’ this track make sure to follow them below:




[BRONX – LOS ANGELES] Making his third appearance on NikkiSiixx.com we got Hip-Hop/Rapper JU$TIN. After we review his EP “JU$TIN Designed That”, and his single “Key 2 Success”, this time I bring you my mixtape review for his latest mixtape $treet ART 2! JU$TIN has always had the love for music and even pursued it at a young age of thirteen. The time spent honing his craft at such a young age, helped JU$TIN develop strong songwriting skills that would come in handy when he eventually became a solo artist. Dreams of rap superstardom didn’t happen as fast as JU$TIN would’ve liked during his teenage years, so music became a part-time hobby since he needed full-time work to help pay the bills and keep the lights on as he got older.

Feeling the pressure of the inner-city life closing in, JU$TIN took a chance and enlisted in the U.S. NAVY for some time. During his time in the service he was able to travel across the globe and gain a newfound appreciation for HipHop culture’s popularity around the world. After leaving the Navy, JU$TIN relocated to Los Angeles to pursue two of his childhood dreams which are Music and Art. And started attending school at Santa Monica College. Working towards his Graphic Design major while taking audio engineering classes to be able to record and mix his own music, and handle the artwork/photography needed to promote it properly.

Now its time to get in on my review for JU$TIN’s latest project. Considering this is his fourth project, JU$TIN definitely shows us improvement with his releases. $treet ART 2 is the second in a series of freestyle projects that JU$TIN does to sharpen his flow and spazzes out lyrically, while paying homage to classic 90’s Hip-Hop instrumentals and showing love to the street artists/Graf writers all over the world. This is the tape for them. $treet Art 2 is about thirty minutes long and builds awareness for his brand and expanding to his fanbase and new fans.

JU$TIN_1For the twelve track mixtape my favorite tracks off of $treet ART 2 are Pain 4 Profit, Key 2 Success, Fresh Denim, Living Proof, Where My Homies, and Adam & EVE. Let’s take a trip down memory lane with the Bronx, NY native as he adds his own creative spin to 90’s NYC classic songs from artists like Wu-Tang Clan, C-N-N, and Fat Joe just to name a few.

[PAIN 4 PROFIT] I feel JU$TIN is really opening up on this track. We find out the struggles he goes through and how he works on trying to overcome them. Dealing with life expenses that you can’t afford, people and their fuckery, and the situations that you have no control when finding out his mother had a lump in her breast. Since he’s flow is a slow paced it makes you feel JU$TIN is there right next to you, telling you what’s up. This smooth beat was produced by @TheBeatBrigade.

[KEY 2 SUCCESS] After getting inspired from DJ Khalded’s infamous Snapchats and motivational words for a better life. JU$TIN made a creative, dope track packed with a lot of “Mogul Talk” & hard-hitting bars. KEY 2 SUCCESS was a great way to keep listeners waiting for $treet ART 2 project that was still not out yet until now.

[FRESH DENIM] His ride and his money show people he’s flexin’. JU$TIN clarifies what he wants a woman who has drive. He expresses he needs a woman that is on the same hustle he’s on. Produced by @AOneBeats. I asked JU$TIN what was the concept he wanted the listeners to get and here’s what he had to say: The concept behind ‘Fresh Denim’ is that its a fun song that’s a play on the words in the title of the song. Where I talk about chasing your dreams and pushing it to the limit when it comes to achieving your goals. Whether it’s going after that girl you’re interested in before someone cuffs her up like some Fresh Denim or riding around in your car feeling like your fresher then ’em.
[LIVING PROOF] JU$TIN brings us his bars over DJ PREMIER’S “Living Proof” beat. The vibe brings you back to New York in the 90’s. That old school sound and JU$TIN voice really embodied that vibe. Wanted to share with you the Tropic Thunder sample used in the track. I thought it was cool to add and the cover art of the track is an artistic portrait of Robert Downey Jr’s character Kirk Lazarus.

ju$tin1[WHERE MY HOMIES] JU$TIN this time freestyles over an ILL AL Skratch “Where My Homiez” 1992. Definitely get the West Coast vibes on this one. JU$TIN talks about the good times in his hometown, chilling with his friends up to no good. Creative spin to 90’s NYC classic song.

[ADAM & EVE] One thing that really stood out to me was the production, which is from GangStarr ‘Just To Get A Rep’ Produced By DJ Premier. It kinda reminds me of retro arcade video games. JU$TIN also showcases his ability to rap over different sounding beats, with this freestyle.

I asked JU$TIN what were his favorite tracks off the mixtape and this is what he had to say: “My 3 favorite tracks on the project are ‘Pain 4 Profit’, ‘Killer Tape, and ‘Last Laugh”. I like ‘Pain 4 Profit’ alot, because it’s an audio self portrait of my life and the obstacles I had to overcome. The listener can close their eyes and picture everything that I’m saying when they hear it. I felt it would be the perfect intro for anyone whose listening to me for the first time, because its an accurate depiction of who I am as an artist. ‘Killer Tape’ is my personal fav of all the freestyles that are on the tape, because I’m a big Wu-Tang fan and loved their whole movement and what they brought to the game, so when I found that ‘Clan N Da Front’ beat I wanted to pay homage to them by spazzing on it and going in. I listen to ‘Last Laugh’ alot, cuz I love how my flow fits perfect with Beat Bangaz dope beat. It has a cool trap vibe that I think people will mess with and the concept to that song is to stay focused and never worry about what a hater has to say, because you’ll always get the Last Laugh when you’re successful.”.

JU$TIN is currently working on some new merch items like posters, stickers, and some new graphic tees that will be up in his merch store very soon. He is also working on getting some visuals done during the Spring/Summer for some of the freestyles and songs on $treet ART 2.

Staying focused on going the indie route to build his brand up through music and creative side projects. He’s currently trying to get college radio airplay in the LA area and looking to book shows to expand the brand and push his movement forward. Be on the lookout for more content from JU$TIN by following him on his social media links below. This concludes my mixtape review on BX-LA Artist JU$TIN with his $treet Art 2 project.



[MUSIC VIDEO] HOPE – Food For Funk

[LOS ANGELES] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, HOPE brings his first visual FOOD FOR FUNK. HOPE creates a cool-chill laid back vibe on this one. HOPE’s style is pretty dope with that boom-bap flow. FOOD FOR FUNK visual is completely in black and white, except for a comedic skit with all his friends and they’re just slurping their empty drinks. You can find this track on his EP called Sunday Blues. Good vibes from HOPE and be on the look out for more content.



Audio: Kabaru 13 “Realness” Prod By YB The Prophet

[Los Angeles, California] It’s no secret that corporate America has been taking advantage of the people for sometime now. Although we all in some shape, form or fashion understand this concept, very little of us are willing to stand up and speak out against the tyranny and enlighten listeners minds. Meet Kabaru 13 and LA producer YB The Prophet, the duo that’s single handedly taking a stand against Mind Controlled Entities as explained on their audio single “Realness”. Join in as the emcee/ producer pair drop knowledge above.

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Music Video: Nat Anglin – Shhh! (Can I)

NatAnglin_ShhhCanISS3[LOS ANGELES-BOSTON] Making his first debut on NikkiSiixx.com Nat Anglin, debuts his latest visual Shhh! (CAN I). The track is funky and the visual is pretty clean. Thought his flow was dope. Nat Anglin takes us on a tour of the place he now calls home L.A. Along side his friends, that all make great cameos! Nat Anglin stays true to his hometown by rockin’ his Boston jersey. I really like the part where someone is wearing a Lakers jersey and hugs Nat, showing him his welcome to the city. Shhh! (CAN I) was produced by Ramzi Noble and Directed by Shane Norton. Be on the look out this year Nat Anglin is set to release his project The BosAngeles!



Ep Review: Chad Michael – Rain

Chad Michael Rain EP[LOS ANGELES] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, the upcoming Arizona native emcee/singer Chad Michael has released his EP Rain. The six track collection of songs portray a compelling story-line from a man pursing his dreams. During 2014-2015, Chad Michael went to college and moved to Southern California to make a career in music.

Going through the experiences he endured and lesson’s learned, Chad Michael wanted to express this on the Rain EP. All produced by Oregon Producer Emotion Beats. They were able to work together and really give the feel of rain fall, because of the records up and downs. Throughout the 25 minute journey, how can you not relate to Chad Michael. My favorite tracks of the Rain Ep are Evolution, Different, Weekend Love, and Rain. Here’s what I thought about my favorite tracks:

EVOLUTION is a track that shows off Chad Michael’s verbal capabilities! By showing us how fast and creative his lyricism can be. Considering this is the first track off the EP and the first song I hear from Chad Michael, this is definitely a great introduction. He lets the listener know the bullshit he’s been through and what he’s doing to prevail in his music career. Dope flow!

DIFFERENT is a track where Chad Michael expresses his time growing up in Arizona and making the big move to California. Retouching his roots Chad realizes things change and things will become different. Visual Directors Danny Gauthier and Chad M. Arechiga bring Chad Michael’s music video to his first single DIFFERENT.

WEEKEND LOVE here’s a track where Chad Michael becomes a hopeless romantic. When needing love you just have to take it slow or do what just feels right. But due to his career and the long distance, the commitment just doesn’t feel right. With what the entertainment industry is trying to show the artist, that the most important thing is getting money and fucking bitches. Messes with the mind, but not the heart.

RAIN I find this track to be very poetic with a heavy introspective perspective. With the simple production, it really makes you concentrate with what Chad Michael’s had to say. The twenty-four year old artist who has potential in making his mark in the hip-hop scene. RAIN also shows Chad’s melodic and soulful side to his music.
chad michael
Chad uses ‘Rain’ as an opportunity to continue to explore and refine his burgeoning mixture of sounds. Whether crooning softly to an old flame or attempting to navigate the difficulty of societal pressures, the young artist’s intelligence, raw ability, and passion shine

With the beginning of the year underway, Chad Michael is expected to have collaborations with established artists and some new music videos as well! Be on the lookout for more content and take a listen to the Rain Ep.



Audio: Spencer Bonds – In My World

[LOS ANGELES] Have you ever felt like fuck the world and just do whatever you want. Spencer Bonds expresses that in his exclusive track IN MY WORLD, that is on his new EP titled Calm Down. The track was produced by X A N, here’s where Spencer Bonds delivers a flow that fits well with dark trap genre sound. On his second project Calm Down here’s where Spencer Bonds showcases an artistic freed project. Considering himself as the Lizard kind, Spencer shares his stories and his self complex production, with some help with a few of his favorites.

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Music Video: Jasmine Jordan – Smile


[Los Angeles, California]

The stand alone followup to her debut EP, Time Travel, Jasmine Jordan’s infectious voice has us happily bopping along with her song Smile.

The video makes great use of color in order to convey the different types of emotions she’s singing about. With the current state of the game, music videos are often something you just do to get them out of the way and little thought is put into how they complement the song. It’s great to see how Jasmine’s visual goes against that way of thinking in order to enrich the song. After listening to it on Soundcloud, I had all sorts of warm colors in my mind based off of the production and lyrics alone. It was really nice to see those colors put on screen almost as if they had been ripped right from my mind.

Pleasant video. Worth a watch/listen for the soulful R&B Heads out there.



Project Review: Stephen Bradley – Runaways

Stephen Bradley Cover[Los Angeles, California] Stephen Bradley isn’t exactly what you’d call a noobie musician. If the name “No Doubt” rings a bell, then you’ve probably heard some form of this mans work since he’s been a member of the band for a while. This new EP isn’t about the past though, so don’t let it weigh to heavily on your mind as you’re listening. Bradley has come to us with the offer of a 4 song EP, meant to show us what he can do on his own. The project is without a doubt a feel-good collection of songs. The subject matter is down to earth and easy to relate to. It doesn’t cover a wide range of topics but that’s only because of its brevity. A full length album from him seems like it would be very interesting.

Take You Home” is a standout track on the project. The production is electric and mesh perfectly with Stephen Bradley’s voice and lyrics. It’s your typical “holla at a fly shorty” affair, but it’s sung so enigmatically that I couldn’t stop myself from moving along to the beat.

The only drawback about this EP is that it makes you wish it was longer. Although, that can be taken as a compliment towards the strength of the few songs that are offered. It’s great to see Stephen Bradley doing something outside of No Doubt and making a pretty good go of it. It’s worth a listen for anyone that appreciates a smooth groove and tight production. It’s short, but sweet.



Music Video: Mega Trife – Beautiful Weather featuring Andre DePriest

[BROCKTON, MASSACHUSETTS] After, Mega Trife released his fourth studio album Gold Ain’t Found Above Ground and we had to review it here on NikkiSiixx.com. If you love the sound of the Golden Era of Hip-Hop, you have to get this album! Releasing visuals from the album he took us to visit the space-time continuum on his second single SPACE TRAVELIN‘. Mega Trife recently debuted the follow up visual with BEAUTIFUL WEATHER. How can you not love this song? This track is filled with positivity about seeing the best things out of any situation whether good or bad. Really… this song should be played everywhere. Mega Trife just wishes the best for anyone. Perfect for the summer time. On this track Mega Trife had lyricist Andre DePriest assist on the track, which brings an uplifting feeling and overall positive energy. The video was shot in Los Angeles, and was directed by Andre Auram for The Awakening Media Group. [LINKS] BANDCAMP || FACEBOOK || TWITTER || INSTAGRAM || WEBSITE ||


Audio: Elise 5000 – Aye Yeah featuring Jae Barz

imp-55463[LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA] Check out the latest promo release by Elise 5000 with AYE YEAH, featuring Jae Barz. The Pop and R&B singer demonstrates her talents on this track over M-Millz production. Elise 5000 and Jae Barz made a dope track together. I really like Elise 5000 voice and the style of her music. AYE YEAH is just a sneak peak to what Elise 5000 has to offer with her upcoming mixtape Fantasy VS Reality. Elise 5000 is a multi-talented recording artist, singer, songwriter, and producer. Born and Raised in Bonaire, Georgia Elise now currently resides in Los Angeles. Stepping closer to her dreams in making in, in the industry. Can’t wait for Elise 5000 upcoming mixtape Fantasy VS Reality. Don’t forget and show your support and follow Elise 5000 on her social media outlets to get updated with all her exclusives.



Upcoming Event: 8/1 – D.E.C.S & London Pop Up Store in LA

D.E.C.S & London, one of the UK’s biggest lifestyle brands and they are coming to LA on August 1st to launch their first Pop-Up store. At The Collective Los Angeles, 3921 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90020. Pop-Up store is sponsored by Belaire Rose and will be hosted by the Killa Bunniez and Budbabes. We will also be having signing with Pro Skater Carlos Vega and a meet and greet with Dylan Delago. [LINKS] WEBSITE || TWITTER || FACEBOOK ||


Music Video: Charlee Remitz – King’s Cup

Screen shot 2015-04-03 at 1.03.10 PMOne thing I really like about my site I can always divert to another genre besides hip-hop, because I love music in general. I came across a gem that I couldn’t help to find the time to shine some light on. Charlee Remitz, a singer slash songwriter released her song called KING’S CUP. The song portrays an abusive relationship that Charlee Remitz had with a family member. In which she felt she was always walking on egg shells, specifically because she never knew what was going to set this person off. I feel that the director Bruce Guido was able to portray this type of relationship in this visual. We see a young ballerina dancing on the sidewalks of Hollywood Boulevard. While performing on the street she collects money in a hat. The young girl’s father is the one who has her doing this to find ways of making an income for himself to splurge in the casino. The music video was executed perfectly. The actors did amazing. I feel like I’m watching a real movie. This is how music videos should be, portraying a story that’s so empowering. Spread your wings Charlee, you got this! I love how she’s singing by the sunset on Malibu beach. Her makeup was spot on! She also released her album Bright White Trims a few days ago. Be on the look out for more content from Charlee Remitz! Produced By: Mike Gonsolin





LOS ANGELES – Millennium Age and Urban Fetes are teaming up to bring a new whole style of celebration to the city of Los Angeles this Independence Day.

This Saturday, July 4th, join us and grammy-nominated artist Kevin McCall for the completely lit INDEPENDENCE 2015 music showcase at club Los Globos in Hollywood.

LA’s best underground acts are coming together to ring in the national milestone — plus, hip hop’s hottest emerging stars are flying in from around the country, including industry greats like Alex Wiley, Chase N. Cashe and Kevin McCall.

Grammy-nominated artist Kevin McCall is best known for his work with super star Chris Brown, including writing and featuring on “Deuces”. He’s produced and written a number of hits for Chris Brown and featured with stars like Keke Palmer, Ty Dolla $ign and Tyga.

Chase N. Cashe made his place in the industry when DJ Drama hosted his mixtape “The Heir”. He went on to land an opening spot on the Club Paradise tour with Kendrick Lamar and Drake, and has been producing quality tunes ever since.

Come out and celebrate American unity through hip hop and positive vibes. The show starts at 6pm with a panel discussion preceding. This event is 19+. You can RSVP and check out ticket info below. You can also reach us for interview/press inquiries for any artist including Kevin McCall. Come turn out Los Globos for INDEPENDENCE 2015!

Date: Saturday, July 4th
Showtime: 6-10pm

Los Globos Night Club
3040 W. Sunset Blvd
Hollywood, CA

RSVP & ticket info: ind15@eventbrite.com


Music Video: Ronnie Deuce – All I Wanna Do ft LDontheCut

Ronnie Deuce Video Photoo[LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA] Ronnie Deuce takes us on a ride through San Pedro, California in his latest music video ALL I WANNA DO, featuring LDonTheCut. Ronnie embraces the rhythm and sound of the West Coast/Southern California Regions. ALL I WANNA SO is Ronnie Deuce single off his upcoming EP Big Dreams. Ronnie continues to develop as a singer, songwriter and artist. Ronnie talks about in ALL I WANNA DO, how he wants everyone to listen to his music. They’ll be able to bump to it. I really enjoyed the dj scratches from LDonTheCut, provides that Old School sound to it. Stay tuned for Big Dreams.


Music Video: Jeff Jericho – Get That Girl

jeff jericho screenshot[LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA] Rapper Jeff Jericho gives us his first official visual GET THAT GIRL which is featured on his new album Cake Dreams. The video was shot and directed by Mike McMillin and insane production by J-Myth. GET THAT GIRL takes us to a night where Jeff Jericho and friends are accompanied by some beautiful women. Jeff Jericho is in the zone and wants to express to his girl of interest that it’s going to be a very good night. I can hear this track being played late night in a club, where the lights are low and everyone is just vibin’ out. Be on the look out for Cake Dreams set for late summer release.



Event Recap: Ducqets Pop Up Show with Royce Rizzy at Psych Ward Skate Shop in LA

NikkiSiixx.com attended Ducqets Pop Up Show (Meet and Greet) with Royce Rizzy at Psych Ward Skate Shop in Fairfax, California. Opening performances I was able to catch were the Extindo Gang, Nyzzy Nyce, and Bizzy Crook. Royce Rizzy discusses his tracks from Pre-Rolled and gives us a close up performance.


Music Video: Ashe – The Comedown

ashe carLos Angeles Based Artist and Producer Ashe brings us his music video THE COMEDOWN. The visual brings us to California where the homies are chill, the women are gorgeous, and the weed is fire!! So fire that you don’t want to come down from it. Ashe is brutally honest and personal when it comes to his. THE COMEDOWN is the first single from Ashe’s project Fingerprints. I gotta say that this track is addictive! Especially when you’re an enthusiast of Mary Jane. I really like the visual effects added to it. It looks like someone drew on Ashe through out the video. Love the scenery. Shoutout to the video director Alex DiMarco Currently Ashe released a stop-motion visual for his second single TALK. Don’t forget to watch THE COMEDOWN and following Ashe on his social media accounts below.