Download: Meyday Hansen – The Tilted Frame EP

[MIAMI, FLORIDA] After a year of hiatus, Meyday Hansen makes his return to NikkiSiixx.com with his The Tilted Frame EP. Mayday Hansen decided to get his life together and make something from his experiences he endured. The overall sound is loud, very distorted, aggressive, and grungy. I can definitely hear this being played at a Halloween Party, for sure. The Tilted Frame EP is not your regular hip-hop project. Different sounds and vibes opens up your mind, and you might even find some gems. Thought Tune Out was a dope track and Commercials Breaks Can Be Fun Too from how dramatic Meyday Hansen’s story-telling is. Also, check out the cover art for the project, it’s Meyday Hansen riding a muthafukin’ rabbit that kinda reminds me of a Pikachu!


Art Morera- Loud (Official Music Video)

Art Morera has been pretty busy over the past few months. In December, he dropped 12:01 Visual EP, days before Beyonce dropped hers with the same concept but with her LP. However, Morera did not stop there, he followed up 12:01 with his first LP entitled Around Midnight where you can purchased at iTUNES. Now Art Morera has delivered the first visual from Around Midnight and it’s for the song “Loud”. The visual mimics the vocals perfectly and fits the chilled smoker vibe that is set in the track. The song was already a stoned masterpiece produced by Mr. Nixon yet Kimber Vasquez, NikkiSiixx and YoungWildPanda perfected that with the video that resulted from it. Take a look at the video and if you haven’t already purchase Around Midnight, your ears will thank you. 

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