LP Review: Chronicle – Bright Nights

[JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA] It’s been about two years since aspiring hip-hop artist Chronicle released DARK DAYS EP. But now for the end of 2015 Chronicle brings us his first LP entitled BRIGHT NIGHTS. Through his hiatus Chronicle was able to work on his craft and was able to find his place in music. With my LP Review I’ll be going over my favorite tracks off the Bright Nights (Deluxe Edition).

IMG_0409Even though the title of the LP “Bright Nights” maybe an oxymoron term but it definitely provides a positive through negative type of vibe. Chronicle remains with soulful sounds such as 90’s R&B, Jazz, and Hip-Hop. He was able to portray these vibes with the help from producers Taylor King, LB, Saul xo, Stevie Fanta, ghost/\/ghoul, Soul, and atlastheoverseer.

BRIGHT NIGHTS LP is a story reflecting on the struggle corcerning his family, relationship woes, insecurities, and a distaste for the current direction of the music scene. Regardless to all these issues/struggles Chronicle insist that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Anything you do, make sure it’s done with love.

CHILL ASS INTRO is a great way to show you a sense of what Chronicle is going through and how the vibe it’s setting itself. Right at the beginning you hear from his parents, loved ones, about when is he getting his music together? The intro also features Dezy.

NOSTALGIC kinda reminds me of Gangsta’s Pradise from Coolio. With that dark night/90’s hip-hop production. “Give my people something to live for, Give my people something to die for.” That hook is eternal! Throughout everyone struggle they need to see the light in order to have the reason to live and climb through any obstacles.

LET ME LIVE I feel that this track can definitely be played in a club setting. Especially with the chorus, I can see the crowd go through a trance. Chronicle speaks the truth from experience. Coming together with good people and celebrating with what life has to offer. And if anyone has an issue with that, then give them that middle finger.
POUR OUT YA SOUL really expresses how he feels about his family and how he is when it comes to certain situations. Chronicle also touches topics regarding how people are following trends and eve insecurities in relationships. During these tough times, Chronicle is compelled to search for hope from a higher power.

DO YOU LOVE ME, I feel this track is one of the strongest one on the Bright Nights LP. Discussing the problem he has regarding now a days with woman calling themselves bad bitches and not giving themselves enough dignity.

MIDNIGHT DRIVE is setting the mood for those late night drives with someone you’re interested in. This track is meant for that special lady in your life. Everything about this girl is something you can’t ignore. Chronicle expresses the intensity of attraction. With a minute left in the song you can hear how Chronicle embraces that R&B style he loves so much.

O.T.S is the track to help younger generations to realize things should be done when you’re truly ready such as having kids at a young age. Hoping that other parties will understand and respect your decision. Especially when it comes to letting certain people out of your lives. O.T.S features Vizzle.

This concludes my take on the Bright Nights LP brought to you by Jacksonville Upcoming Hip-Hop Artist Chronicle! If you’re diggin’ the project as much as I am you need to go and support it now and purchase it via iTunes! By doing so you’ll be able to get the BONUS tracks too that include I’m Just Doing Me, Bright Nights, American Dream, and Do You Remember.


Album Review: Brandon* – Rainbow In The Dark

ritdBrandon* of Tampa, FL is releasing his first album “Rainbow In The Dark” on June 7, 2013. We were honored with a chance to stream the project before it’s release. The album starts with the intro track “Glow In The Dark” which sets the mood for the album with the thunder roaring like it would in a nasty storm. The song “80’s Baby” is about the essence of the 1980’s featuring vocals from Trumaine Lamar & Lexx Black. Mentioning the breakfast club, cabbage patch and other big monumental things from that decade they get their point across. On “Translucent Rhymes” Brandon* gives a sound that is melodic yet upbeat. “Morning Glow” has that feel like what you get listening to an Erykah Badu or Lauryn Hill. Listening to “Urban Vibes” you get that feeling of dancing in the rain under a street light. The title track “Rainbow In The Dark” with vocals from Trumaine Lamar you get a feeling of internal zeal. The track “8pm Stereo Talk” sounds like it could be played in a quiet storm mix. “Quiet Curves” follows in the same direction with a more sexual appeal. Hearing “The Silhouette Dance” give me the same feeling I got the first time I heard the beginning of J. Cole’s “In The Morning”.

The vocals of M.E.R.C on “Illumination” paints a create visual with great verses and a catchy chorus. He made “Cruise Control” have a space age yet chilled sound. “Super Sonic Electronic” reminded me of Missy Elliott’s “I’m Really Hot” with an electric feel. Lexx Black vocals on “Speed Of Light” made the production from Brandon* shine bright. On “Super Sonic Technologic” he took the “Technologic” by Daft Punk to an entirely new level. I felt like I was watching the original Tron movie while listening to “Space Paranoids”. It also reminded me of the scene leading up to Tony Montana being killed in Scarface. The album ends with “Plutopia” which sounds serene and tranquil. This album was a great listen that had my mind running in multiple directions. Go support Brandon* by purchasing the album from the pre-order link below or when it is released on June seventh. PRE-ORDER RAINBOW IN THE DARK

Get connected with Brandon*  online: TWITTERFACEBOOKWEBSITE

Mixtape Review: Bishop and MeRCY- My Brother’s Keeper

MBKWhen I read the title of this LP the first thing that came to mind was one of my favorite movies, New Jack City. As soon as I began to play “Can’t Take This From Me” I realized Bishop and MeRCY had a similar thought process. This 14 song project from the South Florida natives starts off strong with the vocals of Nino Brown & Cash Money Brothers saying their brotherly chant “Am I My Brother’s Keeper?” They lyrically start off with great stories on¬†“Can’t Take This From Me” along with a tremendous chorus sang by Jahan Maria. Then on “iLLustrious Dons” they paint a picture that can resemble some of the most notorious black drug dealers. Track three entitled “YSL (Young Single Ladies) has a laid beat on which the fellas get to be a bit materialistic as they rap about young ladies & designer things.

“Digital Drugs” takes audio dope to a new level as Bishop and MeRCY kick trap shit over an electronic beat. Then they change up the mood of the listener with “Prisoner’s Paradise” which is more of a smooth track for the ladies. “Caine & Abel” truly plays on the album’s title and the well known story of Adam & Eve’s first 2 offspring. They ended the song with one of the most memorable parts from the movie Juice. On “Sunset Strip” they give you a visual stroll down sunset strip from their view. Track 8 titled “Life’s iLL” pays respect their team The iLLustrious. “Thief In The Night” is song about stealing a woman’s heart. “Sibling Rivalry” allows Bishop & MeRCY to show love to each other and talk about their differences over the past 10 years.

“The iLL Life” which is spit over the beat for “Luchini” by Camp Lo was used to spit about the good life. On the joint “Hello Kitty” they spit about sex without making it too obvious and vulgar. On “That’s On Everything” they just have spazzing on the track. “Skylines” is the come up anthem starting off with Tony Montana famous “The World Chico” speech to Manolo. Bishop & MeRCY rap about coming up and being about to watch the skyline of their city. Overall is a solid project that’s worth downloading.

Connect with Bishop & MeRCY online: @Just_Bishop@MusicByMercy

LP Review: Silas Saunders – The Renewal

RenewalMiami native Silas Saunders recently released his sophomore mixtape, The Renewal. The project is solid from the intro track “State of Mind” where Silas give a shoutout to his day one supporters. On the J. Dilla produced “Life Is A Gift” he speaks on his come up from eighth grade cyphers to being a serious artist now. The title track “The Renewal” he show off his knowledge of hip-hop with lines like “like a shaolin sword I slice through the beat”. On the track “Hip-Hop” which features a sample the true hip-hop heads will go crazy over as he shows his love for hip-hop. On the more laid back “Melodies” he sways about real life situations over a beat that produced. On “Four Letter Word” he gives his feelings of love. Silas continues his stroll on the road of love with “Best Of Me”. On “Seasons” which samples Queen Latifah’s “U.N.I.T.Y” he raps about staying true to yourself. “Everybody Listen Up” begins to spaz over the piano chords about life and his growing as a man.

Silas spits about bettering the world on “Green World”. He shows off his freestyle abilities on “Like Water” while still remaining conscious. On “Someday” Saunders raps about working towards what you want to achieve. “Visionary” is where Silas Saunders shows love to the city of Miami along with his featured artists. On “Nowhere Safe” Silas features Daniel Bambaata Marley (Ziggy Marley’s son) as they explain the dangers of the world. Silas Saunders end the mixtape with a song called “Beautiful World” that has Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech being recited as he raps about how great the world is if you live well. Overall this a quality project that definitely worth listening to a few times.

Connect with Silas Saunders online: twitter.com/SilasSaunderssoundcloud.com/silassaunders