EP Review: RealProperLike – Signs

realproperlike[MIAMI, FLORIDA] A poet expressing himself through his music, RealProperLike exhibits his five track EP signs as a form of creativity inspired by the South Florida community. With signs in was created by the spirit of Art Basel 2015. According to RealProperLike “The concept of “signs” is to creatively express a journey of thoughts ranging from acceptance, dropping jewels, art, life, and love as only I can paint it”. I’ll be reviewing my favorite tracks off RealProperLike’s signs EP and what is his lyrical art exhibit trying to display.

INFORMATION – RealProperLike is a philosopher and goes in-depth with information he wants to provide you. He even talks about being more grateful to everything in your life. And even sneaks in a history lesson in there. The way RealProperLike breaks it down you can image it in your mind. Very descriptive just like a story teller.

ART – One thing I really like about this track is the theatrical flow RealProperLike has when he’s reciting his lyrics. The Beat is dope as hell, it was executive produced by realproperlike, custom made @custom60625, serious beats @seriousbeats, and by the audio genius [kr]ypton @mrbandason. Recorded, mixed, and mastered at @fsstudiomiami/ @kingpinstation. This has to be my favorite track off the signs EP.

SLAVE – You gotta bob your head to this one. RealProperLike expresses the struggles of Black Lives Matter. When the beat drops it really makes your concentrate on his poetic flows. Embracing his roots and feeling liberated that him and his people are strong and they are no one’s property.

signs back cover

“A full time worker – part time poet/part time philosopher.
Who am I? A different type of thinker, a big kid with an old soul”. – RealProperLike

Signs is a proper prelude to further creativity, critique, and conversation as any art exhibit should provide. RealProperLike paints the picture, can you see it? Be on the lookout for more content from RealProperLike by following him on social media:



Audio: Dubby of Team LoKo – Phake

dubby of team loko woods photo[PENNSYLVANIA] Dubby is bringing that fuego 🔥 with his latest track PHAKE. A lot of lyrical content from Dubby of Team LoKo. He also maintains that super catchy melodies between his verses. Dubby dedicates PHAKE to all those phony little rap boys. According to Dubby “If you’re garbage, stop. You’re ruining it for the ones who really do this… sheesh“. PHAKE was produced by The TrendsetterZ. One thing I really like is Dubby’s capability to rap over any type of production. On the second verse he sounds like a completely different person, but it’s him. He’s able to switch his flow throughout the track. Be on the look out for more exclusives from Dubby!

New Music: Eli Sostre – “With the Homies”

Eli Sostre (Rich Flyer) is a 22-year-old rapper and producer, hailing from Marcy projects, NY. He got his start as one of the emerging producers in the New New York Renaissance, and is now stepping out and delivering a whole new product. Eli has released two tracks “Maui” and “For The Night” both off of his debut project named “All Good Things“. He now releases the third single off the project,“With The Homies. The infectious hook compliments Eli’s lyrical skill as he reminds listeners he is holding down Marcy.

Twitter: @EliasSostre

Music Video: Neak x The Renegades x Brass Knuckles – Bad Habits

This video caught my attention from the beginning based on the old 1980s video games sound at the beginning of the track. The “Bad Habits” beat definitely has a feel that’s a mix between trance and euro-house. That didn’t stop Neak from spitting his bars over it though. He has a flow that it started to come back to the forefront of rap, where seems like you’re spitting your lyrics to yourself almost. As he stands in the grass maneuvering through his verse at a speed that well matches the 115+ bpm speed of the track he seems to spaz in a natural manner.

The dope part is he has true lyrical content all through the song “you will never get by, you will never get on, don’t quit that job”. Neak even went as far as to mention Genghis Khan. He’s currently working on his new project “Paura/Amore” which is due out before the end of 2013. Check out the video for “Bad Habits” below:

Connect with Neak online

New Music: Sommy Lovell – Population: 1

artworks-000045517405-r9zbxb-t200x200Staten Island, New York’s Sommy Lovell decided to go on a loner mission with his song “Population: 1”. I love the fact that from the time he started to rap on this joint it’s a lyrical workout. He speaks on feeling as if he’s the only one trying to expand his brand and keep his music pure. As the post apocalyptic sounding track plays in the background he seriously takes you this deserted version of the hip-hop community where he is the only person staying true to the artform. I personally love the song and played it back four times before I began  to write this review because I feel like he captured the raw emotion that goes throught the minds of many true hip-hop artists that are struggling to build a fanbase and work around labels to deliver what they know the culture is in dire need of hearing. Great song with a message I’m sure nearly everyone that visits this site will enjoy. Check it out below.

Connect with Sommy Lovell online: twitter.com/SommyLovellwww.facebook.com/SommyLovellsoundcloud.com/sommylovell