Audio: Darius Heywood – Royalties

darius heywood [BROCKTON, MA] Darius Heywood is back on NikkiSiixx with his latest track ROYALTIES. You’re going to think this track is so dope because it has a catchy, bouncy, laid-back vibe, while Darius Heywood stays honest with what he has to say. ROYALTIES track is inspired by how close he is with his homies, but regardless how close they are. A woman can easily come in between friendships. Listen to the track and you hear what extents Darius will go through. You can find this track on Darius Heywood’s upcoming EP the Black Diamond Project. Darius also gave a new sound to his music, he added auto-tune for his hook and it sounds dope!



Audio: Darius Heywood – Shit Ain’t Change Much

darius heywood photo 01[BROCKTON, MA] Darius Heywood bring us his follow up single with SHIT AIN’T CHANGE MUCH. This smooth, heavy bass track was produced by YS. Both are Massachusetts native. Darius Heywood brings us a cocky/brash tone that he carries through out the song. He encounters us with witty punchlines. “I been in this shit, flipping sentences, mama daddy doing sentences, teachers couldn’t make no sense of this, how the hell he get the recognition, patience was my biggest nemesis..” I can’t help to mention this catchy ass hook Darius came up with. But you gotta hear it for yourself when you press play! Last time Darius Heywood was featured on NikkiSiixx.com it was with his track PAY IN GOLD. Be on the look out for more music from Darius Heywood, don’t forget to follow his links: TWITTER || INSTAGRAM ||


Music Video: DKO x CEZ – Undisputed

[BROCKTON, MA] Currently artist CEZ has been making moves with new alliance artist DKO. For the last three weeks they’ve been working on nothing but music. DKO x CEZ released their visual for UNDISPUTED. This visual also has a warning message regarding this video contains flashes that can trigger people who deal with epilepsy. Viewer Discretion is Advised. UNDISPUTED was Shot and Edited By IAMSTILLILL. UNDISPUTED was produced by DUBZ908. DKO x CEZ have another video released it’s called KILL THAT NOISE. Currently the video was placed on facebook and has received nothing but love and attention from their viewers. Be on the look out for more releases from this DKO x CEZ hip-hop duo from Massachusetts.


New Music: Darius Heywood – Pay In Gold

Pay In Gold Darius Heywood

Darious Heywood Cropped Photo[BROCKTON, MA] Darius Heywood presents us his latest track called PAY IN GOLD. This track will be featured on his upcoming EP Black Diamond Project, it’s tentatively set to be release later this Fall/ Early Winter 2015. One thing I have to mention about this track, Darius sounds clear, tone on point with the beat, this track is world ready. Darius Heywood sounds super confident, especially in the hook “You Better Pay My Price In Gold“. I can catch myself bumpin’ this track in my car, riding around getting errands done. PAY IN GOLD has a real dope kick and bounce that gives it a wavy vibe that pockets well with the flow and hook. Production brought to you by Tucson Arizona producer R E T R O 1. Stay connected with Darius Heywood by following his social media accounts ||SOUNDCLOUD || TWITTER || INSTAGRAM ||