Video: MAN AT ARMS – Building Cloud’s Buster Sword (Final Fantasy VII)

I came across this video via Youtube. Man At Arms is featured on the AweMe Channel that features videos that are amazing. From blacksmiths forging weapons, explosions in slow-motion, and people going to great extents. For this episode, they took in requests and found that everyone wanted to see Cloud Strife’s Buster Sword.

Cloud Strife is the main character from the Final Fantasy VII series. This sword is ridiculous! 6 Feet Long by 12 inches wide and weighing in about 75-80 pounds! Impressive! I’m a huge fan of the Final Fantasy series especially VII. The sword originally was owned by Zack. But after his death, Cloud kept his sword and played out his memories. I would love to have the Buster sword hanging on my wall, just not over my bed…(LOL)

Sword & The Stone