[MUSIC VIDEO] Tate Kobang – Ain’t A Damn Thing Change featuring Aaron LaCrate

Baltimore’s Tate Kobang is on a roll this year. After starting 2016 releasing “Oh My” as the follow up to his 2015 smash “Bankrolls” he went on to multiple successful sets at various SXSW showcases. Now he’s back with his latest visual featuring Aaron LaCrate for “Ain’t A Damn Thing Change”. Tate skated skated over the trip 808 heavy production in his normal fashion. The video has a slightly eerie feel that matches the feel of the production. Check it out below.

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Music Video: Ms.D’z – Flight 69

FullSizeRender-3Check out the latest visual from Baltimore Maryland female emcee Ms.D’z with FLIGHT 69. Ms.D’z takes us through an encounter she had with another woman and how she wants to take flight with her. As you can see in the visual a woman’s silhouette behind her. Ms.D’z has completely reinvented her brand and image by publicly coming out about her sexuality in her music and standing out with her many tattoos and piercings. Even though she makes her sexuality clear through her music, the men can’t help but listen because they either agree with what she’s saying or because they are fascinated by her whole demeanor. The music video is directed by Gearie “The Grench” Bowman and the insane production by Real Talk Beats. Love how the video was shot in Black and White, really gives the visual a dramatic scene. I like Ms. D’z flow and her charisma. Can’t wait to see what she has in store for her future releases! And don’t forget to watch FLIGHT 69 and Follow Ms. D’z social media accounts to get updated!



New Music: Jinxxx – Elevation

CMMztW4N_400x400After a hiatus, JINXXX released her track ELEVATION, right in time for halloween. But I finally was able to review the track today. And I got to say that this Baltimore Maryland Female Rapper, JINXXX… Is a pretty dope emcee. She goes hard on this track and it definitely compliments the production. While growing up Jinxxx was inspired by her brother’s freestyle abilities and couldn’t help but embrace the culture. By developing her own style and devotion in improving her craft, JINXXX was born.

I am a femcee that lyrically can give the beat a beating but also relate to the events and struggles of everyday people. I come off as a hard nose but really just a weirdo who is trying to make her way in the game being as authentic as possible. -Jinxxx

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New Music: Lil Darryl – Mad or Nah

Lil DarrylDarryl Oulai better known as Lil Darryl recently released this track called MAD OR NAH. If you’re not to familiar with this artist, let me give you a bit of a background check. The eighteen year old that was born in Maryland and now resides in North Carolina, has always been in love with music, but at first he feel in love with dance. Then he came to realize he’s true calling was to be an independent rapper. He embraced his love and grew with his style and became very versatile. Any type of beat, Lil Darryl is ready to put his heart into it. MAD OR NAH is definitely a party jam. It’s about doing you and peoples reaction towards that. MAD OR NAH is either you’re hatin or your cool with it. Ride out to this trap beat produced by Kyduh Beatz. Don’t forget to follow Lil Darryl via his social media outlets.


Music Video: Emory Forbes – H.A.N (Hatin Ass Nigga)

Maryland independent artist Emory Forbes, releases his latest music video H.A.N (Hatin Ass Nigga). I thought the video’s concept was perfect, with what the song has to say. Emory is letting you know his a hatin ass nigga. But the reason why because he has that confidence. The music video is a rendition of an episode of MTV’s True Life documentary series. Title of episode ‘Im A Hatin Ass Nigga’. Emory takes it to the park to release his hate onto the world. I thought it was pretty funny! Especially the cut scenes away from the music. You gotta see it for yourself! Currently Emory Forbes is working on his second album ‘Jus Steven’. Stay tuned and follow him on his social media outlets, view links below.

PRODUCER: @johnnyjuliano
DIRECTOR: @allenmarcell


Lyriciss – Calling For You (Feat. Chill Moody & K-Beta)

PG County, Maryland representative, Lyriciss drops off a single from his latest installment of his The Balance EP series. This one is The Balance EP: Heart.  The series is to lead up to his official debut album, The Balance. As a fan of dope production, I love how Grussle lets the sample cry for an introduction to the dopeness to follow. If I had to use word association to describe this track, authentic would be one of them. Hip-Hop is to do a few things, tell a story and empower and provide inspiration to persevere through a struggle. Lyriciss, along with the assistance of Chill Moody and K-Beta, does just that on this highlighted track. I hope this will inspire you to check out the EP, and if so back track a bit and peep the entire series. Stream the joint below.

Download The Balance EP: Heart via the lovely folks over at DJBooth.net  HERE

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New Music: Matth Damon- Gold Gloves

Hailing from Maryland and feeling inclined to rep it to the fullest, Matth Damon is here. And he is declaring Maryland as a hip-hop mecca. No shots fired, but as New York is no longer where we go to find the next greats in hip-hop… these days you can be from anywhere and if you’re dope, the people will declare you as such.

“Dude’s got a LOT of knowledge and the fly flow to deliver it to those who might sleep on the jewels.”

-Khal, Rockthedub.com

Knowing he’s been co-signed by a colleague I respect the hell out of, assists with writing this post. It didn’t take long before I was nodding my head and playing the track over and over again. The beat is mad smooth, and authentically hip-hop. I was immediately reminded of a great, whom happens to be from the former mecca, New York, AZ. Vivid storytelling along with a keen play on words while metaphorically aligning his journey with a boxing great definitely leaves you wanting more. Don’t worry, I’ve asked for more from him. Stay tuned. We’re definitely looking forward to more from the homie.

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Music Video: 301 – Music’s My Life

Music’s My Life is a track from Maryland’s local artist 301, featuring Chris Ray on the hook. I find this song to be very inspirational. Listen to your heart! If you have a dream/goal that you want to accomplish you gotta atleast try and make it into reality. You never know. Hard work does pay off.

Music’s My Life was produced by Main Event West/Shaun Holly. The video was directed by Shaun Holly for Smash Hit Records/Hub City Hip-Hop. The visuals fit perfectly and gets 301’s point across. Seeing the musicians and how passionate they look when they play their instruments. Shows their love for the music and their dedication to it as well. Let 301 inspire you to work harder.