[VIDEO] Chrystian Lehr – Summer Sixteen Mashup

ChrystianPhoto2Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, singer/songwriter Chrystian Lehr brings us a visual of him reciting his vocals on the mic in the studio. For his take on SUMMER SIXTEEN, produced by The Hitlist. Chrystian Lehr creates his own custom mashup of Drake’s SUMMER SIXTEEN, Beyonce’s FORMATION, and Rihanna’s WORK. Chrystian Lehr presents how well he can adapt to the different melodies and the range he can go vocally. Truly impressive! Currently, Chrystian Lehr is prepping up for his upcoming EP release for Fool’s Gold. Stay tuned for more and make sure you follow him below:

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Video: Inception VS Adventure Time

This was executed perfectly! I came across this video on youtube through ChangeTheYTTV’s Channel. I’m a huge fan of Adventure Time and I thought Inception was an amazing movie, this is the perfect MASHUP! They edited visuals from Adventure Time and replace the sound with a trailer from the movie Inception. I think the perfect part was at 0:15 (S1,EP12) “You’re talking about dreams?” the visual leads you to believe that Finn floats down sleeping, but actually Finn floats down, unconsciously. This was very well put together. DOPE!

I really like inception, especially the trailer and I’ve seen a lot of trailer mixed with Inception.
Adventure time with Finn and Jake is a funny little cartoon and my nieces and nephews love it so they would get a kick out of this trailer.
I didn’t see anybody do Adventure time mixed with Inception so I decided to give it a shot