Audio: Mega Trife – Feelin’ U

Mega Trife - Gold Aint Found  Above Ground [ALBUM ART][BROCKTON, MASSACHUSETTS] Mega Trife releases another single off of his fourth studio album Gold Ain’t Found Above Ground, called FEELIN’ U. This song definitely took me on a loop. How descriptive Mega Trife’s lyrics puts me in the vision of his song. Initially the song gives me a vibe that this song is meant only for the ladies. Trife gets intimate with a woman he found irresistible. At the end of a track you get an unexpected surprise with a twist. FEELIN’ U is meant for the grown and sexy, produced by KHRYSIS. Interested on more content from Mega Trife? Here’s my Album Review on Gold Ain’t Found Above Ground, and his last music video for BEAUTIFUL WEATHER. Be on the look out for more content from Mega Trife by following his social media links below!



Music Video: Mega Trife – Beautiful Weather featuring Andre DePriest

[BROCKTON, MASSACHUSETTS] After, Mega Trife released his fourth studio album Gold Ain’t Found Above Ground and we had to review it here on NikkiSiixx.com. If you love the sound of the Golden Era of Hip-Hop, you have to get this album! Releasing visuals from the album he took us to visit the space-time continuum on his second single SPACE TRAVELIN‘. Mega Trife recently debuted the follow up visual with BEAUTIFUL WEATHER. How can you not love this song? This track is filled with positivity about seeing the best things out of any situation whether good or bad. Really… this song should be played everywhere. Mega Trife just wishes the best for anyone. Perfect for the summer time. On this track Mega Trife had lyricist Andre DePriest assist on the track, which brings an uplifting feeling and overall positive energy. The video was shot in Los Angeles, and was directed by Andre Auram for The Awakening Media Group. [LINKS] BANDCAMP || FACEBOOK || TWITTER || INSTAGRAM || WEBSITE ||


Music Video: DKO – Homage

dko[BROCKTON, MA] Making music gives the lyricist a voice. When coming up hip-hop artist DKO feels the lack of recognition, he wants to demonstrate why that’s a mistake. Releasing his HOMAGE visual, he speaks on respect, reverence and admiration for the past and present vets who have influenced him as an emcee and an entrepreneur. With production from Chance Mccullough and a visual shot by Night Watch Films. DKO proves his diverse and is able to portray his emotions vividly through his lyrics and content. HOMAGE is set to be on his Product of the Hood project.



Audio: Chrs Brise – Walk Amongst The Dead

IMG_4378BW_web.jpg[BOSTON, MA] Upcoming Hip-Hop Rapper Chrs Brise released his latest track WALK AMONGST THE DEAD. The very dark post-apocalyptic influenced track with a dash of trap house. Chrs Brise brings this track right before the fall season to fit perfectly for Halloween. WALK AMONGST THE DEAD brings a heavy dark complex theory to provoke our minds. Chrs Brise life experiences bring inspiration for his music. Born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, and residing now in Boston, Massachusetts. The track was produced by Attic Stein. Be on the look out for more content from Chrs Brise.



Audio: The Verbal Surgeon – From The Womb

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 7.58.38 PM[Massachusetts] The Verbal Surgeon returns on NikkiSiixx with his first single FROM THE WOMB off his upcoming project Mishkan. I really like the production. T.O. Beats brought that fuego to the table. It kinda gives me an Incubus/Linkin Park vibe. FROM THE WOMB is not your ordinary hip-hop track. At the beginning of the track you hear a girl cussing him off and she’s done with it. Then a drum solo comes in and here comes Verbal Surgeon. I really like how he plays with the beat with his flow. FROM THE WOMB was recorded, mixed, and mastered by The Verbal Surgeon. I thought this line was dope:

“Misfortune & hardship, we all face it; that’s life & I’m sorry
Not sorry like you should be I still hide your skeletons in my closet
Kept so much just between us
Push past your insecurities
& learn to trust, those who were there from day one”

Check out his last project that was featured on NikkiSixx which was, DAY BY DAY EP DOWNLOAD LINK. Stay tuned for future updates from The Verbal Surgeon by following him on his social media accounts.



Audio: Darius Heywood – Shit Ain’t Change Much

darius heywood photo 01[BROCKTON, MA] Darius Heywood bring us his follow up single with SHIT AIN’T CHANGE MUCH. This smooth, heavy bass track was produced by YS. Both are Massachusetts native. Darius Heywood brings us a cocky/brash tone that he carries through out the song. He encounters us with witty punchlines. “I been in this shit, flipping sentences, mama daddy doing sentences, teachers couldn’t make no sense of this, how the hell he get the recognition, patience was my biggest nemesis..” I can’t help to mention this catchy ass hook Darius came up with. But you gotta hear it for yourself when you press play! Last time Darius Heywood was featured on NikkiSiixx.com it was with his track PAY IN GOLD. Be on the look out for more music from Darius Heywood, don’t forget to follow his links: TWITTER || INSTAGRAM ||


Album Review: Mega Trife – Gold Ain’t Found Above Ground

Fresh off the presses!! It’s Mega Trife’s Fourth Studio Album Gold Ain’t Found Above Ground, debuting sixteen tracks inspired by the Brockton, Massachusetts Native. If you’re a fan of the sound of the Golden Era of Hip-Hop, you have to get this album! Mega Trife embraces the culture. From the choices of which producers he worked with, to his flow and style of his raps. Mega has possibly one of the dopest projects I’ve heard this summer. Producers range from underground hip-hop’s most elite such as Statik Selektah, Khrysis, Rashid Hadee (Little Brother’s ‘Dreams’), and King Midas from Houston collective H.I.S.D. Not to forget Nonsense who’s been a long time producer from previous projects with Mega Trife.

When reviewing albums on NikkiSiixx.com I like to concentrate on my favorite tracks on the album. But for Gold Ain’t Found Above Ground, they’re were a lot of favorites but below you’ll see which ones really stood out to me.

AS MUCH AS I DO [PRODUCED BY: NAZO DA BEATSMITH] was the first official single and visual off the Gold Ain’t Found Above Ground. Mega Trife in his music video takes us to his city of Boston. Chilling with a group of his closest affiliates. They show him support on the rooftop while Trife is slaying his lyrics. Really like how the visual embodies that throwback Golden Era style. Which is really well represented in the overall sound of this album.

mega trife photo THE GATHERING [PRODUCED BY: Statik Selektah] One thing that surprised me with this track, was how mellow temple it was. His featured artist Andre Depriest on the hook really changes up the vibe, even gives it a bit of R&B flavor. “I don’t want to be in the place, everyday it gets harder to survive” In the production of the track there’s a soft flute playing in the background and it reminds me of the Final Fantasy RPG games. That mystical feeling to the track. Mega Trife discusses some hard times growing up, but it shows how strong he is being able to survive.

GOLDEN TOUCH [PRODUCED BY: KING MIDAS] “Can’t Go Back I Never Left What The Fuck?” I just find this hook to be so catchy! It’s kinda reminds me of how people reference to bringing back hip-hop. Hip-Hop’s there, you just really gotta look for it. I really like how Mega Trife respects the culture by bringing light to the underground scene. Especially when naming his album Gold Ain’t Found Above Ground. Think about it… But check it at the end of the track you hear Mega Trife having a conversation with a woman. In this phone call the woman is letting Trife know that even though other guys are trying to get her attention but the only person on her mind & heart is him. That conversation sets up the following song called THE GROUPIES.

BEAUTIFUL WEATHER [PRODUCED BY: RASHID HADEE] How can you not love this song? This track is filled with positivity about seeing the best things out of any situation whether good or bad. Really… this song should be played everywhere. Mega Trife just wishes the best for anyone. Perfect for the summer time.

megatrife photo 01FEELIN’ U [PRODUCED BY: KHRYSIS] This song definitely took me on a loop. How descriptive Mega Trife’s lyrics puts me in the vision of his song. Initially the song gives me a vibe that this song is meant only for the ladies. Trife gets intimate with a woman he found irresistible. At the end of a track you get an unexpected surprise with a twist.

ZONES [PRODUCED BY: NONSENSE] This also is a great track that is inspired by Golden Hip-Hop. I just love the samples used like Biggie Smalls saying It Was All A Dream I Used To Read Word Up Magazine, and of course the Dj scratches. In this track Mega Trife verses explains different dreams that feels so real. From an extraterrestrial experience to about almost kissing underwater goddesses.

SPACE TRAVELIN’ [PRODUCED BY: PHIL THE PAIN] – Second single (and visual) off the the Gold Ain’t Found Above Ground. This track embodies how lyrical Mega Trife can be. As well as him speaking about the sonic journey he puts us through in this space-time continuum song. I can definitely vibe out to this one. This one is for the smokers and the one’s who are enlightened. Just love the space theme to the track as well with the music video. The graphics are so unique, I can’t help but keep pressing play as soon as it’s over. Super Fun Track.

By the end of the album, you feel like you’re withdrawing from this epic journey your mind just took. I liked a majority of the tracks on Gold Ain’t Found Above Ground. I really wanted to rate this project. I decided to do a percentage system. Out of how many songs I like out of the project. And I was able to obtain an approval percentage rate of 81.25% out of 100%!!
Don’t miss out with what Mega Trife has to offer when it comes to quality music.



New Music: Darius Heywood – Pay In Gold

Pay In Gold Darius Heywood

Darious Heywood Cropped Photo[BROCKTON, MA] Darius Heywood presents us his latest track called PAY IN GOLD. This track will be featured on his upcoming EP Black Diamond Project, it’s tentatively set to be release later this Fall/ Early Winter 2015. One thing I have to mention about this track, Darius sounds clear, tone on point with the beat, this track is world ready. Darius Heywood sounds super confident, especially in the hook “You Better Pay My Price In Gold“. I can catch myself bumpin’ this track in my car, riding around getting errands done. PAY IN GOLD has a real dope kick and bounce that gives it a wavy vibe that pockets well with the flow and hook. Production brought to you by Tucson Arizona producer R E T R O 1. Stay connected with Darius Heywood by following his social media accounts ||SOUNDCLOUD || TWITTER || INSTAGRAM ||


Music Video: Mega Trife – As Much As I Do

[BOSTON, MA] Native MC and songwriter Mega Trife released his latest video AS MUCH AS I DO from his Album Gold Ain’t Found Above Ground. MegaTrife Photo This album is where Mega Trife went out and ventured on his own and worked with an elite group of underground producers such as Statik Selektah, Khrysis, Rashis Hadee, and Kind Midas. Creating as much soul into his album. AS MUCH AS I DO visual takes us to the city of Boston. Where Mega Trife and a group of his close affiliates show support on the rooftop while Trife is slaying his lyrics. Really like how the visual embodies that throwback Golden Era style. Rose Glen Entertainment were the director for this music video. If you’re diggin’ AS MUCH AS I DO then you should support Mega Trife and preorder his full album Gold Ain’t Found Above Ground. The Album will be available July 10th. Be on the look out and don’t forget to follow Mega Trife on his social media accounts.



Music Video: C Wells – Made In America

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 12.05.51 AM

C Wells is an upcoming artist out of the Boston, MA area who just released a new music video for his introspective single, “Made In America.” I saw an image of him smoking in front of an American flag, and I thought, “hmmm, this is going to be interesting.” The Kris Roller directed video captures C Wells in front of an American flag, as he spits candidly about himself and our society. He gets pretty deep in this music video and I’m glad I gave this kid a listen because it was refreshing to hear someone actually challenge society, and not just brag about being a rebel like some hipster rappers tend to do. With dope word-play and a memorable voice, I’m looking forward to more music from C Wells. Watch “Made In America” below!



Interview/Review: The Verbal Surgeon – Day by Day EP


vs1The Verbal Surgeon is one of those artists who thrives on their own honesty. His road to prominence has been paved by organic intent, genuine talent, and a collision of potential and dedicated work that has produced sonic gold. ‘Day by Day’, his latest EP, is a manifestation of the artistic authenticity that permeates his body of work. The eight-track offering boasts a robust mix of collaborations and styles, all of which stay true to the honest hip hop sentiments that define his rap music. It’s easy for one to get lost in the intricacies of The Verbal Surgeon’s lyrical prowess, but something that is oft overlooked on ‘Day by Day’ is the international cast of producers involved on a number of tracks.

verbalThe Verbal Surgeon has built a strong base of followers locally and internationally through a combination of energetic live performances and savvy internet networking. The locals love him for his honest lifestyle and consistent efforts to put back into the creative community that surrounds him. International fans flock to him for his broad appeal and the wide net of collaborations that have become more common as he progresses.

Something that has defined the quality music coming from the current internet renaissance is honesty. It has become easy to create the trap anthem, the stacks-on-deck visage that permeates mainstream YouTube sensations. It requires something more stringently honest to spark a flame that grows from it’s own perpetual weight. The Verbal Surgeon embodies this genuine sentiment in lifestyle and art. When picking apart the lyrical layers of ‘Day by Day’, it’s easy to overlook the nuggets of homage and mirror-image self-realizations that are present throughout the EP. One must take care to heed to knowledge that The Verbal Surgeon spits. Rare is the line that reeks of bullshit. Quality permeates the entire offering.

From an international cast of production all-stars, to the strikingly genuine and humble lyrics, to the peas-in-a-pod features that seem to fit like a glove, ‘Day by Day’ possesses a indelible charm that passes from the ears to the soul and resonates there like all good art is supposed to. The Verbal Surgeon has come a long way from humble beginnings and built his foundation from the ground up, the proper way. Let ‘Day by Day’ stand as an indication of the type of quality one can expect from the artist, and as a forecast for the bright horizons that lie ahead.


– What influences your art outside of music?
Life; it’s beautiful and ugly. Open minded individuals, good vibes, food, women, good decisions, bad decisions, proper herb, beer, and satan. Traveling is a major influence on my life as well. ‘Amtrak’ off of the new EP was written while I was riding the Amtrak to Rochester, NY. I lived in Rochester for two years and made some good music out there. I released a little EP with Danny Dubz which features ‘Thankful’ a personal favorite of mine to this day. Any individuals who make a living off of their own craft.

– You’ve been pursuing a more organic, localized lifestyle. How has this influenced your music,if at all? Some pro’s? Cons?
My music is a direct reflection of me, how I think, what I feel, what I see, etc. As I grow, I’m growing more toward a naturalist lifestyle. I don’t come from a background like that at all, it’s just something that’s been casually happening as I mature. It’s honestly a great influence, I live in the New England area which is filled with amazing agriculture. I’ve definitely branched out and met some amazing individuals who’ve encourages and inspired me on that path. The only con is having to explain my dietary choices to people all the time ha. To break it down, I don’t eat beef, chicken, pork, turkey, etc. If it’s meat it’s either fresh fish or game (deer, elk, rabbit, duck, etc) I seldom eat meat at all, but I was raised eating meat. I stopped when I started really working in busy kitchens cooking it nonstop. Which was when I was around 18, I guess I was turned off from it all and have never gone back. I’m a fan of cheese, but you won’t catch me dead drinking a cup of milk. ALMOND MILK EVERYTHING!!

-Tell me about the music scene in your area, all genres, not specifically hip-hop.
Well before I was ever doing hip-hop I was into Hardcore, I drummed for two bands and did vocals for another band which was a little heavier and more melodic. The Waterfront Tavern in Holyoke, MA used to be the place to be every weekend and that’s where I was a kid. I used to put together a few shows around the area as well. The scene really thrived when I was younger, everyone was into it and really supported it. It’s still good, but I guess things change as we grow. In terms of Hip-Hop it’s super hit or miss out here. You could have an amazing headliner and still have a terrible outcome. You could have no headliner and have a packed house. For the most part things are fun out here, but I’ve definitely reached my limit of performing for poorly put together shows. MASSRHYMES has been great in taking care of me and my people on that end as of lately. The indie scene out here is pretty good, lots of variety rolls through the pioneer valley, which is always great to check out and support.

– What is the intersection of art and life like for you personally?
Art is life. I find myself surrounded by creative individuals more often than not and I hope its stats like that. That’s what helps an artist better their self. Making your life art, finding and appreciating what is around you.

– Musically, what values do you hold dear? 
The highest above all; genuine content. I’ll always be myself in my music. I’ll never portray myself as something I’m not. Music is an outlet for expression, but it’s also a way for friends and fans to understand me better if they actually take the time to listen. That’s what’s so beautiful about good genuine music. There are so many types of different artists especially in terms of music. I have an appreciation for mainstream artists just as I do underground and independent artists. I find importance to have that balance.

– What passions do you have outside of music? 
I’m into quite a bit, I grew up skateboarding and it’s something I’ll always do whether I’m hitting the skatepark with some homies or just pushing to get somewhere. I’m also into biking a lot too, I used to do 15 mile rides to work when I was working out of town, work and then ride back home after a shift. Graphic Design and Video Editing are things I’ve always been into as well. I do all of my own engineering and recording, video editing, photos, designs, etc. It’s been like that since I first started out. I never had anyone to really help me out when I first started so I figured out how to do things little by little. Now I’m at the point where I handle everything. It’s a double edged sword, but there’s more pro’s than cons.

– How many hours do you think went into the creation of Day by Day? 
It’s hard to say. Flow Devilish, Insomnia and The Statements were already released tracks. The other five were pieced together one by one. The first two tracks ‘Just Breathe’ and ‘Day By Day’ were bother produced by MadBeats out of Russia. Originally the entire EP was supposed to feature production from MadBeats but we lost touch throughout the process. The most time is always put into recording. I do everything myself and I’m always looking for a clean sound that I feel suits me.

– Can you tell me about some of the collaborations that went into the EP? 
I have two features on the EP. The first being ‘Insomnia’ which features The Bright Won on the opening verse and Goomar out of Paris on production. The Bright Won approached me about doing a track and we sat down and made it happen. I love his approach on the first verse and our styles compliment each others pretty well. ‘Hip Hop Music’ features L.E. Purpose on the second verse and my friend Tessa Roy singing on the hook with the production from Loop Holes out of Norway. That was the last track that was recorded for the EP and the outcome was great. ‘Amtrak’ is also a Loop Holes production. The Statements was produced by Dil Withers.

– How did the international production cast come about?
I started working with Loop Holes on ‘The Science of Tactics’ my previous mixtape. They reached out to me through Soundcloud and we’ve kept a pretty stable relationship since. After working with them I was blessed to build bridges with Goomar out of Paris, Soulkit out of Durban City, South Africa and a few more producers from around the world. That’s the beautiful thing about networking, it really allows you to build bridges if you make the right connections. It’s also great having that international element. Being able to extend my network around different parts of the world is a reward within itself. I get messages from people in South Africa telling me my music inspires them and helps them. It’s always those little things that remind me I’m on the right path.

– Who are you most stoked to have worked with to this point in your career? 
Scott Stallone. He’s an amazing producer and engineer. He’s worked with Jedi Mind Tricks, Army of The Pharaohs, Ill Bill, etc. He also did Danny Browns ‘Old’ for Fools Gold Records. I was put in touch with the producer Steve Untytled out in Philly through Gary Carter. After being sent some beats I ended up selecting what would become ‘Flow Devilish’, I sent back some rough cuts and eventually made it out to Philly to record with Scott Stallone and shoot a video with SickSix. The session with Scott Stallone was great. He played a major role in putting together the album ‘A Bright Cold Day’ from Dutch, which is a project featuring Liz Fullerton and Stoupe The Enemy of Mankid (The producer for early Jedi Mind Tricks). I’m a HUGE fan of that project so just being able to discuss that process with him and get a first hand view into that entire process was great.

– Can you give some insight on some messages and themes that might be buried a little to the casual listener?
I always try to incorporate myself into the track by referencing little pieces of me. For instance I drop references to hardcore bands from time to time like in ‘Flow Devilish’ for example:

Temptation Lingers in the distance,
I’m a KEEPER OF THE FAITH summon strength to resist it through the TERROR,
Run it hard, my spoken words to God.

To the normal listener, it sounds good, but if you’re a fan of hardcore and hip-hop you might catch on to the references. Terror is a hardcore band from CA, they put out an album in 2010 called ‘Keepers of The Faith’ they also released an album called ‘One With The Underdogs’. Reign Supreme is a band as well. I love sneaking in little things like that. It’s awesome when someone catches it. Ultimaltely, my message is to just be genuine. Find what you feel. Channel it and express yourself within your message.

– Do you have a track you’re proudest of?
I definitely have favorites. ‘From The Soul’ is all time favorite right along with ‘Thankful’ which features Danny Dubz. My favorites are due to where I was at in that period of my life when I wrote it. As soon as the beat drops it brings me right back. If I can feel it, I know my listeners can. ‘Hip Hop Music’ is also a favorite to me. It was the last track I recorded for the EP and everything came together organically. Everything sounds full to me on that track and in it’s proper place.

– If you only had 5 words to describe Day by Day. . .
Diverse. Energetic. Full. Fluid. Relate-able.

– What’s on deck for you?
Continue pushing forward. I just got on a show with Celph Titled which will be happening sometime after the new year, very excited about that. Also seeking distribution. I’d love to get my LP, when it’s ready, pressed on vinyl. That’s alaways been a goal for me. Continuing to connect and build bridges is another big goal, once you get the right connections in place everything takes off. I’m working toward that moment and I’ll continue doing this for myself regardless if I see that or not.


Music Video: The Verbal Surgeon ft. Vorheez – Godzilla Bankrolls

This video is short and sweet, so I’ll follow suit. The Verbal Surgeon is one of the most talented and well-rounded cats coming out of the Massachusetts scene right now. He’s got  a flow that will stand up to the best of them, and his beat selection is always superb. “Godzilla Bankrolls” could be used to teach aspiring artists how to capture the soul of hip-hop without sacrificing their style. Vorheez and The Surgeon have different voices and different flows that contrast each other in a very complimentary way. I think it goes without saying, but this track is very on point. Produced by the always prolific Space Gang, everything comes together well. Even the video is subtly hazy, edited to perfection. There’s a lot to like with this offering, and even more on The Verbal Surgeons latest full length project “The Science of Tactics”. Everyone reading this should jump on board before it’s too late. Big things coming from the big homie in the near future.

The Science of Tactics DL

Music Video: Blak Sea – We On It Featuring BlastAve

Blak Sea’s latest visual WE ON IT featuring BlastAve, is the latest in his catalog. WE ON IT is from his upcoming collaborative album In Green We Trust. Great production from Shizz Beats, he keeps a fun, mellow beat. BlastAve gives a hook that’s catchy and relevant. BlastAve is a hip-hop duo from Green Team, in which Blak Sea is also apart of. WE ON IT is a very dope song. Blak Sea stays real with how he feels about people who are being fake, the one’s who don’t support, but it all doesn’t matter because he has his team behind him. And they’re all putting in work. The video was directed by Rose Glen Entertainment. Love the way the video was shot, very colorful and with great angles shot in Massachusetts. If you’re diggin’ Blak Sea, BlastAve, and Green Team Productions you gotta check they’re links below for more updates.

Green Team Productions: FACEBOOKTWITTER

Download: The Verbal Surgeon – The Science of Tactics

science of tactics

The Verbal Surgeon has been on my radar for a grip. He came across my ears with a couple of collab tracks with the wunderkind producer and good friend Space Gang. The Surgeon recently re-released his bursting-at-the-seams tape ‘The Science of Tactics’, and goddammit, he goes in. The Massachusetts native has a definite East-coast vibe emanating from his soul. He’s an open artist and a lyrical tyrant; The Verbal Surgeon has all the tools to make the game his.

‘The Science of Tactics’ is an illustrious demonstration of poetic desperation; the struggle of a starving artist fighting for his place. The tape clocks in at around an hour long and has the feel of an album. The beat selection is superb throughout; very ambient, very heady production on every track. Every collaboration and feature on ‘The Science of Tactics’ is a healthy addition to the entire project. With an offering like this, it’s only a matter of time before someone takes notice.

The Verbal Surgeon is a lyrical poet. He crafts stories and brings his listeners into his perspective with an open and honest approach to his brand of hip hop. Unabashedly East Coast, The Surgeon creates music that’s universally enjoyable. This is not snack-pack rap, this is grown man hip hop. Thought provoking, illuminating, honest; The Verbal Surgeon put himself into this tape and created a project that is chronically underrated and deserving of high praise. Do not sleep on this, you’ll be kicking yourself if you do. Shouts to The Surgeon and everyone that came together to make this tape what it is. The future is bright big homie, keep up the good work.


EP Review: Jay West- The Governor


Jay West of Brockton, MA started the first quarter of 2013 by releasing “The Governor EP”. This 7 song EP starts off with a track titled the “The Inauguration”  which sets the mood for the rest of the EP by Mr. West saying “Mayor with his bitch, naw homie I’m the governor” on the hook of the song. After you start to get into the groove, the post-inauguration speech celebration starts with “I Run This” on which Jay West explains why he runs not only the city but the entire state of Massachusetts.

The third track is “Bout That” featuring Romestar on which they spit about creating genuine music that they’re willing to place a bet on. The next joint “Slacking” featuring J. Hughes which is a song about getting your business together an artist, something every artist should be able to relate to but not many can. West lightens the mood some by making the fifth song “3 Day Weekend” which is a song that you can play while pre-gaming to hit the club. “3 Day Weekend” features Who But Chryst and they get you in the mood to have a great weekend.

Mr. West goes deeper on “Hold On” which covers the topic of a love on the verge of that still has a slight chance of hope. The Governor EP ends on as high of a note as it started with the track “For The City, For The State” which features Jay Moore of Buffalo, NY and Cardiye of Atlanta, GA. This track captures the reason why artists work so hard and shows that it’s the same thing from three different hip-hop markets. Overall the EP is nice and I recommend you give it a listen. If you enjoy it and would like to download this project the link is http://tweetmymixtape.com/j2po9k

Connect with Jay West online: @JayWest_http://www.youtube.com/MyJaywesthttp://jaywest.bandcamp.com/

Download: Juma – Fall Of The Giants

Check out the latest project from Boston, Massachusetts artist JUMA titled Fall Of The Giants. The project consists of 13 tracks! Each track bumps hard and sounds like something you’ll hear on the radio. JUMA definitely has some serious talent. All songs written and produced by Juma Music for Inniss Entertainment Group LLC.

My favorite tracks from Fall Of The Giants are TILL THE DJ GONE super catchy and I just love how this song comes together, FINE AND CRAZY is one of the first songs I’ve heard from JUMA and it’s still a favorite, WE DON’T REALLY CARE really hypes me up!, LIE I really like Juma’s flow on this beat “he’s bad as a motha“, and THE GREAT ESCAPE is so descriptive! I can visualize his storytelling.