[VIDEO] MastaMinD – Supernova Freestyle

[ATLANTA, GA] Upcoming artist MastaminD has been influence by music at a very young age. Even rapping at the age of six. This time MastaminD makes his debut on NikkiSiixx.com with his SUPERNOVA FREESTYLE Visual. While he walks the streets he preaches with his rhyme flow. MastaminD has always had a clear message of promoting individuality. “I can be your worst enemy or your tutor.” This quote illustrates MastaminD as an artist. He is influenced by artist like Outkast, Kilo Ali, Goodie Mob, 36 Mafia, and Dirty Boys. MastaminD makes a point to make music he finds can be relevant to modern day listeners. In SUPERNOVA FREESTYLE MastaMinD Freestyles in preparation of his Super NoVA Mixtape that is set to release soon. In order to find out when please follow MastaminD on his social media links below:


Music Video: TreHill – Verified

Check out the latest music video from upcoming Tenessee artist and Amateur Skateboarder TreHill with “Verified”. Usually, I don’t post content from young artist but TreHill caught my attention with his delivery and style. The video takes place at a skatepark, everyone is doing tricks and I really like the fisheye lense effect with some of the shots. Verified was shot by Kiddo. Verified is off of the “Tre Mountain EP,” which can be DOWNLOADED HERE. With working hard and persurverience, I can definitely see TreHill getting somewhere with his career. It might not be now, but I know for sure when he gains more experience he will one day be verified.

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Visuals by Kiddo- @kiddo0
Produced by: Mastamind
Presented by: FortuneCookieCo and The Boardshop.