[AUDIO] ST. Thomas – She’s Heaven

[PATERSON, NEW JERSEY] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, we have St. Thomas an artist that can bring the elements of R&B, Pop, and Hip-Hop Together. On his latest single SHE’S HEAVEN, he brings his soulful voice and creative lyrics to life on this one. Singing to his woman, and his dedication to her, that she has nothing to worry about. I love the hook, so melodic and trance like. If you’re feeling his vibe make sure to support ST. Thomas.



[Project Review] That Man Santiago – Nightlife Fifty-Five

that man santiago 1[CHICAGO, IL] After working over a year to finalize, That Man Santiago has recorded and mixed his latest project Nightlife Fifty-Five at Soundscape Studios. Embracing his environment, the inspiring upcoming artist from Chicago created an honest project on a person’s thoughts before and after hitting the night life in their city. The ambience of Nightlife Fifty-Five definitely provides those night vibes.

According to That Man Santiago “During the length of the tape I travel between thoughts of “turning up” and not worrying about the consequences, to thinking about the repercussions of my actions. The tape touches upon the idea that we are all filled with contradictions; however those contradictions are what help us learn and grow as people.” Now let’s take a chill pill and ride out with my review on That Man Santiago’s project Nightlife Fifty-Five. I’ll be discussing my favorites off the eleven track project. Which are:

that man santiago[NIGHTLIFE] Where we start off with this track, if feels like you’ve been dancing at the club, already about 2:30am. The music sets a seductive vibe while That Man Santiago sets the mood for his club banger, while he’s talking to the girl he wants to take home.

[SNOW TRACKS] At the beginning of the track we get the weather news report that discuss the heavy snow that we’ll be arriving throughout the night, expected 10 feet of snow. Too cold to go outside and too much snow to deal with. That Man Santiago lets you know what he’s up to on this winter track.

[WHAT DO YOU KNOW] On this track That Man Santiago gets a bit rough when he finds out someone’s talking when they don’t know nothing about him. He’ll laugh it off at the beginning but if it persists he’s going to have to handle his.

[SOME DAYS] I feel that if you’re dealing with a relationship that you find yourself wanting to leave them, fix things, walk away, or stay forever. The emotions of trying to get yourself together and your significant other trying to do the same, but yet the balance may not be right. It’s either work things out or have it all come to an end, but will that day be today?

[OCARINA] At times it feels best to get with the past, with something that’s ocarina-of-time-linkfamiliar. But according to time you just can’t. It’s all about moving forward and staying focus. But it seems to be That Man Santiago is getting distracted by Ocarina. I really felt as if she was real, so I had to ask and look what I found out:

NikkiSiixx: Who’s Ocarina?
That Man Santiago: Ocarina is more of a metaphore than a person. Its based of the game “Ocarina of Time” from Zelda lol. In the game, the Ocarina was a flute that could make a person travel through time. In the song, “Ocarina” stands for me wanting to go back in time and fix things I’ve done. But towards the end of the song, during the second verse, I realize that you can’t move forward when you’re chasing the past.

[REASON (BONUS)] This track actually surprised me considering the overall sound from the previous songs. Surprised me in a very good way. I like how diverse That Man Santiago demonstrates he’s styles and how melodic he can become. And what a romantic! This track is meant for the ladies. This would have to be my favorite track off the entire project.

This concludes my project review on Nightlife Fifty-Five with hip-hop artist That Man Santiago. The project exhibits feelings of emotions when it comes to some affairs that take place at night. It’s kinda like people get influence by the night life and dealing with those problems in the morning. I find the project to have a great story to tell and great listens.

If you’re diggin’ the project as much as I am, please download your copy at THATMANSANTIAGO.COM all you need to do is provide your email address and the tape is yours. Also, follow That Man Santiago on his social media outlets to get an update on what’s coming up next.



Audio: Rex The Rager – PACMAN

[DELAWARE] If you’re the type of person that relies on someone to provide you you’re substances… This is the track that you can relate to. Considering the times when these sources can be unreliable when you need them the most. Rex The Rager expresses his frustrations with his pass experiences on his recent track entitled PACMAN. The track sounds amazing, produced by Prince Ali. Rex The Rager is melodic, but yet packs a punch with his delivery. Rex The Rager expresses the frustrations on waiting for some work and they say in 20 minutes but in reality its 2 hours? Rex is on the search for the right PACMAN.



Audio: King Moe – The Come Up

King Moe is definitely on the come up as he expresses to us over this D-Ray Beats produced track. The hook is simple yet melodic and something that you find yourself thinking about long after listening. The first verse is King Moe explaining to you why he’s coming up and even through losses he’s continue to persevere. He tells us he’s trying to make his mother proud especially since he’s an only child. He even goes into details about how he had two jobs and was barely getting by but he feels his music is good enough to put him where he feels he deserves to be. On the second verse he flexes his lyric muscles a bit more with lines like “They criticizing the flow expect me to rap like thugger/ I tell em all to behold The flow sick as no other/“. He gets his point across well in his two across well in his two verses and I believe he has a lot of potential. I look forward to hearing more music from him in the near future.

Connect with King Moe online:


Audio Premiere: Prez McHale – The Kid

Official Logo[PHILLY] Prez McHale makes his debut/premiere of his latest single THE KID. This track for any inspiring artist looking to make it in their careers. An upbeat synth heavy production brought to you by Joey Castellani. Prez McHale definitely shows his fun side with his witty flows and melodic hooks. THE KID is different from what you’re regularly listen to. Not only being a hip-hop artist he is also a student at Shippensburg University, pursing his degree in Biology.

Back in 2013, Prez McHale released his first mixtape called The Rise, he started with great support pulling in over 3,000 streams and downloads. Prez McHale is working hard ever since he debuts his music by connecting his life experiences to the listener. Since then, Prez has worked with many collaborators, among peers and local talent such as B. Dot, Internal Rhyme, Jay Marie, Ju Daily, Marcus Agrippa, Sal Choice, Sheed IXV, and Shon. Prez McHale has joined forces with Hip-Hop Collective Flatline. This group is consistent of friends, producers, and emcees. Prez is able to continue his momentum with upcoming bangers and heartfelt songs. Really looking forward for future releases by Prez McHale and you should too.