Beat Tape: Messy Beatz – Shocked Phuture Vol. 1


Check out the latest beat tape from producer Messy Beatz with Shocked Phuture Vol. 1 His official second release for 2013. These 7 beats go hard with Trap/EDM style that Messy Beatz brings out. Having hard kicks, quick snappy snares, and fast hi hats! I can see this definitely bringing inspiration to artists who would want to write to these beats. The presence of the track is some type of a dark trance, that will keep the listener hypnotize.

Equipment / Weapons Of Choice:
Logic 9, Akai MPC Ren, M-Audio Oxygen Midi Keyboard, Plug-ins, Turntable and stacks of vinyl.

Messy Beatz has been featured on before. With another beat tape titled Donkey Kong Project. You gotta check it out! A little bit about Messy Beatz, he was born and raised in South London, and has been influenced by Motown, Soul, Hip Hop & Dance / Club classics while growing up.


Download: Messy Beatz – Donkey Kong Project (Beat Tape)


Messy Beatz recently released, Donkey Kong Project,  his first beat-tape of the year which was strongly inspired by the classic nintendo video game. The mixtape starts with an 11 second intro that samples the game start menu. The first beat is named “Magical Journey” and has an incredible build up with leads into a smooth bass line. “Mystic Forest” has a pretty relaxing feel that makes one feel like they’re on a natural high, similar to that feeling you get when you hear your favorite song from your favorite artist.

The beat titled “Lost” was more uptempo like when you’re trying to avoid barrels being thrown at you in Donkey Kong. The fifth track “Confused” had a 90s R&B melody with a heavy new york style bass to it. “Kong’s Revenge” has a modern day mainstream trap-esque vibe. To end the tape Messy Beatz did 12 seconds Game Over sound as the outro. Overall it’s a solid project. Check it out below and if like them feel free to contact Messy Beatz.