Miami’s own YD, also known as the Overtown Ambassador, took on the B.G. (of the Hot Boys) classic “Cash Money Is An Army” on his latest video release. He kept his verse true to his Miami roots with lyrics like “I done it all, I sold weed I sold hard/ Got my ‘drobe from them Burdines babies, fuck the mall/”.

As he’s breezing through the verse you see him in the streets of overtown connecting with his neighbors. YD shows how witty he can be with quotables like “just got a block I’m bout to break it down to Marshall Faulks”. This is a great way to hold the fans attention while he’s currently working on Murder In Miami & Overtown Ambassador 3. Check out the video below and look for what he has coming next.

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Freestyle Friday: Brenton – All Out

Brenton has been on a roll with his #9TeaseTuesdays series. Most recently he released “All Out” on which he tackles the Gang Starr classic “Now You’re Mine”. Brenton shows off his lyrical muscle as he glides on the horn laced premier production. Listen to it below and let us know what you think about Brenton’s take on “Now You’re Mine”?

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Audio: Jeff Stones – Wave

North Miami Beach has been birthing a solid quality of hip-hop like Zoey Dollaz, DZ the Rapper and FloKid. Amongst that class is fellow NMB artist, Jeff Stones, who started his year with the release of his single “Wave”. The smooth production was created by Element Jetson. Stones lets listeners know that they still have time to catch his wave before he explodes. Just like his aforementioned peers Jeff Stones is big on lyrical ability and a smooth delivery. He gets his point across clear and concisely on this joint. Check it out below:

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Audio: DZ The Rapper – Hey My Nigga

North Miami Beach son, DZ the Rapper, not too long ago released his newest single “Hey My Nigga”. It’s a great way to enter the new year after seeing the success of fellow NMB artist and friend Zoey Dollaz for his breakout single “Blow A Check”. The production was done by a well known South Florida DJ, DJ Illusion, he gave the track a grimy trap feel. I love how hungry DZ sounds on this joint. This has the potential to be an anthem this summer and that’s coming from the same guy that predicted “OG Bobby Johnson” would become a hit. I have been silently watching DZ the Rapper’s movement for a while and this song proves that he has the potential to have crossover success.

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Freestyle Friday: FloKid – Dreamville

After taking a hiatus from music for majority of the year NMB’s Savior, FloKid, has returned with his latest stylings “Dreamville” over the production of “Dreams” by J. Cole. This is the FloKid that we’ve come to enjoy. He speaks about losing his brother, doing what is needed to protect his family and still pursuing his dreams. Of course FloKid delivers intelligent bars front the beginning, he starts by saying “I’m like Langston Hughes with a short fuse and different styles”. It’s great to see one of Miami’s brightest young lyricists back to making music and I hope he continues this form of storytelling that his fan have become used to hearing.

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New Music: ER305 – In My Ride Featuring Chace Greene

ER Chace Greene shoot[MIAMI, FLORIDA] ER305 has been releasing installments apart of his Any Given Sundays sessions, this time bringing us a track titled IN MY RIDE featuring Miami Artist Chace Greene. Bouncy, hard hitting beat self-produced by ER, you can play this in your whip. ER and Chace Greene go in on their love for whips and riding around in Miami. Especially what they like to do in them too. Expect more collaborations between ER305 and Chace Greene in the near future. [LINKS] TWITTER || INSTAGRAM


Music Video: Chace Greene – Dear Miami

Here is the latest from Miami Artist Chace Greene with his visual for DEAR MIAMI. Apart of his #CKWednesdays series. The music video takes place in Miami by the American Airlines Arena bay area. Chace Greene Photo Here’s where we catch Chace expressing his feeling about a woman of interest. But unfortunately, this woman is caught up with someone else at the moment. This is where Chace Greene convinces us that this woman’s cold and still he’ll be waiting around for her. Directed by Deviant Films. I’m in love with the sample from the television show MARTIN, where Gina and Martin get into a really heated argument where they feel like they don’t belong together. I remember watching this episode back in the late 90’s. This sample brought me back. Chace Greene is currently finalizing his next project I Always Knew which is set to be release sometime this year, so stay tuned. [LINKS] TWITTER || INSTAGRAM || WEBSITE


New Music: 1Known – Vices

1Known goes on the defensive about a handful of his hobbies in his latest single “Vices”. His flow weaves through a hard-hitting, self-produced instrumental while explaining his reasoning for doing the things he does. The beat builds aggressively, allowing 1Known to bluntly shoot down any unrequested advice regarding “better” ways to pass time. This discussion is a matter of opinion, and sometimes people just like what they like. This is another hard hitting single from the artist as he continues to perfect his craft. My favorite part of this song was without a doubt “See me all I need is weed, women and corona” because he wasn’t afraid to admit exactly what he likes regardless of judgment being passed.

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photo-3NikkiSiixx x JojosBlock x Womazing brings you NIKKIJOMAZING a weekly hip-hop show brought to you by these four strong women in the hip-hop community. We bring you an exclusive interview with DJ EFN from Crazy Hood Productions!! He discusses the importance of Miami’s Hip-Hop Culture, first encounter with MAYDAY, his thoughts on their current success, COMING HOME film/series, and we play FAST ROUND!! Tune In every Monday for a new episode of NikkiJoMazing. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow us on twitter @NikkiJoMazing.

New Music: 1Known- Incapable

Homestead, FL resident and avid visitor of the site 1Known recently dropped his new single “Incapable”. This is a song explaining how 1Known is currently looking at relationships. He gets deep over the track which is already quite heavy. He also produced the beat on which he crafted the lyrics for this song. Being a fan of 1Known’s prior work, I am proud to hear the growth in his music. I like to give you all my opinion but still leave space for you to create your own opinion so check it out below.

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Freestyle Friday: Rippa Da Kid- Draft Day

Rippa Da Kid of Miami, FL dropped off a freestyle over Drake’s “Draft Day” that packs some nice wordplay. He starts his first verse by saying “I’m so live like I would never die” which was a great attention grabber. He comes with some crazy punch lines like “Brought my dogs with me, these haters wishing to euthanize”. Continues throughout the entire first verse dropping quotable gems. The second verse comes with even more energy as he speeds up the flow. He’s mentions that he raps to save the art form.  After styling through the second verse he ends by saying he’s going to let  Lauryn take the wheel since the track samples Lauryn Hill’s “That Thing”. Check out the track after the jump and feel free to leave comments.

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Music Video: Chace Greene f. Nemesis- Real Niggaz

As Chace Greene gears up for the release of his next project “Consistency Kills” he drops off another visual which features another hometeam favorite, Nemesis. The song “Real Niggaz” captures the sound on Miami over a Young Shun produced track. The song is tough and the visual which was done by I Love Deviant has a great storyline and plot twist at the end. Real Niggaz is definitely another great song that came out of Chace Greene’s #KCWednesdays series. If you have not been keeping up with the weekly Wednesday series I suggest you follow Chace on twitter and get caught up. Check out the video below and feel free to let us know your thoughts.

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New Music: Chace Greene- Top Down

Chace Greene has been on a consistent grind recently. What else should we expect when the Miami artist named his most recent project Consistency Kills. Well he’s been sticking with that theme as he delivered the fifth installment of his #CKWednesdays releases. This week he drops a song called “Top Down” which seems pretty self explanitory. He delivers on this track his cool raspy voice style about being able to ride in the convertible whip over Wiz Khalifa’s  “California” produced by Cardo. Allow joint is on a beat that is super mellow and he rides the beat like a 73 Caprice on Washington Ave in the summer he makes sure to bring the lyrics. Check out the song below and if you haven’t heard the other 4  #CKWednesday joints before this one do yourself a favor and catch up.

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Freestyle Friday: FloKid- Midnight Marauder

A while back we posted the track “Midnight Marauder” that North Miami Beach’s prodigy, FloKid, did over the song by Logic of the same name. Today he has graced us with a visual that is as smooth as the delivery he used on the track. He truly shows of Miami as you see him cruising the city which he calls home. Along with that he stands in the street kicking lyrics to the camera like a ninja in a strapback and rocksmith sweats. The video was a great representation of the subject matter of a young man that’s representing where he’s from while working his way to put his mother in a better position. Check it out below.

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New Music: 1Known- Faith


1Known of Homestead (South Miami, FL) is starting off the year with his new single “Faith”. This is a deep joint with a great message. The messages “Keep the faith” and “At least I pray” are chanted on the chorus. He’s goes into the head of most starving artists as he speaks on graduating college and struggling to stay avoid water financially. His talk of bars on working double shifts and hating the holiday is something most retail workers can find relatable. The beat which was produced by Pasteezy is dark and melodic at the same time.

The first verse is from a woman’s perspective and her struggling with with her current work situation. She wonders if she has to start to strip to get ahead in life. Both characters the female in verse one and the male in verse manage to say that they’re alright when asked how they are even they’re battling the thoughts in their heads. That’s something that most of us do on the regular. This is a great joint that may be able to lift your spirits when you’re not at your best. I actually want to thank 1Known because it has helped me a lot as I’ve recovering from my last medical incident. Check it out below and if you like it leave a comment.

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Art Morera- Loud (Official Music Video)

Art Morera has been pretty busy over the past few months. In December, he dropped 12:01 Visual EP, days before Beyonce dropped hers with the same concept but with her LP. However, Morera did not stop there, he followed up 12:01 with his first LP entitled Around Midnight where you can purchased at iTUNES. Now Art Morera has delivered the first visual from Around Midnight and it’s for the song “Loud”. The visual mimics the vocals perfectly and fits the chilled smoker vibe that is set in the track. The song was already a stoned masterpiece produced by Mr. Nixon yet Kimber Vasquez, NikkiSiixx and YoungWildPanda perfected that with the video that resulted from it. Take a look at the video and if you haven’t already purchase Around Midnight, your ears will thank you. 

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New Music: J NICS- All Week/The Clean Up Man

All WeekJ NICS, one of Miami’s top artists currently, is back with a track produced by the most sought after producer in Miami, The Pyrvmids to bring us “All Week/The Clean Up Man”. This is the first single off of The Pyrvmids upcoming project “BlackAmericanDream” which will be released on March 1st. The beat on this joint is almost nostalgic and puts you in a dream like daze as you hear J Nics rapping about what his schedule consist of all week. As I’ve stated to multiple posts I’m a movie buff and listening to the first half of this song reminded me of House Party 2, when kid went to see the Dean and time seemed to be moving at a turtle-like pace. The reason for this started to make sense to me when J Nics mentioned “Xans”, xanax is a drug that is known as a downer because it makes things seem slower when used for recreational purposes. That led into “The Clean Up Man” which has that same feel of “All Week” but slowed down to feel like if one is on an everlasting fall. I’m not sure if that’s what J NICS and The Pyrvmids were going for when they created this dope track but if it was it’s genius to a point that is mind blowing in a sense. Everyone check out this great song below and stay on the look out for “BlackAmericanDream”as well as J NICS debut studio album “ZULU”. Also I would like to give a special shoutout to another Miami native, UncleLuc for the artwork.

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New Music: Stide Prince- Reasons

SPMiami’s own Stide Prince dropped off his single “Reasons” from his mixtape Journey To 100,000 Fans. He speaks on the reason why he believes he’s the best rapper in Dade county, why he works so hard, why he left school and a lot more. The production which was done by Robbie Anthemis smooth track. The chorus has melodic vocals singing as Prince catches your attention with a chorus that encourages listeners to enjoy themselves while listening to the song. He spoke on a subject that happens a lot in Miami, senseless murder. He did so my saying “It’s a reason my whole block done turned up, then ignant ass niggas with them choppas showed up”. Stide even spoke on missing the songstress Aaliyah and how listening listening to slow songs allowed him to realize he was missing a young lady. Check out the song below and download it you’re digging his style.

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