GAMER TIME: Mad Max by @SpiegelDFE (Episode 2)

Mad_Max_2015_video_game_cover_artWe’re back with the second episode of GAMER TIME! This time Spiegz reviews the new MAD MAX! We get to see exclusive gameplay by Spiegz. Check it out and see whether or not it’s a good buy for you. Even though its based off a movie series, it doesn’t really feel like a movie game. Spiegz even comments on the fighting style used. Stay tuned for more reviews! Follow him on Twitter @SpiegelDFE and make sure to hit the site for all your entertainment news.

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Videogames: E3 2014 – Microsoft Xbox Announcements

Tuning in today for Microsoft’s presentation on upcoming releases for the XBOX ONE at E3 2014. Even though I personally don’t own an xbox but I do understand the excitement to find out what’s coming up on your counsel. Here were a few announcements I felt were the ones to mention to my readers. ¬†They are Assassin’s Creed UNITY, LIMBO 2 -INSIDE, Tom Clancy’s THE DIVISION, and The Witcher 3 WILD HUNT.

Assassin’s Creed UNITY – Wow what a crazy mind frame to have to really go far in this whole Assassin’s lifestyle. Check out how they were able to get in the fortes and take over. Click link to get a climpse of what we just witnessed live on SPIKETV. CLICK LINK


INSIDE: The creators of LIMBO have created a new game that still has that sense of the game characteristics but its in a new dimension, some more colors, and it still has that eerie scenes. I just love the scenery and the story. You can tell the world around him has been manipulated by some type of government reinforcement. Looks like he’s trying to escape this madness. Will you be able to escape? Video Clip CLICK HERE

TOM CLANCY’S THE DIVISION: It’s been years since we’ve been infected by an epidemic that was released on BLACK FRIDAY. Crazy graphics never got into Tom Clancy war games usually a Call of Duty girl myself. But just love the action, weapons, way to view weapons, and your team mate is a woman! Exhilarating! VIDEO CLIP CLICK HERE


THE WITCHER 3- WILD HUNT: Never heard of this game before but it really won me over. Considering their by part three, the graphics are intense, the way you’re able to track your prey/victim, you’re on the search to find someone before someone else does. Would you be able to catch the beasts? or get to her before they do? VIDEO CLIP CLICK HERE