[AUDIO] Midwest Producer Anson Remixes Mike Posner – I Took A Pill in Ibzia

21 year old producer Anson was inspired by Mike Posner and he’s own remix and brought us I TOOK A PILL IN IBZIA. As soon as Anson heard @conormaynard cover to this, he knew he needed to add some tropical vibes to it. I’ve heard this track over and over, probably about 15 times. And I really like the vibes and the overall production is effortless. Shout out to Anson for this dope remix and his love for making software and eating bagels. Make sure you follow Anson on his Twitter Account @AnsonLongSeabra!


Audio: Twenty-three32 – Ease Up

[NASHVILLE, TN] Upcoming artists Young Kloud and #TheRebirth, both combining forces and creating American hip-hop group Twenty-three32. They’ve been working together since 2013. United by being cousins that are both inspired by music. Creating a unique sound of the South and Midwest. According to Twenty-three32 “They believe that no flavor of hiphop is better than the other, because hiphop should be a creation of many different flavors. They differ only in style.” Their track EASE UP, is the latest in their archives. Conscious rap lyrics over production by idbeatz x Damien Launay. Be on the look out for more content from Twenty-three32.


New Music: Cas Metah – A Stone’s Throw (feat. Shabazz the Disciple & Hell Razah)

Sometimes it’s alright to go back to the basics and forget all the neon hype of some modern iterations of hip hop. With “A Stone’s Throw” Cas Metah brings it back to the cold cement floor where rap music was forged and once flourished. Pulling no punches, Cas and his accompaniment speak on the poverty trap and the proverbial carousel of addiction experienced by the marginalized population of the impoverished across the nation. All three artists make it clear that the needle leads to two places: dead or in jail.

This single separates itself from the pack not only through a culturally aware and pointed social commentary, but also from the professional quality and polish the project possesses. Cas enlists the cavalry of two heavyweight artists to help bring the message of “A Stone’s Throw” home. It’s a testament to his talent and potential that he stands eye to eye and holds his own with legends like Hell Razah and Shabazz the Disciple. With this single as another solid brick in a growing foundation, Cas Metah can look to the future with confidence in his craft and another fan in this blogger.


Download: Sincerely Yours featuring Neak & Slot-A, “Truly Understand Me”

Truly Understand Me

While musical unity seems apparent in various areas of the country, I must say I am growing to appreciate a movement that’s forming in the midwest. Chicago and its surrounding areas are buzzing with extremely dope artists and seldom do these folks get the shine they most definitely deserve. Just the other day, I tweeted my dudes Neak and Slot-A telling them that I really liked a new record they sent me. But there was a new voice, that I didn’t recognize. Allow me to introduce Sincerely Yours.

Hailing from Oak Park, IL, Sincerely Yours dropped off this crazy statement track featuring my aforementioned dynamic homie duo, Neak and Slot-A. Neak rocks the hook then laces us with the first verse, setting the tone of the story. Sincerely Yours, takes it to the next level, then Slot-A, who also produced the track, comes in with the finale. They simply hope to be truly understood. I’m sure we all feel like that sometimes.

Turn the volume up, and let this ring off. Warning, immediate two stepping may take place.

Want more where this came from? Head on over to our good friends at DJBooth.net to download Sincerely Yours’ latest effort, the self-titled, Sincerely Yours.

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