[Minneapolis, Minnesota] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, C.M.J. brings us his latest music video A LIFE. This is actually the thirteen and final visual off C.M.J. CM COOL J Album. C.M.J. was set on a goal in completing the long set of video releases for every song on his album. The concept of the track A LIFE according to C.M.J. “its a contemplative track that explores what makes a life worth living and the internal struggles that can come with one’s day-to-day existence.” I really like the simplicity of the video and what really entertained me was the visuals created by EJ Films. Make sure you take a look at the rest of Christopher Michaels Jensen visuals and make sure you follow him on his social media links below:



Music Video: Lenerd – Chasing Clouds

[VIRGINIA-MINNESOTA] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, Lenerd presents us with his latest music video CHASING CLOUDS. When growing up, Lenerd lived in a house with low income and only strived to be ambitious with life. Listening to heavy metal and rock constantly he found a route through hip-hop to truly express himself. In college he would freestyle in cyphers before and after class. After getting locked up for three months for drug distribution he wanted to start putting his story on paper.
CHASING CLOUDS is the first single from Lenerd’s recent album Pictures for the Blind, You can tell Lenerd gets extremely personal on the record, in which he reflects on his past. In the visual you can see Lenerd is having troubles going to sleep, it seems like his mind wants to make moves even when he feels tired. The hook is extremely catchy and the video is trippy.

Lenerd just got off his first country-wide tour with Cam Meekins, and is now back in the studio working on his third album Happiness is Broke. With all the newly-gained fans Lenerd is about to drop his new single off the album She Feel in Love with a Stoner, featuring Mod Sun and Cam Meekins. The album is expected to drop SUMMER 2016. Be in the loop by following him on Twitter at @Len2erd

Music Video: Don Rodgers – Flight School

Check out the latest visuals from Minnesota artists Don Rodgers with FLIGHT SCHOOL. Currently Don Rodgers relocated to Miami, Florida. FLIGHT SCHOOL is off of Don Rodgers’ debut mixtape called BCDR – (The Becoming of Don Rodgers). The video wasn’t too much.. it fit right with Don Rodgers vibe. Laid-back and story-telling. It literally feels like Don is speaking to the listener through the video/music. With different backgrounds, with a main overlay with different scenes of Don on a balcony, or in a room. Besides the visuals, production by Krazy Phresh, nailed it too! If you like what you hear and see. You should definitely take a look at Don Rodgers’ social media outlets for his latest updates. Especially, don’t forget to download BCDR via Datpiff. The 14-dope track mixtape, hosted by DJ Sylent (Ace Hood’s official tour DJ) and presented by Valholla Entertainment.

Directed by @Valholla
Location @BleuOdin Studios