An emcee born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland and currently resides in Orlando, FL. We have a rap artist by the name of A.C.T, making his solo debut mixtape appearance with STAGE 4 on NikkiSiixx.com. He already carryies four solo mixtapes under his belt. A.C.T is also a part of Hip-Hop Group The Innovators. A.C.T has been working on STAGE 4 since late 2014, and we’re glad it’s finally out. He brings a look into a life when trying to graduate school and dealing with several hurdles that he needed to go over. Touches on challenges like developing himself as an artist, school issues, challenges with finding a job, relationships with women, getting a deeper understanding of God, fighting against the temptation of sexual lust and so much more.

STAGE 4 provides a mix of 90’s boom-bap and modern trap music. Gives a refreshing feel to the new and old. Somewhat like paying tribute. A.C.T is constantly working on creating music that everyone can relate to. With my mixtape review, I’ll be breaking down my favorite tracks. And the ones I find to really be stand out songs. My favorite tracks off of STAGE 4 are Intro, Loving It, Two Step, Chillin, Mic Flow, and Beauty And The Swamp.

[INTRO] Besides it being an actually introduction to A.C.T, he gives you a few facts about him. A.C.T daydreams about when he’ll bless Sway In The Morning with a dope freestyle. I thought this was a unique way to start the mixtape. Begins with great vibes and sure it will continue.

[LOVING IT] Bringing back those old school 90’s hip-hop vibes with this one. A.C.T emphasizes all the tough times he went through that helped him to really appreciate the good things in life. On this track we have the sultry songstress Jazzette making her vocals known throughout it.

screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-4-26-03-pm[TWO STEP] A.C.T embraces his confidence. Through his flow, lyrics, and story-telling. When he’s out with the boys and someone catches his attention. No matter the situation he still gets what he’s after. This track also features Innovator member Dez The Navigator.

[CHILLIN] Love the production on this song! Smooth and hard-hitting. Reminds me of cyphers back at Catalyst. You got to nod your head to this one. A.C.T’s flow is captivating, really stays strong and has BARS!

[MIC FLOW] You can tell A.C.T has a sense of humor, you can tell by the way he starts this track with a skit. What STAGE 4 really persist of are good vibes and enlighten lyrics. This track also features Cam Johnson on the second verse. So say if this was a battle, I would prefer A.C.T’s verse on this track.

[BEAUTY AND THE SWAMP] What a pleasant surprise! On this track, A.C.T has femcee Nikki G coming in with the first verse. I love her flow-etry. And with A.C.T’s tone in the second verse makes him sound like a beast. If you pick up on his wordplay, it’s hella witty. Great chemistry between the two, hope to hear more collars in the near future.

This concludes my mixtape review on A.C.T latest mixtape STAGE 4. Don’t think it was only six tracks that made the cut, there were couple other tracks that caught my attention. Especially, his track called How I Feel Part 2. Overall great vibes, revisiting 90’s boom-bap and modern hip-hop flows. A.C.T definitely presents promise with his lyrics and with his music you can relate too. Stay in the loop for more content from A.C.T by staying connected with his social media.

“First of all Big ups to God for being everything I need in my life. If it was not for him, I would not be here and I would not be able to make the music that he has blessed me to do. I would to send a special thank you to Rob Beatz for recording all of Stage 4 for me. I appreciate it big time!!!! Big ups to my producer Dez the Navigator, the best producer in the world all up in your DM’s lol. Big ups to, my engineer Pjizzle a.k.a Peej on the boardz. Shoutout to MagicxBeats, JBird, Mr. Troy and Tyrezz for all producing tracks for the mixtape as well. Big ups to all of those who were featured on the mixtape. Jazette, Dez the Navigator, Juwan, Nikki G, Cam Johnson, Chin and Christian Gray. Shoutout to my music group The Innovators. Shoutout to my alma-mater Bethune-Cookman University! Big ups to my hometown Baltimore a.k.a Charm City. I never thought I would reach the day I could say that I have a 4th mixtape of material that God has blessed me with to spread love to the world with. Much love to all my family and friends that have been rocking off with me all these years. Remember this if nothing else. Be all that God wants you to be and let no one stop you!!! R.I.P to my friends/classmates Charisma Bush and Korryn Gaines. City 4 ever!



[EP REVIEW]: J Roy Champion – Hawaiian $hirt$ & Work

[BOSTON] Making his third appearance on NikkiSiixx.com, after his releases like his singles “Hawaiian $hirt$” & “Ashes”. This time we take a look at J Roy Champion’s Hawaiian $hirt$ & Work Mixtape. But here’s a little bit more on the Boston Artist. Growing up with family who embraced music from Blues, Reggae, Classic R&B, and even Hip-Hop. (Thanks to his Father, who was a DJ for years prior to his birth, and there after). This gave J Roy Champion an advantage of learning about music at an early age. Don’t think J Roy Champion is a new comer when already having released eight solo mixtapes to date, his focus now is on his own brand, starting fresh, and redefining himself as a fan of Hip-Hop Culture and being a creator of Hip-Hop music.

Now we have he’s latest mixtape Hawaiian $hirt$ & Work, the six track project definitely provides insightful lyrics over promising production. I’ll be reviewing my favorite tracks off the project. And they are Nazareth, Witne$$, Hawaiian Shirt$, A$hes, and Never.

[01] NAZARETH From the production to an actual visual to J Roy Champion single, I really find this track to be very powerful. “I’m God Like On My Fight To Nazareth” its like nothing can stop him on his journey to making it to the top.

[03] WITNE$$ Keeping his family close, working hard like a hustler but keeping his mind clean with the Lord on his side. Knowing who’s on his side there no doubts on J Roy Champion side. Also, the hook is extremely catchy! How can you not like this track?

template-2panel revised [Converted][04] HAWAIIAN SHIRT$ – By 2:29 there’s a switch up and I really like the approach to that snippet. It literally felt like I was jamming to another track. HAWAIIAN SHIRTS was produced by Hona Castello and co-produced by Savilion.

[05] A$HES – A$HES, features six of Boston’s Finest Emcees: J Roy Champion, Intl Show, Ken Casanova, Exec The Bright, DaGirl IzReal, and Kenny Klutch. A$HES presents us with a classic 90’s hip-hop beat which was produced by Savilion. By having all this talent on the track definitely provides a cypher theme going on. Its pretty dope he still embodies the concept after getting inspired when he discovered the underground scene through a cypher.

[06] NEVER Ends it a bit slow but still leaves you with a punch in the face. Giving you a descriptive story that it’s hard not to visualize it. J Roy Champion is a great story-teller and found a perfect flow for this type of production, produced by International Show.

Hawaiian Shirts & Work is now available for purchase at all digital retail outlets like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Rhapsody, and Google Play. Mixed and Mastered by Intl Show at SOE Studios Written and Arranged by J Roy Champion (BMI). Be on the lookout for more content from Boston’s own J Roy Champion by following him on all his social media outlets below and this concludes my review on his EP.



[DOWNLOAD] Tox – Reach For The Stars 2 (Mixtape)

Live from the state of New Jersey, Rapper Tox comes through with his latest mixtape “Reach For The Stars 2” and it’s good. For 11 tracks Tox holds it down on the mic on his own with very little features. On this project, he talks about his dreams to play in the NFL and how he was led to the music industry instead. The mixtape is mostly full of smooth tracks and melodic hooks. Make sure you follow Tox on Twitter.


[DOWNLOAD] MeRCY – Featured Presentation

The iLLustrious music recording artist, MeRCY, drops off his latest “Featured Presentation.”  The album is full of guest appearances by Nature, Planet Asia, Skyzoo, Dave East, Havoc of Mobb Deep, and Sean Price just to name a few. “Featured Presentation” should keep his fans satisfied while we await the release of his new studio album this summer. This 10 track project is solid with the very first song “Charisma” being one of the stand outs. Make sure you follow MeRCY on Twitter.


[Audio] FBMDIBLLL – Mango Dumb

Check out this new project from FBMDIBLLL (Fresh Breakfast Muk Dipped in Butter, Lookin Like Light) titled Mango Dumb. This project was  created with new school flows and a lot of Fresh’s personality. He fits right in with this wave of new generation Hip-Hop. This project definitely resembles a kid having fun with music. Make sure you follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (@MondoMuk)


[MUSIC VIDEO] Reuben X – Get Right

[TULSA, OK] Reuben X makes his return to NikkiSiixx.com after his singe Refuse 2 Lose, we expected to see more content coming soon from the aspiring hip-hop artist. And we did, this time bringing us his latest visual GET RIGHT. You can find this single off of Reuben X’s latest mixtape Reuben X Files. Reuben X get’s real on GET RIGHT, real quick letting you know the fallouts in trying to make it in the music industry. People you thought you were cool with, will no longer have your back once they get something that they want. Be careful in tall grass, you never know where the snakes can strike.

Reuben X Backstory:
“Reuben has been through a lot of adversity in his life like homelessness, living months without lights, serious injuries, losing relationships – and things like that – which have allowed him to appreciate overcoming those tragedies to be triumphant. Drive, heart, and a down to earth – relatable – aura is what Reuben X delivers in his music. He has a polished stage presence and a determination that will surely see him reach all his goals.”



[Project Review] Samurai Shin VS Xia-Dawn

samurai shin vs xia-dawn comic artWhat a way to bring together hip-hop and comics with what Co-creator/Executive Producer Mikel.M from Toronto Canada and Producer/Artist Xia-Dawn from Miami, FL did on their collaborative mixtape called SAMURAI SHIN VS XIA-DAWN. When you get your free download of Samurai Shin VS Xia-Dawn you get two new comic strips from “Samurai Shin” Episode 1 Web Comic Book. The mixtape also features from P.Soul, Kuro Silence, Mikel.M, Tripstyle, AJB4 & Voice Over Actor “LeQan Bennett”. Music inspired by comics and anime, my favorite elements to combine on a project.

Samurai Shin is inspired from two anime shows like Samurai Champloo and Afro Samurai, with main characters Amir and Keith. Mikel.M will be writing out the comic and talented artist Ivan Earl Aguilar from the Philippines will be working on the art. With Xia-Dawn being a fan of anime and hip-hop he couldn’t miss out the opportunity to work on this project.

The seven track mixtape brings us some instrumentals and some dope tracks. With my review, I’ll be going over which ones are my favorites. They are: Brand New Day, Combat, Samurai Shin, All Flows Reach Out, and I Be That.

samurai shin vs xia dawn [BRAND NEW DAY] This track really captured my attention, reason why because if I was a lyricist or femcee I would of taken this beat and make a hit with it. Xia-Dawn executed the beat perfectly.

[COMBAT] I find this instrumental to be so motivating. It also reminds me of a Quentin Tarantino film. Seriously! You can’t tell me no. And a bit of Mortal Kombat inspiration with those “fight” and “finish him” being said throughout the track.

[SAMURAI SHIN] I really like how grimy/street style with this track, it even sounds like we’re in a cypher with Tripstyle. His flow is classic. Definitely represents the essence of 90’s hip-hop.

[ALL FLOWS REACH OUT (A.F.R.O)] To put into words how I feel about this track, it’s what I liked to call “groovy, baby”. I love the smooth vibes produced by Kuro Silence. This instrumental brings a lot of positive energy. I’ll definitely play this at a party for sure.

[I BE THAT (SAMURAI)] AJB4 takes Samurai Shin’s story to life with his track that hits topic from the comic. You gotta be careful who you’re messing with cause they can easily take your life especially if they’re a Samurai.

samurai shin vs xia dawn 3This concludes my project review on Samurai Shin VS Xia-Dawn. The 7 track mixtape really provides a fun time while still embracing hip-hop and anime. While listening to the project look at the comic strips provided. You can feel this music really coming out from the sketches. Love the art of music and in the arts.

Samurai Shin Comic Book + Soundtrack Coming Real Soon
Samurai Shin Social Media Outlets: FACEBOOKTWITTERTUMBLR

Xia-Dawn Social Media Outlets: TWITTER || INSTAGRAM || SOUNDCLOUD ||


Download: Ashley Bank$ – The Queen Is King

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 12.46.04 PM[WEST COAST] Ashley Bank$ is a force to be reckoned with. Femcee and Lyricist inspired by old school influencers such as Ice Cube, DJ Quick, and The Dogg Pound. Ashley Bank$ releases her debut mixtape The Queen Is King. Growing up in LA during its Gang Era gave Ashley Bank$ a tough persona that is respected from jump. A Bachelor’s Degree graduate mixed with her street creditability. She’s currently working on becoming the first female rapper to represent the West Coast on a national level. Ashley’s diverse background and life experiences make a true representation of the Hip-Hop scene. Does Ashley Bank$ have what it takes to take the throne? The Queen Is King mixtape is filled with club bangers, raw underground, new age, and old school sounds without missing a beat. Playful lyrics and heavy metaphors when the occasion calls for it. The title represents what Ashley Bank$ is trying to bring to the music industry,” The Queen is King“. Women in general aren’t given enough credit for what they achieve so she’s trying to make it known that women are the backbone for a lot of success and her goal for females as people, and especially hip-hop artist to be seen as equals or being the best. My favorite tracks off the project our Leave Me Lonely, Don’t Do Me, Get It How I Get It, Wavy, Bang Out, and Pole Dreams. For more updates with Ashley Bank$ follow her via her social media networks.



Download: Brenton – The One Who Knocks Mixtape

brenton im cool photo[MIAMI, FLORIDA] Hip-Hop Artist Brenton recently released his official mixtape release for “The One Who Knocks“. The fifteen track mixtape is inspired by Oddisee, 9th Wonder, The Alchemist and others, as well as original production from J57, PCP Beatz and Elite Producers. And how about Breaking Bad? Right at the beginning in The One Who Knocks Intro you hear Walter White telling his wife Skylar that he’s danger and throughout the mixtape you hear snippets from the show. For this track: KNOCK IT OFF featuring Kris Kasanova on the track and amazing production by J57 from Brown Bag Allstars. Really diggin’ this slow 90’s style to KNOCK IT OFF. Boom-bap heads out there can vibe out to this. Brenton takes the first verse as Kris Kasanova closes it off with the second. Some of my favorite tracks we’re: I’M COOL (Inspired By 9th Wonder), FEELIN IT (Inspired By Jay-Z), LET THE BEAT DROP featuring Phil The Thrill (Inspired By Xaphoon Jones), and THE L-O-V-E Song (Inspired By Oddisee). This Brooklyn Native shows his roots by choosing tracks inspired by artist from that state. Don’t forget to download THE ONE WHO KNOCKS by Brenton and follow him on social media.



Download: ZackyChan – Good Times Mixtape

[GEORGIA] ZackyChan returns on NikkiSiixx with his Good Times Mixtape. ZackyChan image During the pass eight months ZackyChan has been compiling tracks he wrote and recorded. Bringing together an overall sound like chill summer vibes with a dash of lyrics. For only being nine tracks the mixtape provides quality entertainment. Especially if we’re kicking it back outside in a BBQ and enjoying the summer time. Favorite tracks off the Good Times Mixtape are Be Okay, Good Times, Mr. Big Stuff, Truth, and Stand By Me. Artist Fact: ZackyChan’s beverage of choice is Dr.Pepper, always.


Download: Izztheunknown – 1995 Mixtape

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 2.37.23 PM

IzztheUnknown is a young artist that invokes the Golden-Age of Hip-Hop with his music. He embraces the year 1995, which is basically the introduction to his mixtape and his year of birth. Seems like he gained some type of ancestral spirits from artists like the Lords of the Underground, Public Enemy, EPMD, and GZA. His style sounds like the streets of 1990s New York. Which he sounds great over these tracks, IzztheUnknown raps over nine instrumentals from 1995 artists such as Wu-tang, Eazy E, Bone Thugs and more. My favorite tracks off 1995 are 1] Once Upon A Time 2] Ride To It 5] Back In A Dazeee & 6] No Competition. Diggin’ his flows? Get your exclusive download of 1995 Click Here. & don’t forget to follow him on his social media WEBSITETWITTERSOUNDCLOUDINSTAGRAM


Event Recap: In The Trenches – Nipsey Hussle’s Crenshaw Pop Up Shop at 8and9 The Showroom

8&9 Clothing hosts LA’s own Nipsey Hussle Meet x Greet and Pop-Up Shop at their Miami Showroom. Nipsey, who was in town for a performance at The Stage, dropped by the Miami Streetwear brand’s location to meet with fans and provide some of his Crenshaw merchandise which was available to purchase. Right after, Nipsey hits The Stage Miami, to perform new cuts from his mixtape, “Mailbox Money” and other hits from his Marathon series with guest appearances by Coby Supreme and BH. Check it out. #8and9Life – @8and9.

Shot By @YoungWildPanda x Assistant Camera CBread

“Mailbox Money” is available now on iTunes

Download: A Fly Guy – #MachineGunRap Mixtape

If you’re not familiar with Miami based MC/DJ A Fly Guy, it’s about time you did. Fly Guy has DJ at Liv on Sunday/Story/Room Service/Grand Central/Blackbird Ordinary and a few other spots. He has always been an MC but things escalated, after finishing a tour rapping alongside Wu-Tang Clan in 2008. DJ Fly Guy moved to Miami where he shifted his focus onto spinning. Also he competed on VH1 Master Of The Mix Competition show. JasonPushLife_LIV_02022014_JPP_0023 Back in February, A Fly Guy decided to get back to his MC roots and released his first mixtape after 4 years after his debut album Georgetown. Bringing it back to Machine Gun Rap Mixtape, it’s an overall great listen. I enjoyed vibin out with A Fly Guy. Over instrumentals and on original beats. Don’t forget to download the mixtape via SOUNDCLOUD.


Download: The Slip Records Presents Slip Sh!t Vol 3


The Slip Records: Dallas, TX based indie record label with an array of talented young artists, capable of appealing to all types of Hip Hop heads. The label was started by two well-respected Dallas rappers, Supreme and JClay with the intention of building a team of talent that was focused, driven, and marketable to a vast audience

Slip Sh!t Vol 3 consists of 19 high-quality tracks with appearances by 17 artists and 4 DJ’s. Each release is made available for free download and the label prints 10,000 copies to be given away for free as well! What a great way to promote the artist they represent. Giving away 10,000 units to the public is a great idea to deliver it to the masses. The project is filled with trap/club vibe tracks. Below is a track called MY TEAM featuring Swateezy and Supreme. I felt the track stands out on its own. If you’re diggin’ this track don’t forget to download The Slip Records Slip Sh!t Vol 3! Stay tuned for VOL 4 in the near future.

01] 500 We Deep – Lil Won, D.A.Y, Supreme
02] She A Phreak – Lil Won, D.A.Y, Swateezy
03] My Youngins – Apollo, Swateezy, KJ
04] From The Bottom – Gizzle Badazz
05] Bros Before Hoes – KJ, Lil Won, Swateezy
06] Testify – KJ, Lil Won, Nucky Breaux Jr
07] My Team – Swateezy, Supreme
08] I Don’t – Swateezy, Supreme
09] I Can’t Even Lie – Dawg Life
10] On Some – Swateezy, Apollo, D.A.Y
11] All I Do Is Flex – Swateezy, 1st
12] Sport Fly – Dawg Life
13] It Ain’t My Money – Nucky Breaux Jr, Swateezy, Apollo
14] Done Son – 1st
15] HAM – Taylor D, Ms Diamond Diva, Lil Won
16] Grind That – 1st
17] Relaxin’ – Lil Won
18] Budget Bussin – JClay, Gizzle Badazz
19] Finessin’ – Deysean, Swateezy, Lique, DJ B-Flex


Mixtape: BLKSUNCHILD – Hii On The Lows

blksunLet me be clear about one thing from the start, this mixtape has been brewing for some time now and the results couldn’t be finer. BLKSUNCHILD has been taking his time to grow as an artist and as a human, percolating into something wholesome and resonate. “Hii On The Lows” casts a broad net of vibes and influences. He uses his platform to express frustration, speak on love and life in the city, and make statements of his own drive and determination. Quality abounds.

In this blogger’s opinion, BLKSUNCHILD is an example of the dynamic ability of man to cultivate and develop talent and skill. Man is not static, man has the ability to change and adapt and grow in the direction of his choosing. BLKSUNCHILD is proof of this given ability. In the time that I’ve been aware of his music, about a year now, he has grown in leaps and bounds. Each release and snippet is a milestone of development; each new verse a testament to the depth of the artist. The main ingredients of the very complete “Hii On The Lows” are time and experience plus a few shakes of soul. I strongly advise you to catch the free download before you have to pay to play. BLKSUNCHILD is rising the springtime sun.

LINKS: Twittercuzimblk.com

Mixtape Review: XALI – The American House Slave


XALI (ZA-LI) is a hip-hop artist that was born in the Bronx and now resides in Ft.Lauderdale. As a member of IMC and front man of the SoFlo movement; along with South Florida artist VON, they share a common goal: To make their mark on hip-hop. Through this transition, XALI’s goal is to shed light through hip-hop using knowledge, experiences and the untold truth hidden in the world. Influenced by his passion for poetry, the transition to hip-hop became effortless to him; Therefore making it his number one priority.

His music is a form of art though stories of pain, love, unfortunate experiences and life inspirations. Xali releases his first official mixtape The American House Slave. This project is definitely worth the listen. This mixtape contains twenty-one tracks, which they all provide you with a story, rhythm, and dopeness. Throughout this review, I will discuss my six favorite tracks off The American House Slave. Here we go: (Don’t forget to press play while you read! Enjoy the music)

[100.GRAMS] Xali is letting them know that he is going to be different. He demonstrates this through his flow. How? Because of his word play, the truth behind his lyrics, and his demeanor on the beat. Love that boom-bap production that actually presents itself throughout the entire mixtape. You can tell Xali is inspired with 90’s hip-hop through his vibe. Which I can’t complain cause it’s definitely a nice refreshing change compared to what the current state of hip-hop sounds like.

[SUPREME] This guy is crazy when it comes to his flow. His presence on this beat is ridiculous! You can bob your head to this one. The production on this track is strong and has a sense of darkness. “See the prophet. Pictures of american profit. Lock ya pockets. Opt for a higher option… Half of my mind is gone from the drug abuse ..Smoking addiction to calm my nerves. I’m a troubled youth… Blessed with the diction to rape with words. Imma fxck the booth.

[2BLUNTS] For the track 2Blunts, Xali was able to create a visual for it. But before we get to the video let’s talk about this song. Besides the production being on point, (Shoutout to Napsthelionman). Xali takes us through a session with his boys. Smoking out and chilling out. Really like the solo, black and white shots. Pretty dope intro with the smoke creeping up into the title name. You can definitely vibe out to this one. & don’t forget to watch the visual as well.


[MARIJUANA.TIMES] I swear this track has that fun sense to it. Xali goes all out on this one. Expressing the way he feels about Marijuana and what he does with it. You get that 90’s boom-bap with a vibe of summertime. Xali states “Resurrection of the hippies”…if you’re apart of the movement, then we’re all joining forces! Definitely a fun track. Had this on repeat x25. Love the charisma on the track. Who can’t relate?

Marijuana times,
Marijuana times,
1 blunt with 4 dimes,
For my marijuana mind,
I’m searching…

[KICK.BACK] This track has that street edge to it, dark but dope. Xali is dropping knowledge. Definitely liking the hook.

Q: NIKKISIIXX: What inspired you to write Kick Back?
A: XALI: The song reminds me of some Wu-tang. Methon Man and Redman type vibe.The entry is strictly based on me describing myself in the first four bars..then transitioning to dropping knowledge while keeping the boom-bap alive.

Check out his third verse!
I’m talking when its cold and all the bitch nigas fly south /
And darkness pull you deep .
Who gone climb out
See nigas pull they shrine out/
Praising they time out .
The type spirit make you shake till your dollars and dimes out /
Empty ya mind out /
one God we trust .
Slay youth for da pesos .
pray to jesus’ for your pay flow //
Nigas will sacrafice their soul before they say no
To money thats a day old
From blood drawn under tables . /
And if they do . Know they living in a fxckin fable .
Sometimes a bitch niga isn’t able /

[THE.RIGHT1] Xali expresses himself through song about a tragic loss he had. On December 11, 2012 Xali lost his father to Cancer. So unfortunate to loose someone dear to you and especially under the circumstances of disease. Throughout the song I felt Xali was talking and expressing himself things to his father on THE.RIGHT1.

If you missed out on Xali’s Release Party for The American House Slave check out the video below for a short recap of the best moments from the party.

Xali describes his personal life experiences to express his views towards the hip-hop culture. The American House Slave mixtape focuses on the struggle of the middle and lower class. The concept is captured through his lyrics and presents that our culture is mentally enslaved and the people consider it home: America.

Stay tuned for any future updates from Xali by following his links below! Also, Xali will be performing at MIAJAMFEST 02/07/2014 at The Stage Miami. View more details via NIKKISIIXX.COM.


New Music: The Cool Quest – God (Mixtape)


The Cool Quest is on a search for just that, the cool, and so much more. A young emcee out of Brooklyn, Cool Quest is coming correct with his third full offering in the form of ‘God’. Never short on confidence, Cool has long claimed his stake alongside the modern heads of hip-hop through his always-entertaining Twitter. ‘God’ does a lot to bring some credibility to that statement. Don’t even take this blogger’s word for it; do yourself a favor and check out the tape. Even if the rhymes don’t stick, The Cool Quest makes it easy to find a silver lining in his production prowess and sample selection.


Although the rapper has aspirations of grandeur and the swagger to follow, he still has room to grow. On some tracks he seems to struggle to define his voice and is still developing flow schemes. That being said, his intelligence comes crashing through in waves and his rhymes have shades that are distinctly New York. The combination of influences helps paint this project with a broad brush of influences. West coast vibes laced with New York braggadocio and a voice that lies somewhere in between. Sometimes the missing ingredient is only time.

There’s a theme throughout ‘God’, and you need to make sure you catch on. The Cool Quest borrows from the best with his sampling and production, and puts in work to stand toe to toe with the classics. Cool takes the recognizable and respectable songs from some modern heads and manipulates them to leave his distinct fingerprint. He’s long claimed his place next to the critically acclaimed, and he makes it apparent that’s no joke with his words and styles. It takes a bold man to stand beside a mixtape titled ‘God’ and The Cool Quest might be the next to make the ascension.


On a mixtape laced with quality tracks, there are a few that really stood out as a cut above the rest. “Dalai Lama” has the juice, the swag, the soul, whatever you want to call it. The Chance sample was perfectly on point and the flow was golden from start to finish. “Top of the Hill” and “Mother” came from a place of pain. Cool speaks with wisdom and understanding beyond his years and uses his ‘broken home blues’ to leave his listeners with an open letter to his upbringing. “Uptown Freestyle” is another lyrical banger and “Good Lookin” puts his words on par with the best out now. From start to finish, ‘God’ is a solid, solid offering. If a you can make it off a mixtape, then someone look towards The Cool Quest for the next up. An artist that deserves more spin, respect where its due.


Download: Kaso – Back To The Future Lost in Time Mixtape

Back to future

Indy C.T. Hip-Hop Artist Kaso released his mixtape Back To The Future – Lost in Time. via Datpiff. I find the sixteen track project was a great introduction to Kaso, The Artist. First time listening and I gotta say “very dope!” Production is on point and Kaso’s presence on the mixtape stays strong through the entire journey back to the future.

My favorite tracks off Back To The Future – Lost in Time are Blunt Ride (Produced By Talen Ted), TimeLess (Produced By Talen Ted), Swiss Percission (Produced By AdoTheGod), Gotta Hustle (Produced By AdotheGod), Isolation (Produced By AndreOnBeat), Request Line (Produced By Talen Ted), Favorite Girl (Produced By RmbJustize), and Momentum Shift (Produced By AndreOnBeat).

The concept of the project places Kaso in his car after the repair shop and noticed something was different on his radio, upon twisting the dial into which he thought would adjust the stations on his newly acquired “Satellite radio system” he was launched into a journey through sound and time. This concept portrays perfectly through the mixtape.

My goal for Back To The Future – Lost in Time mixtape was to use music to give an experience similar to on felt at a movie screening, through suspense, sadness, happiness and many other feelings on the spectrum of emotion. -KASO

LINKS: TWITTER – Email: Kaso_ct@yahoo.com