Mixtape Review: Caddy Pack – GOOD

As Caddy Pack makes her debut on NikkiSiixx with her visual to her lead single KANYE, I bring you an exclusive review on her GOOD Mixtape. The twelve track project presents us with different styles to Caddy Packs rhymes. She has the capability to rap fast and on beat. Caddy Pack’s GOOD Mixtape also has features from Waka Flocka Flame, Mello Charmillz, and Young KB. Caddy Pack has impeccable punchlines, that she presents her self with an innovative style to her flows. Caddy Pack should be considered a gem since its rare to find a female artist in her parts of the world. She is always opened to new ideas, especially when it comes to working with music producers from a different range of genres. Caddy Pack is able to write her own rhymes and you might even catch her singing a hook or two. My favorite tracks off the GOOD Mixtape are I Bet She Go, Money In My Pocket, Hustle Grind, Cookies and Bass, and KAYNE.

caddy-pack-websiteI BET SHE GO This track continues off the GOOD Intro. Caddy Pack brings that club-crunk vibe along side Atlanta Artist Waka Flocka Flame. She rips it with her fast rhymes while giving us something to bump to.

MONEY IN MY POCKET Is such a fun song! Caddy Pack goes in what she does with the money in her pocket. “IF I LIKE IT. THEN I ROCK IT. I GOT MONEY IN MY POCKET“..its super catchy. I even like how Caddy Pack adds the aggressive growl/roar to the hook. Who wouldn’t want to use their money on things that they want.

HUSTLE GRIND Caddy Pack was able to engage the trap sound that HUSTLE GRIND brings to the table. Also, on the track is with Switzerland Artist Mello Charmillz. I think they both should make more music together. I really like how the song came out as a whole.

COOKIES AND BASS Caddy Pack experiments in the world of EDM with the production that brings us some electronic sounds and some heavy bass. The electronic sounds remind me of an old arcade game sounds (8bit). Caddy Pack takes a witty approach with what she has to say. You can find the visual to this video on her youtube channel: CADDY PACK.

KAYNE represents the person you want to be, someone whose successful and truly believes in themselves. The Beat was produced by Tuny Chris and the video was directed by Marco Giglio. For the track KANYE, I find the hook to be very catchy! This song makes you feel unstoppable. This song is meant for the ones who are confident and are ready to take over the world. Watch now the music video for KAYNE via NikkiSiixx.

00 - Caddy_Pack_Waka_Flocka_Flame_Mello_Charmillz_Yo-back-large

Surprisingly, Caddy Pack is only 4’9 Tall but she can fill a room with her energy. Which will leave a fascination with the audience. She gets hundreds of people to call and response to her and her songs even though many hear them for the first time. Until now she has had shows over all Germany and is ready for her international breakthrough. Be on the lookout, I’ll be doing an interview with Caddy Pack soon. And don’t forget to follow her on all her social media links.


Mixtape Review: Noah – Progressive Mindstate



Noah is an upcoming hip-hop artist from Austin, Texas. While growing up he wished for better days. During middle school Noah decided to pick up a pen and embrace his craft of being able to write rhymes. During this phrase Noah is influence by many artists such as Tupac, Biggie, Nas, Bone Thugs, and Chamillionaire. Getting ready to step foot in the music scene Noah decided to join a hip-hop group but after a few attempts its destined to be for Noah that he stands best on his own when it comes to his music. Noah even bought his own studio equipment and began the process to his first debut mixtape Progressive Mindstate. For the fifteen track mixtape Noah was able to demonstrate his lyricism and presence on it. I will go over a review on six of my favorite tracks off Progressive Mindstate.

[01] INTRO: It starts off softly “Don’t fuck with me, Don’t fuck with me” then Noah goes in on his verse. His flow and presence are clear and persistent. “…But y’all know the name of the tape it’s all about progression, left that bitch in the past, learned a valuable lesson” I really like he was able to bring the concept of his project in that line.

[03] REMEMBER MY NAME: I feel that Noah is having fun on this track, that was produced by ALLROUNDA. Taking his listeners on a trip through his mind state. How he would handle situations related to striving for the best. Even though he might not have that BLING he’ll still shine on! That’s a really dope concept considering now a days, more people are materialistic (being obsessed over material things) but with that positive perspective of still shining without the ‘bling’. Shows how life can be better just being that way.

[07] DEEPER: What I really like about this track that it features a sample from Barry White’s song Deeper. Really provides a soulful essence to it. Definitely, a track meant for the ladies. Noah describes that moment between him and that special lady. The passions they share and the love they have can make a half an hour feel like eternity.

_mg_0082_jpg-1Progressive Mindstate represents perseverance. Ultimately I feel music should inspire and be a reflection of life. To remind who ever is listening that their human like everyone else and have their share of ups and downs and my music does just that.

Check out this video Noah took during a promo run at SXSW 2014! Pretty dope Noah was able to have his physical cd’s at local shops and interact with music lovers and other artists along the way.

NIKKISIIXX: Are we expecting any visuals for the Progressive Mindstate? If so, which tracks are we expected to see come to life?
NOAH: As of right now I’m still working on that, it’ll probably be in the distant future if anything.

[10] LORD KNOWS: During the process of creating a song you need to find that “topic” or inspiration that can generate a relevant concept for the listener. LORD KNOWS definitely gives you that experience of trying to get that perfect topic. From listening to other known rappers, should I be rapping about things (ex: Wale on his fly shit, Kanye with his diamonds). But instead rapping about things like that. Noah goes in on his hard work ethnic and believes that he’ll be able to accomplish his dreams becoming a successful artist.

Lord Knows recognition is something I really do strive for,
so its them late nights just letting my pen go,
to work and believe me brother results will show,
that these other artists aint fucking with my flow,
sorry girl right now I cant give the time that ya need,
just know that all of this hard work that you see me putting out,
believe gone get me out,
them hard times and into the life that I dream about.

NIKKISIIXX: In the track ‘Lord Knows’ you stated you’re working into accomplishing you’re dreams. What are your dreams exactly?
NOAH: To see my family comfortable. To become an established artist and use that as a stepping stone to venture out into other things such as clothing line, club owner etc.

[13] LOCKED N GONE: This track goes out to anyone who was either incarcerated in jail or will be. Noah expresses how he would never want to experience a life behind bars. This song leaves the specific listener in a positive state of mind. Especially, if they’re leaving from jail/prison soon. Really like the hook on this one:
“For Anybody That Is Or Ever Locked Up And Gone, Stay Strong, Counting The Days Till You Come Home, You Better Know The Bottles Poppin’, Cause Believe Me It’s On”.

[15] STORY BEING TOLD: Noah shows off his storytelling skills with this one. The visuals he puts in your head is intense. You wouldn’t want to experience the things that are mentioned. When greed interferes with your work ethnic you start to make decision for all the wrong seasons. Check out how the story escalates… but you gotta listen for yourself.

NIKKISIIXX: Any upcoming projects in the works?
NOAH: Within a few months me and another artist young haze will release a collar mixtape entitled “Great Minds Think Alike” to follow up our individual projects. Also, I plan on getting some shirts made for the clothing line in the next few months.

This concludes my mixtape review of Noah’s Progressive Mindstate. If you’re diggin’ the tape as much as I am you must definitely click on the cover art above to get you’re free download via datpiff.com. & don’t forget to follow him on his social media outlets to get future updates on Noah’s journey.


Mixtape Review: XALI – The American House Slave


XALI (ZA-LI) is a hip-hop artist that was born in the Bronx and now resides in Ft.Lauderdale. As a member of IMC and front man of the SoFlo movement; along with South Florida artist VON, they share a common goal: To make their mark on hip-hop. Through this transition, XALI’s goal is to shed light through hip-hop using knowledge, experiences and the untold truth hidden in the world. Influenced by his passion for poetry, the transition to hip-hop became effortless to him; Therefore making it his number one priority.

His music is a form of art though stories of pain, love, unfortunate experiences and life inspirations. Xali releases his first official mixtape The American House Slave. This project is definitely worth the listen. This mixtape contains twenty-one tracks, which they all provide you with a story, rhythm, and dopeness. Throughout this review, I will discuss my six favorite tracks off The American House Slave. Here we go: (Don’t forget to press play while you read! Enjoy the music)

[100.GRAMS] Xali is letting them know that he is going to be different. He demonstrates this through his flow. How? Because of his word play, the truth behind his lyrics, and his demeanor on the beat. Love that boom-bap production that actually presents itself throughout the entire mixtape. You can tell Xali is inspired with 90’s hip-hop through his vibe. Which I can’t complain cause it’s definitely a nice refreshing change compared to what the current state of hip-hop sounds like.

[SUPREME] This guy is crazy when it comes to his flow. His presence on this beat is ridiculous! You can bob your head to this one. The production on this track is strong and has a sense of darkness. “See the prophet. Pictures of american profit. Lock ya pockets. Opt for a higher option… Half of my mind is gone from the drug abuse ..Smoking addiction to calm my nerves. I’m a troubled youth… Blessed with the diction to rape with words. Imma fxck the booth.

[2BLUNTS] For the track 2Blunts, Xali was able to create a visual for it. But before we get to the video let’s talk about this song. Besides the production being on point, (Shoutout to Napsthelionman). Xali takes us through a session with his boys. Smoking out and chilling out. Really like the solo, black and white shots. Pretty dope intro with the smoke creeping up into the title name. You can definitely vibe out to this one. & don’t forget to watch the visual as well.


[MARIJUANA.TIMES] I swear this track has that fun sense to it. Xali goes all out on this one. Expressing the way he feels about Marijuana and what he does with it. You get that 90’s boom-bap with a vibe of summertime. Xali states “Resurrection of the hippies”…if you’re apart of the movement, then we’re all joining forces! Definitely a fun track. Had this on repeat x25. Love the charisma on the track. Who can’t relate?

Marijuana times,
Marijuana times,
1 blunt with 4 dimes,
For my marijuana mind,
I’m searching…

[KICK.BACK] This track has that street edge to it, dark but dope. Xali is dropping knowledge. Definitely liking the hook.

Q: NIKKISIIXX: What inspired you to write Kick Back?
A: XALI: The song reminds me of some Wu-tang. Methon Man and Redman type vibe.The entry is strictly based on me describing myself in the first four bars..then transitioning to dropping knowledge while keeping the boom-bap alive.

Check out his third verse!
I’m talking when its cold and all the bitch nigas fly south /
And darkness pull you deep .
Who gone climb out
See nigas pull they shrine out/
Praising they time out .
The type spirit make you shake till your dollars and dimes out /
Empty ya mind out /
one God we trust .
Slay youth for da pesos .
pray to jesus’ for your pay flow //
Nigas will sacrafice their soul before they say no
To money thats a day old
From blood drawn under tables . /
And if they do . Know they living in a fxckin fable .
Sometimes a bitch niga isn’t able /

[THE.RIGHT1] Xali expresses himself through song about a tragic loss he had. On December 11, 2012 Xali lost his father to Cancer. So unfortunate to loose someone dear to you and especially under the circumstances of disease. Throughout the song I felt Xali was talking and expressing himself things to his father on THE.RIGHT1.

If you missed out on Xali’s Release Party for The American House Slave check out the video below for a short recap of the best moments from the party.

Xali describes his personal life experiences to express his views towards the hip-hop culture. The American House Slave mixtape focuses on the struggle of the middle and lower class. The concept is captured through his lyrics and presents that our culture is mentally enslaved and the people consider it home: America.

Stay tuned for any future updates from Xali by following his links below! Also, Xali will be performing at MIAJAMFEST 02/07/2014 at The Stage Miami. View more details via NIKKISIIXX.COM.


Mixtape Review: ATM – Friday At The Currency Exchange

Photo Front
ATM is an artist representing Chicago to the fullest. He is set to release his upcoming mixtape Friday At The Currency Exchange. The date is still un-announced but NikkiSiixx brings you an exclusive listen.

Besides reviewing the album, I took a look into ATM’s bio, and I gotta say is wow! ATM has been through so much growing up “As a toddler he lived homeless with his mother and younger sister for a short period of time. He was medically diagnosed with severe epilepsy, which proved to be too much for his teenage mother to cope with financially and mentally. He was then taken in by his father and step-mother with whom he lived with sporadically till he was 18“. I can imagine how much perseverance ATM has working towards his mixtape. ATM has been given the opportunity to perform in various cities alongside such artist as; Big K.r.i.t., Dizzy Wright, Joey Bada$$, Smoke Dza, Chevy woods, Future, Curren$y, Redman, and Method Man.

Friday At The Currency Exchange has collaborations with producers and artist such as; Sen Beatz, Illiad, Gotti Meers, Dimes, Dev Tha Producer, Instrumental Einstein, Lexiii Banks, Joey Blanco, Trealthy Sounds, EdubleCup, Don DiestrO, C.Willis, Naps The Lionman, and BrandUn Deshay. Project full of talent. Through this exclusive review on Friday At The Currency Exchange, I wanted to share with you my favorite tracks off the mixtape.

[x] TRACK TWO: Yesterday’s Sativa featuring Fiend & Valery Jeanette (Produced By Joey Blanco)

I instantly knew what beat this was. ATM spits over LL Cool J’s ‘Hey Lover’ joint. ATM anxiously awaits when is his turn to take over and get noticed. He feels that he won’t be able to provide for his family since he can barely provide for himself. All he wants to do is concentrate on his dream. Featuring Valery Jeanette on the chorus and Fiend on the third verse. Love Valery’s voice, fits perfectly with the song. Fiend’s deep toned definitely gave some backbone to the vibe. This song was a nice switch up from the original.

[x] TRACK SEVEN: Playa of the Year (Produced By Sen Beatz)

This track screams hip-hop! Love the production from Sen Beatz. Gives that 90’s hip-hop vibe. ATM gives a toast for the Playa of The Year. Have you ever felt like you’re unstoppable because how you feel? If you feel, look, sense greatness. This song is for you. Especially, if you’re apart of the fly high club.

[x] TRACK EIGHT: I’m Coming Home featuring Blk Soldier, Kenwood, Jae Ali, Rob Metaphor, Kellay, Lungz, and Chuck Li (Produced By Dev The Producer)

This track is intense! Besides being eleven minutes long and featuring eight artists I’M COMING HOME is a huge cypher on Dev The Producer’s beat. I think everyone on the track did an amazing job. When you listen to this track you hear the diversity between each others flows. It’s not like someone sounds like someone else.

[x] TRACK TWELVE: Forbidden Affair (Produced By Dimes)

Forbidden Affair is the one that no one really wants. Being the one interfering with someone else’s relationship. Even though you have strong feelings for each other, it’s not real. Being put to the side because she is caught up with her man. ATM is making his choice ending the affair because he feels that it’s just not right.

[x] TRACK FOURTEEN: We MOB featuring Michael Dejanein (Produced By llliad)

With this track, even though it’s almost at the end of the mixtape still felt like an introduction. ATM features Michael Dejanein on We MOB. Living like a mobster, you need a mob wife to fit for that mob life. I like ATM’s confidence and delivery on this one. The production on We MOB is precise, production by llliad. Very dope track.

[x] TRACK FIFTEEN: Last One featuring Kallay and Rasta Kelley (Produced By BrandUn DeShay)

Keeping this track for last, LAST ONE is an amazing track. It starts off silent with ATM doing some spoken word, then the beat sneaks in and goes into a fun/rastafarian vibe. The production is on point! Great track for the smokers. This one is a track to light up and enjoy the positive vibes.

This conclude my mixtape review on ATM’s Friday At The Currency Exchange. Hope you’re feeling the project as much as I am. #PS The first single off this mixtape will be Track Two Yesterday’s Sativa. Want to know when it drops? Follow ATM through his social media outlets to get it first.