Starving Artist Suggestions No.1: Please Stop Seeking The Advice of Profits

Dear Starving Artist,

Please stop listening to the digital distribution sites and musicians’ blogs that try to convince you that it makes sense to “keep all of your rights” or “keep more of your percentage” of revenue. It is a marketing ploy.

Because while you are not only keeping more of your “percentage of revenue”, you’re also keeping more of the percentage of the tasks and burdens that are inherent to the process of growing a business – and undervaluing or underestimating the time and monetary costs of these types of burdens is an action that can stifle your business and your career in a long-term and/or terminal way.

You’ll never see a McDonald’s franchise owner working the register so that she can “keep more of her percentage” of profits. Keeping 100% of ten sales is not a better proposition than keeping 10% of a hundred sales. “Going it alone” is a surefire way to stagnate your progress. Money will come and money will go. Now is not the time to concentrate on your profits; now is the time to concentrate on growing your business. You can pay a team’s salary, but you can’t buy teamwork.images-1

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Upcoming Event: 9/4 – Free Lunch Open Mic at Nugbrand Clothing Co

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 12.07.55 AM

listen up.
Clear your calendar. WE’VE GOT PLANS.

The creators of Homeroom are thrilled to introduce Free Lunch, a pop-up showcase for creators and creatives alike.

We’re taking over NugBrand Clothing Co.’s Miami flagship location.

Poets, Emcees, Musicians, YOU.

Come one, come all. Pull up, kick the fly shit.

Note: We’re not your dim lit coffee house, incense burning, finger snapping meetup. What we ARE is a canvas for expression. All artforms and brushstrokes welcome.

For the complete rundown on how to sign-up to perform, visit our blog.
When: September 4th at 9:00pm
Where: Nugbrand Clothing Co 2324 North Miami Avenue , Miami, FL 33127

free lunch miami

Upcoming Event: 05.07 – [Open Mic Alert] TheMicXchange at Grand Central

#TheMicXchange Monthly Open Mic for Lyricists, Poets, Singers, & Musicians

MAY 7TH We’re featuring Miami’s local songstress Amber Monique !!!
Ladies & Gents, if you’re born in the month of May you’re in FREE b4 9pm!!!!!

697 N Miami Ave, Miami, Florida 33150

Doors Open at 8pm
General Admission $5 b4 9pm $10 after
Hosted By Mimi RoundtheWay
Sounds By DJ Bre

For Bottle Reservations + General Information (218) 789 – 1569