Music Video: Serum & Manifesto – Saviors Arrival

SAVIORS ARRIVAL was brought to you by Serum & Manifesto. A boom bap duo representing South Florida hip-hop to the fullest. Bringing us another video from their album The S&M Project: Hott Waxx. Directed by Mupalia Pictures.

Serum & Manifesto are playing two undercover reporters trying to infiltrate a secret society to expose them of the evils that they are trying to release to the world. The video gets intense! The more they get closer to finding out the truth, times running out. Will they be able to discover the evils or just be erased?


Video: Nastie News #1

Nassie Shahoulian shows us his rendition on the late night news for MeatWeed Media. The brief news cast is staged on a setup that consists of Nintendo Game System, Boombox, Old Desktop Computers, Clocks, and so many other unique things. Nastie reports 125 year old woman’s resolution to long life, Pepsi has accounts against Mountain Dew, and Death Print is going to premiere their feature Indie Film at O Cinema (Feb 11).