Music Video: Gill Graff – I Hate You

Check out the latest visual off of Gill Graff’s Let Me Fail project with his single I HATE YOU. This track was produced by Taku. The video takes us to the point of no return when a relationship turns sour. The I HATE YOU track expresses feelings when it come to couples breaking up. At the beginning we see the girlfriend confront Gill regarding his phone. Leading them into an argument that gave Gill a chance to escape the relationship since he felt it was done before it was over. Gill Graff packs up his things and moves out of her apartment. Amazing visuals, brought to you by the NavasBrothers. Looking out the balcony to a beautiful pink skyline. But the end left me wondering? Will she be okay?

You were the only one ..
Little did I know you had just begun
Discovered a new you … I thought I knew you.. you gave me a new view. – Gill Graff