Recording Artist Fat Pimp Signs Multi-Year Recording Deal With California Based Dirty Water Music

Fat Pimp Signs[DALLAS, TEXAS] Fat Pimp has signed a multi-year recording deal with California based Dirty Water Music. One of the few independent artist to be blessed with a three week stint on the Billboard hip hop charts, multiple times. Fat Pimp released his latest single Hurt They Feelings earlier this year which quickly found its way to MTV Jams. Warner Bros missed out the opportunity back in 2008 when they had a chance to sign Fat Pimp. Looking towards new horizons, Fat Pimp and his management team went to Dallas, Texas to start the new endeavor with Dirty Water Music. Congratulations to Fat Pimp from the staff at NikkiSiixx.com and we can’t wait to hear your new content. But in the meantime, for our listeners to get a proper introduction we have Fat Pimp’s latest project HURT THEY FEELINGS.

“I’ve been through so many labels dropping me or simply not believing in me. All the years of making Billboard hits and working so hard, it feels good to have CKB Entertainment and Dirty Water believe in me to see my vision. Now its time to go platinum and sell out these arenas,” Fat Pimp stated after sealing the deal.



New Music: Awkword – Headlines

Activist. Sociologist. Gonzo Journalist, Rapper AWKWORD world premieres his single HEADLINES on HIPHOPDX. HEADLINES was also produced by Beyonce’s “7/11” (OG) Bobby Johnson. Very dope collaboration between the two. AWKWORD takes us on a look back on what he’s done in 2014. From selling his album, getting compensated for a track such as DEEP SEA for The Ocean Project, and being an active protestor. I really like AWKWORD’s flow and tone to his lyrics. By the end it leaves us to wonder will AWKWORD have something in store for 2015? We’ll just have to be on the look out for that. Don’t forget to follow his social media links to get updated on what’s going on with AWKWORD: TWITTERFACEBOOKINSTAGRAMYOUTUBE

NEWS: NikkiSiixx.com #CISPABLACKOUT April 22nd

cispablackout ad
NikkiSiixx.com joins the #CISPABLACKOUT this Monday, April 22nd. I will not post, tweet, share, update, or read. I feel like my absence for a day can show that without us there’s no internet. But if you do need to use the internet support the cause and tweet #CISPABLACKOUT.

Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (or CISPA) is making its way through Congress, and it’s passed a House vote this past Thursday. Unlike SOPA, the failed legislative attempt last year to halt online piracy, large tech companies are supporting the efforts to get CISPA passed. At one time, Facebook and Microsoft had signed on to support CISPA, but now they are reportedly backing away. I don’t support the CISPA and it will effect on fourth amendment rights. The amendment reads:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

If you don’t remember we needed to do this at the beginning of the year and SOPA WEB STRIKE ON JAN 18. Luckily our efforts did put a stop to SOPA but it found it’s way through the CISPA.

“As it stands, CISPA is dangerously vague, and should not allow for any expansion of government powers through a series of poorly worded definitions. If the drafters intend to give new powers to the government’s already extensive capacity to examine your private information, they should propose clear and specific language so we can have a real debate,” -The Electronic Frontier Foundation said on its website.

Attention Artists: NETWERK VOL EIGHT Has Slots Available! Deadline: 11.03.12

NETWERK VOL EIGHT has slots available! I’m looking for the best to feature on this exclusive compilation mixtape, that I put together myself. I’ve been bringing you music from local artists from all over the United States. Tracks have been featured on online radio stations, websites, and downloaded from everywhere.

You’re interested in being apart of this collection? Hip-Hop Artist please follow below details to know how you can be apart of NETWERK VOL EIGHT

Send To: siixxnikki[a]gmail.com
Attach: One photo and MP3 SONG MUST BE CLEAN EDIT!
Send me your listings of projects, performances, features, and anything else you will like for me to know. All social media links; website, twitter, facebook, reverbnation, and soundcloud.


BONUS Once the tape is released I will announce 5 of the artist from NETWERK VOL EIGHT, to be apart of an event that will be held in NOVEMBER 2012! Also, those featured artists will have they’re track played on FIU Radio!!
*If your an artist out of town and is chosen for the showcase you will have to fund your own expenses*


Video: Nastie News #1

Nassie Shahoulian shows us his rendition on the late night news for MeatWeed Media. The brief news cast is staged on a setup that consists of Nintendo Game System, Boombox, Old Desktop Computers, Clocks, and so many other unique things. Nastie reports 125 year old woman’s resolution to long life, Pepsi has accounts against Mountain Dew, and Death Print is going to premiere their feature Indie Film at O Cinema (Feb 11).


BREAKING NEWS: Web Goes on Strike! Join NikkiSiixx.com on January 18th!

On January 18, 2012 there is going to be an all-out strike on the internet. Websites across the internet (including http://www.nikkisiixx.com) are going dark in protest of the internet censorship bills in Congress, SOPA and PIPA. This means on January 18th I will not view any emails, NO INTERNET, NO TWITTER, NO FACEBOOK, & NO POSTING FROM ME! I am making my point across that we need to show these websites and government that we are serious about STOPPING SOPA!

If you want a recap of SOPA is, please view these past post: LETS START A RIOT! RIAA & MPAA SCAMMED US HERE IS PROOF! & URGENT: FIGHT AGAINST “SOPA” H.R.3261

I’ve been discussing the importance on why we must fight against this, I found out about this bill since November and I haven’t stopped! I WILL NOT STOP!

Some of the biggest sites in the world are participating: Reddit, Mozilla. And some others may join (e.g. a leading micro-blogging platform and a popular collaboratively-written encyclopedia), but they need a nudge. If we can get them to join this will be EPIC.


If you’re going to join the fight PLEASE COMMENT BELOW & TELL ME!




EVERYBODY!! Do you understand what this means? If SOPA is passed the internet will be censored. But not just the internet it’s all of us! This is happening. This is not a joke.

Artist! If you use samples in your tracks or freestyle over someone else’s beat, you will be fined millions of dollars and jail time because of copyright infringement. The way you got these beats where downloaded from sources like BitTorrent, Kazaa, LimeWire, and so many other programs that the supporters who want SOPA to be passed are the ones who provided the programs in the first place.

The intent of all these companies is to show you how they want to fuck us over! If we never had access to these programs (file transferring) we would have never downloaded are favorite tracks, movies, and anything that was promoted to us by THEM!

There has already been lawsuits against teens, single mothers, and anyone that has downloaded content. No matter who you are they will get there money one way or the other.

We must spread the word and get this out to everyone! If this law passes I’m sorry to say this but it does not look good. I’m scared to admit it! That’s why you see me post, promote, and do as much as I can to spread the word and pray that this does not pass.


The way you can help fight this is to go to American Censorship


Urgent: Fight Against “SOPA” H.R.3261

URGENT! You guys need to wake up, ASAP! If we don’t act now, they’re will be restrictions on our freedom of speech on the world wide web!

Watch the video below to get a better understanding of what “SOPA” H.R.3261 means and what could happen if the bill does get passed!

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

This can mean huge issues for us bloggers that promote music, movies, and anything else thats related to the entertainment business. If we don’t spread the word to other Internet users (which should be everyone you know) the limitations that we’ll have would take the benefit of doing everything and anything you want on it. We won’t be able to progress and we need to expand!

I’m fighting the cause by posting the STOP CENSORSHIP Banner, Supporting and Promoting, and writing this post to anything I can do to help. Because if no one does anything, we can NOT revoke the bill if it’s already passed! The sites we go on daily could be blocked, removed, and the ability to write to anyone anything you want will be carefully monitored by the government due to they’re trying to Protect your “IP Address”. After watching the video above it states that still after getting the SOPA Bill passed if you know the websites IP Address you can still view the site. Isn’t that contradicting itself? How can you have this bill to help protect IPs when they’ll still be accessible by someone else.

WTF!! What are YOU going to do?!

“To everyone who wrote their rep, made calls, posted to Twitter and Facebooks — and especially to everyone who ran the modal and blacked out their logos, you are courageous and you made history yesterday. You just took the first step to combine the web’s largest sites, its strongest communities, its staunchest defenders and billions of users into and unbeatable force for stopping censorship” – Homes Wilson
Fight for the Future AmericanCensorship.org

If we don’t act now our future generations will have NO voice!