[UPCOMING EVENT] May 13th – RNBAE Showcase Takes Over Miami for One Night with Love & Heartbreak

The current state of The R&B scene in South Florida is little to none, but thats going to change on May 13th. RNBAE Showcase sponsored by @Crisdacat and @Miz_gabz96. What an amazing ideal to bring back R&B. They have a really special night dedicated to lovers and ones dealing with heartbreak. You don’t want to miss this! Make sure you come through and support Miami’s R&B Scene! I’ll be there and ready to network!

LOCATION: 3326 N Miami Ave
(In Midtown across from the shopping center with Target, Lime, Homegoods etc)

SHOW: 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM

PARKING: There is free parking available as there is space (Lot behind the venue)

THEME: Love / Heartbreak
COLORS: Purple

Caleb Kai
Eyme XY
Aleicia Nicole


DJ DreamBillz

ABA Jewels
ACC Miami (Finessing)
Original Lavish

The Kangie

Mieux Magazine
Citrus Rap
OhRawkC Show
CViddy TV
Nikki Siixx
Rap HQ
Lola Chel / Creativ Mag
The Foul Hundreds
Yes Julz! Agency
New Times Broward

ART ENTERTAINMENT: Kangie is providing a “color by number” art piece for everyone at the event to enjoy. This is an interactive art piece allowing guests to color on the display and we will take a photos in front of it as well.

FLYER CREATED BY: @thatboysp


Download: C.Pitt featuring Rapsody- Simple Things



Here’s some super cool dopeness for you. North Carolina representative, C. Pitt teams up with Rapsody of the 9th Wonder led, JAMLA Records for this ultra smooth jam, reflecting on the Simple Things life has to offer. Produced by Tr4ck, the melodic track flows smoother than still waters.  Rapsody leads with rhymes, then C. Pitt takes us on home with no breaks, hooks, or bridges. It’s just rap. See, Simple Things. Personally, I live for nostalgic hip-hop such as this. This jam comes to us courtesy of C. Pitt’s latest effort, aptly titled  The Pitt Stop. Check it.


You can download The Pitt Stop right HERE.

Connect with C.Pitt: Facebook | Youtube | Follow @C_Pitt on Twitter

Soarse Spoken: Starve The Hunger (Mixtape)


Monday is here again and we are very happy to feature one of Miami’s own, Soarse Spoken. After a rather lengthy hiatus, Soarse is back in a major way with a pretty major tape. Lacing us with a very fresh, yet nostalgic feel, Starve The Hunger proves to be more than just an indie mixtape. It’s a statement. Teaming up with DJ Sharpsound for production, this seventeen track offering gives you a nice variety of the partying, art basels and the grind of life in general.

Joining Soarse Spoken on Starve The Hunger are:  Homeboy Sandman, Fat Tony, Philly DJ, Jasmine Solano, Bernz & Wrekonize from ¡Mayday!, J. NICS, Dynas and more.

One of my favorite tracks is the title track which features Fat Tony, Homeboy Sandman and Punch3nello. Starve the Hunger definitely has jams on deck. Another stand out track is, Thieves In The Room. Featuring ¡Mayday!, this track gives room for the storytelling emcees to trade bars about their aspirations and ambitions.

“A lot of people choose security over their passions, but I didn’t want to make that choice anymore,” said Soarse Spoken. “I wanted to make the choice of being creative and pursue my dreams. I don’t see any other option for me.” – Soarse Spoken

Equipped with storied bars, boombap inspired productions and a couple skits in which I found entertaining, and down right hilarious at times. I would definitely deem Starve The Hunger worthy of iPod rotation. Keep it locked right here for more music from Soarse Spoken.

Download Starve The Hunger for free: www.soarsespoken.com

Connect with Soarse Spoken: @SoarseSpoken on Twitter | Tumblr | Facebook