Audio: Josh Arthur – Psalm 151

What’s great, Audio Junkies?

Today’s Audio Fix comes courtesy of The Arven Group’s Josh Arthur, with “Psalm 151”; a gritty, tongue-in-cheek testimony-slash-apppeal to the man above for clemency from the daily trials and tribulations of existence.

Preceded by hip-hop producer Penacho’s airy pads and theremin-inspired lead synth, Arthur wastes no time – foregoing any introductions and diving immediately into a fervent plea to “the man upstairs”.

Over rapid-fire hi-hats, a darting snare and seering kick drum, the artist’s vocal stylings toggle between a weary and restless appeal for leniency to a manic and aggressive petition for power, as Arthur makes the obfuscatory sermon that is to be expected from a hymn bearing the title “Psalm 151”:

“You know the best version of me; can I have that? Oh please, oh please – can I be what you want me to be? Can I dream what you want me to dream? Can I see what you want me to see?”

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 12.23.07 PMWithout use of profanity or much reference to violence or criminality, Josh Arthur’s almost stream of consciousness poetry is at times hard to decipher – is this is a plea for redemption or a request for favor amongst the other contestants on the battlefield? This duality delivers a soliloquy that on one hand resembles a church-pew testimony and on another is eerily reminiscent of every street hustler’s late night prayer for reprieve from the everyday struggle:


“I’m ‘bout that life, I’m ’bout that life, Lord – if it means I can be like you.”

“I don’t wanna do this no mo’. Living this life in slo mo; coming up short like Romo – thought I’d wanna bounce like pogos.”

This track should definitely keep you Audio Junkies wired until the next fix:
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