[RALEIGH, NC] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, we have Gnarley Nick with his latest music video to his single CORRUPTED. Gnarley Nick is an artist who used his troubles in life such as having legal troubles, life of drugs, and seeing in a vision of a progressive world. Here’s where Gnarley Nick lyrics are born. As a kid Nick was inspired by old and underground hip hop artists such as Jedi mind tricks, dead prez, das efx, and tupac but has love for a lot of newer artists especially lil boosie.

At the age of 15 and to this day Nick has been involved in Raleigh’s punk, hardcore and metal scene playing in various punk bands as a teenager and currently playing drums in Sludgey/hardcore band, Shadows. This to me explains why the chorus/hook sounds the way it does, heavy metal inspired yelling. I find it to make it more impactful and making the listener really WAKE UP. The music video was dope, with crisp visuals, storyline, and somewhat of a twist.

Due to the content Gnarley Nick says in his chorus about drugs. You would think he was a drug dealer in the video but once you see the work his moving is actually just his artist merchandise. Gnarley Nick is pushing his movement called “Shadows Life” in which it originated from his worldwide art image BLEAK and to help promote free thought, equality, and do it yourself ethics. Be on the look out for more content from Gnarley Nick by following him on all his social media platforms.



[BEAT ALERT] iLLie Nelsun – Kings

[CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, Producer iLLie Nelson (Originating from Queens, NY) with his beat entitled KINGS. This is actually his first Electronic Hip-Hop beat from his Beat Tape “No More Lights“. iLLie Nelson provides an energizing summer anthem with KINGS.

This beat/vibe is perfect for just listening to it from the gym, your car, the club, your home, a house party. It kinda reminds me of playing Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core on the PSP. That electronic uplifting sound brings me back to the countless hours playing it. This beat is entertaining on its own. Definitely playing this on repeat! You should purchase the full beat tape on iTunes and Listen on Spotify for free!

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[AUDIO] MikeLoveHall – Seasons

[CHARLOTTE, NC] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, MikeLoveHall releases his single SEASONS. Rap/R&B Vibes to this track, it definitely meant for the ladies. Or a man that feels and can relate to MikeLoveHall with the struggles of a relationship as well as the comfort in building one. SEASONS was produced by 4Klassix. Relationships can definitely be a rollercoaster. A bit scary at times, but always fun! Enjoy the ride and be on the lookout for more content from MikeLoveHall.



New Music: Izz The Unknown | Pre – Crash Landing

Izz The Unknown photo[REIDSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA] Izz The Unknown releases his latest track PRE – CRASH LANDING. Izz invokes the Golden Age of Hip-Hop, even though this was before he was born. Izz feels that he crash landed on this Earth as this life form. PRE – CRASH LANDING is the sequel track TIME TRAVEL, which is a blend of spacey gritty flow. The track was produced by MATRIX BEATS and it was mixed by Brandon.McFlight. Here’s an introduction to who he is with cocky punchlines. I like this new sound, what do you guys think about Izz The Unknown PRE – CRASH LANDING?



Music Video: Ron Beatty – Heard About Me

ronbeattyncWe all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort“. -Jesse Owens

[NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA] Quote resembles who Ron Beatty is, a dreamer. Ron Beatty releases visuals for his single HEARD ABOUT ME. This track will be on his forthcoming project, Manifest Destiny. HEARD ABOUT ME reflects Ron Beatty’s view on difficult family issues and pursuing his career as an artist. The visual takes place in mountain range by North Carolina. Just breathtaking scenes, shot by @Nervreck and @scorpioflo_kob1. HEARD ABOUT ME also expresses why hasn’t anyone else heard of Ron Beatty? He has a dope flow, relevant lyrics, and great production choice with @kilodavinci. Be on the look out…



(MC) JUICE prepares to release his most in-depth music project to date. He also speaks about facing 10 years in prison, his father’s death and other recent life-changing events. –HELPMCJUICE.COM

The story behind MC JUICE current status is just a damn shame, considering how unfair the justice system is. But before we get into the topic. Here’s a bit more on Terry Parker, better known by his stage name Juice, is an American freestyle rapper from Chicago, United States. He beat Eminem in the semifinals at Scribble Jam in 1997, and ultimately won the competition. He was regarded in 2004 as one of finest freestyle rappers ever produced by Chicago. Things unfortunately turned for the worse when MC JUICE barely survived a car accident. Which left him with two broken bones in his neck that almost left him paralyze; It even caused him to lose his memory. This made it extremely difficult for him to work and perform to make money. And during this time, MC JUICE’s father got fatally ill with stage 4 Lung Cancer. He’s father understood JUICE’s dream of returning to California and getting back on track. He’s father passed away and left him a modest inheritance which gave him that push he needed to head to California. But during the drive to his destination he was pulled over by police and they confiscated over $20,000. ILLEGAL POSSESSION OF MONEY I can’t believe this. That this is an actual charge. Now Belle and JUICE are both facing 10 years in prison just for having cash. It costs money to win cases, so they’re reaching out on INDIEGOGO. Make you’re donations and help get JUICE the legal representation that he needs to not serve time for a crime he did not commit. They were both charged, so they both need to retain separate lawyers. The irony of it all is that it will take more money to exonerate them than what was actually seized. But at this point, it’s about their freedom that is at stake which is the main issue; not the money they lost.

Get familiar with his freestyle on the Wake Up Show with Sway and King Tech as well as free styling at every performance as part of the act. VIA WICKEDHIPHOP.COM

One of his classic song “Sincerely”:

New Music: Lil Darryl – Mad or Nah

Lil DarrylDarryl Oulai better known as Lil Darryl recently released this track called MAD OR NAH. If you’re not to familiar with this artist, let me give you a bit of a background check. The eighteen year old that was born in Maryland and now resides in North Carolina, has always been in love with music, but at first he feel in love with dance. Then he came to realize he’s true calling was to be an independent rapper. He embraced his love and grew with his style and became very versatile. Any type of beat, Lil Darryl is ready to put his heart into it. MAD OR NAH is definitely a party jam. It’s about doing you and peoples reaction towards that. MAD OR NAH is either you’re hatin or your cool with it. Ride out to this trap beat produced by Kyduh Beatz. Don’t forget to follow Lil Darryl via his social media outlets.


New Music: Pharaoh Takari – Better View

North Carolina’s Pharaoh Takari dropped off his first single “Better View”, from his mixtape A Peer Amid. The track has an old school Isley Brothers feel to it. Pharaoh Takari laces the track with a lyrical slaughter that you can’t help but enjoy. This song is the type of joint that was sound great at a family reunion or a summer pool party. The chorus was pretty catchy while still holding the lyrical content held in the verses. I definitely look forward to seeing a visual for this song. Check it out below and leave feedback on this track.

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Download: C.Pitt featuring Rapsody- Simple Things



Here’s some super cool dopeness for you. North Carolina representative, C. Pitt teams up with Rapsody of the 9th Wonder led, JAMLA Records for this ultra smooth jam, reflecting on the Simple Things life has to offer. Produced by Tr4ck, the melodic track flows smoother than still waters.  Rapsody leads with rhymes, then C. Pitt takes us on home with no breaks, hooks, or bridges. It’s just rap. See, Simple Things. Personally, I live for nostalgic hip-hop such as this. This jam comes to us courtesy of C. Pitt’s latest effort, aptly titled  The Pitt Stop. Check it.


You can download The Pitt Stop right HERE.

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New Music: LG- Early Grind

LG of Raleigh, NC just released his new single “Early Grind”. The production was done by Ostyles, who happens to be in a group with LG called Ill Individuals. The early 1990s influence is heavily present on this song. The melodic approach Ostyles took on the beat gives off a pharcyde-esque feel. LG uses a smooth delivery to get his message across. He got busy lyrically in a way that would seem effortless to the untrained ear. This song took me back to my favorite decade of hip-hop and I look forward to hearing more from LG and his Ill Individuals family.                  

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