[AUDIO] Arkadian – Bounce

[BRONX, NY] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, we have hip-hop artist Arkadian. With his latest single BOUNCE. Bounce is a trap/club track that discusses the different types of things you like to enjoy. According to Arkadian he says “the struggle that you see around the world in the hoods, not just people of color meaning brown, black, tan, he wants people to see THE STRUGGLE because that is what we all got no matter what level we are at in the world we know today as the land of the free”.

Here’s a little bit of history on Arkadian, he had to get major spine surgery due to fighting for our freedom with the U.S. Army. He had to get eight screws and two 4-inch rods in his back & with the time that heís been recovering and watching how the country he fought for is turning upside down. This inspired him to pick up the pen and write down what he truly felt. This helped him reflect on his life, growing up as a soldier, and chilling in his hood while stationed at Fort Bragg N.C and Fort Hamilton NY.

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[BEAT ALERT] iLLie Nelsun – Kings

[CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, Producer iLLie Nelson (Originating from Queens, NY) with his beat entitled KINGS. This is actually his first Electronic Hip-Hop beat from his Beat Tape “No More Lights“. iLLie Nelson provides an energizing summer anthem with KINGS.

This beat/vibe is perfect for just listening to it from the gym, your car, the club, your home, a house party. It kinda reminds me of playing Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core on the PSP. That electronic uplifting sound brings me back to the countless hours playing it. This beat is entertaining on its own. Definitely playing this on repeat! You should purchase the full beat tape on iTunes and Listen on Spotify for free!

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New Music: SEYI – Sippin Tea Ft Matt Patick

61845501[FARMINGDALE, NEW YORK] Inspiring Hip-Hop artist SEYI brings us his latest track called SIPPIN TEA. The track also features fellow Farmingdale State College Student Matt Patick. SIPPIN TEA will be on SEYI next mixtape N>I>B. This track fits well with that summer time, all around good vibes. SIPPIN TEA is a popular reference of Kermit the Frog’s MEME of him sipping tea and looking in the other direction. It says But That’s None Of My Own Business. I feel that inspired the title to this song and also the attitude. SEYI see’s that if you’re not putting in work, his going to work even harder. Sweet beat produced by Amir S, all the way from Canada. Be on the look out for SEYI’s upcoming mixtape N>I>B and don’t forget to follow him on TWITTER.


Download: Cash Sinatra – Nineteen 90 Somethin EP

65682f_163cc31002df4efeabfb76ea2db22f9f.jpg_srb_p_873_582_75_22_0.50_1.20_0[QUEENS, NEW YORK] Cash Sinatra is bringing us that fire with his latest EP titled Nineteen 90 Somethin. For Us 90′ Kids we’re going to really vibe out to this one. Classic Tracks over very familiar R&B instrumentals from the 90’s and re-touched by 2015 flavor. Ranging from Blackstreet, Aaliyah, R.Kelly, and Ghost town DJs. Nineteen 90 Somethin was inspired by his track One In A Million inspired by Aaliyah’s smooth rhythm. Off of his eight track EP my favorite tracks off of the Nineteen 90 Somethin are Doo-Wop, Color Me Lit, IDLY II, One In A Million, Think Of You, and No Diggity. Cash Sinatra has improved tremendously from the last time we featured him in 2011. He sounds more confident on this type of production. Cash has been busy lately, from performing on DJ Envy’s “Follow The Flow” and being apart of The Source Unsigned Hype & Cypher. Also, be on the look out for new visuals off of the Nineteen 90 Somethin EP and don’t forget to follow Cash Sinatra on all his social media accounts.


Music Video: Steve Gunna – L.O.S.T

Steve Gunna is a hip hop artist from the Bronx, NY. He released his own visual to his single L.O.S.T. Even though Gunna can created his own production before, this time he decided to take on a beat by SeriousBeats. Creating a song that is very introspective over a soulful beat. L.O.S.T was taken in one consecutive shot while Steve Gunna is driving around and venting to the passenger (the viewer/listener) about his feelings on the state of hip hop. Expressing through his wittiness, he places a strong emphasis on his lyrical content. The visual is presented to us in black and white, with some of Steve’s lyrics popping up here and there throughout the video. Currently, Steve Gunna is working on newer content to give to his fans. Be on the look out!
Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 3.36.15 PM

[CREDITS] Director & Editor: Steve Gunna || Producer: SeriousBeats


MUSIC VIDEO: Broadway Barrett – In My Blood

This video was sent from NikkiSiixx favorite AWKWORD, and as one would expect from such a heady artist, it does not disappoint. Broadway Barrett has a strictly New York aura and a roughneck style that comes through in spades. The old Neil Young sample sets the tone of a man pursuing his passion. You get the feel that hip hop is this dude’s anchor, his outlet, his sunrise. There is something to be said for the die hard’s, the lifers that are in the game for the passion, for the art, not the likes or props that come with the stigma of being a rapper. Sometimes it really is in your blood. Barrett is technically sound with his flow and he seems to string words and metaphors together with ease. If “In My Blood” is the initial offering from Without Further Adieu, then you should be eager to see what the entire project brings to the table.


New Music: Tamara Bubble – Just Say No

Brooklyn Artist, Model, Entertainer, Songwriter, and Actress Tamara Bubble releases a track off her latest EP “Living It Up“. Tamara Bubble keeps busy with all these attributes for her career. Tamara discusses the pressure of temptation and infidelity. Even if it’s easy or convenient to cheat, Tamara sends a sweet reminder that it’s better to remain faithful. With JUST SAY NO. I really love Tamara’s voice! Dropping melodies and harmonies over the amazing production by @KrazyFigz. Don’t forget to listen to her entire EP Living It Up via iTunes.

Contact: Patrick at Pspell Management 646.730.8691 or bookings@tamarabubble.com


Music Video: The Lost Souls – “Ain’t Worried Bout’ Nun”

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 2.00.56 PMWe have seen a lot of new, experimental New York rappers over the last few years gain national, and even global attention. A handful of Beast Coast artists are making some noise in hip-hop, such as the Pro Era collective, Flatbush Zombies, and The Underachievers. New York may arguably have the most interesting underground music scene right now, other than Chicago of course. You have rappers like Bobby Shmurda and Dillion Cooper, both coming out of New York.

Brooklyn hip-hop group, The Lost Souls have the potential to be next to blow up. These guys ride boom bap sounds effortlessly and typically spit over beats reminiscent of the “good ol’ days” in music. The Lost Souls are simply 90’s kids adding their own flavor to a sound and style that is constantly being innovated.  The set consists of a twins Fresh Costello and BG Fire and their producer NickFRSH. With their latest offering “Ain’t Worried Bout’ Nun” The Lost Souls share their focus and life lessons, all while flexing their lyrical ability and rapid flow. The visual shows the young MCs walking through their neighborhood and wild n’ out with friends.  Check it out below!




Upcoming Event: 05.24 -Graffiti Rap at Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn

May 24th 2014
Live at the Goodbye Blue Monday
1087 Broadway Brooklyn NY
Free Show starts @ 9pm
Independent Artist showcase
Featuring: Mr. IG Chung, Deuce Ellis, C.H.I.L.L, Micheal Moon, Newmoney Wood, Ak Flavigny, and Andrew Holder
Music by: Andrew Holder

Upcoming Event: 02/21 – Graffiti Rap in Brooklyn, NY

February 21st 2014
Live at the Goodbye Blue Monday
1087 Broadway, Brooklyn NY
Free Show Starts at 9pm
Independent Artist Showcase
Featuring: Mic Blaque, Ace Marcano, Newmoneywood, Micheal Moon, Hieroglyph Thesaurus, and Andrew Holder
Music by DJ Skillz
Any more details you can contact Andrew’s FACEBOOK

Upcoming Event: 08/01 95Labs Presents – Summer Sessions at Lit Lounge NY

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Brooklyn based visual/music label 95Labs hosts SUMMER SESSIONS, a multi-genre indie artist showcase and industry mixer. A celebration of 95Labs’ artists and affiliates.

Hip Hop, Indie, Live Music, Visual Projections, FREE Giveaways, and more!

$6 cover
Live performances until 12am … Dance party 12am-until
FREE open vodka bar 12:30am-1am

4FUN Astronauts (w/ Dirty Turk, DJ Laser, Leek, and Mid-Nite)
L.atasha A.Lcindor
Mark U
Que Cee
Shottie & TeV95

TYQUAN SOUNDS and DJ Henry C (w/ special invited guests: Johnny Voltik, Chaz Van Queen, Dom O Briggs, and Rue Brown) TUMBLR

Watercolor (Stonehenge Parnhashnakovsky & Keith Edward) (BK Wildlife)

Artwork by Makeba “KEEBS” Rainey

Tattoos by Badder Israel (4FUN)

DJ Tropic
DJ Tek (all vinyl set)

We will be celebrating the official CD release of TYQUAN SOUNDS – FUCKWHOYOUTRINABE, Stonehenge Parnhashnakovsky – MONOLITH project, sneak previewing music from Shottie’s upcoming album “The Blackest Rose”, and much more.

Jazzy Jah – Anti Freeze Freestyle (Video)

Jazzy Jah has arrived to NikkiSiixx.com with a freestyle visual Anti Freeze. This is his version of the jam originally from the totally dope Pac Div. I’m not really a super fan of freestyles, as they definitely have a shorter shelf life. But this one made me want to turn up, that’s why its here. Jazzy Jah is a Queens,NY native now rocking with the Miami underground scene. We are looking forward to more from the fashionably forward emcee.

New Music: Marvin Dolo – Girlfriend

Marvin Dolo releases his first official single GIRLFRIEND from his upcoming debut EP On My Way dropping in the near future. Also, being apart of the New York City Hip-Hop crew “$tick Up Kids” Marvin definitely has some talent. GIRLFRIEND is a dope track really like Daniel Scenery’s production, it’s a great feeling beat. & Marvin’s take on the track was nice too! Enjoy! Follow him on Twitter for his latest updates @MarvinDolo.

Produced by DanielScenery
Mixed by Michael Ashby


New Music: Just Sincere – Hookah & Happiness

Check out the latest single from Just Sincere Hookah & Happiness. This track definitely rides out smooth. You gotta replay it over and over, I sure did. Hookah & Happiness is Sincere’s single off of his upcoming mixtape FIRST IMPRESSION EP release date still TBA.

I had featured Just Sincere last year (August) when he debuted his mixtape Just Muzik Vol. 1 “The First Chapter” and I can see his progression. Hip-Hop Artist Reppin’ Queens, New York. To catch up more with Just Sincere don’t forget to view his links below.



Videos: The White House Band Performs at Crash Mansion (NY)

Check out a live performance from The White House Band at Crash Mansion in New York back in October. The White House Band consists of 4 members; David E. Beats (leading vocals) Cory Lonas (bass) Fernando Martinez (guitarist) and Elder Merchant (drums). I found this footage and I wanted to share with you the rawness that The White House Band delivers. They’ve created their own genre which is a combination of Rap+Hard Rock+Blues= Ideal! This allows my inner rocker to enjoy some rap lyrics. Would love to watch this band live in Miami!