[BRONX – LOS ANGELES] Making his third appearance on NikkiSiixx.com we got Hip-Hop/Rapper JU$TIN. After we review his EP “JU$TIN Designed That”, and his single “Key 2 Success”, this time I bring you my mixtape review for his latest mixtape $treet ART 2! JU$TIN has always had the love for music and even pursued it at a young age of thirteen. The time spent honing his craft at such a young age, helped JU$TIN develop strong songwriting skills that would come in handy when he eventually became a solo artist. Dreams of rap superstardom didn’t happen as fast as JU$TIN would’ve liked during his teenage years, so music became a part-time hobby since he needed full-time work to help pay the bills and keep the lights on as he got older.

Feeling the pressure of the inner-city life closing in, JU$TIN took a chance and enlisted in the U.S. NAVY for some time. During his time in the service he was able to travel across the globe and gain a newfound appreciation for HipHop culture’s popularity around the world. After leaving the Navy, JU$TIN relocated to Los Angeles to pursue two of his childhood dreams which are Music and Art. And started attending school at Santa Monica College. Working towards his Graphic Design major while taking audio engineering classes to be able to record and mix his own music, and handle the artwork/photography needed to promote it properly.

Now its time to get in on my review for JU$TIN’s latest project. Considering this is his fourth project, JU$TIN definitely shows us improvement with his releases. $treet ART 2 is the second in a series of freestyle projects that JU$TIN does to sharpen his flow and spazzes out lyrically, while paying homage to classic 90’s Hip-Hop instrumentals and showing love to the street artists/Graf writers all over the world. This is the tape for them. $treet Art 2 is about thirty minutes long and builds awareness for his brand and expanding to his fanbase and new fans.

JU$TIN_1For the twelve track mixtape my favorite tracks off of $treet ART 2 are Pain 4 Profit, Key 2 Success, Fresh Denim, Living Proof, Where My Homies, and Adam & EVE. Let’s take a trip down memory lane with the Bronx, NY native as he adds his own creative spin to 90’s NYC classic songs from artists like Wu-Tang Clan, C-N-N, and Fat Joe just to name a few.

[PAIN 4 PROFIT] I feel JU$TIN is really opening up on this track. We find out the struggles he goes through and how he works on trying to overcome them. Dealing with life expenses that you can’t afford, people and their fuckery, and the situations that you have no control when finding out his mother had a lump in her breast. Since he’s flow is a slow paced it makes you feel JU$TIN is there right next to you, telling you what’s up. This smooth beat was produced by @TheBeatBrigade.

[KEY 2 SUCCESS] After getting inspired from DJ Khalded’s infamous Snapchats and motivational words for a better life. JU$TIN made a creative, dope track packed with a lot of “Mogul Talk” & hard-hitting bars. KEY 2 SUCCESS was a great way to keep listeners waiting for $treet ART 2 project that was still not out yet until now.

[FRESH DENIM] His ride and his money show people he’s flexin’. JU$TIN clarifies what he wants a woman who has drive. He expresses he needs a woman that is on the same hustle he’s on. Produced by @AOneBeats. I asked JU$TIN what was the concept he wanted the listeners to get and here’s what he had to say: The concept behind ‘Fresh Denim’ is that its a fun song that’s a play on the words in the title of the song. Where I talk about chasing your dreams and pushing it to the limit when it comes to achieving your goals. Whether it’s going after that girl you’re interested in before someone cuffs her up like some Fresh Denim or riding around in your car feeling like your fresher then ’em.
[LIVING PROOF] JU$TIN brings us his bars over DJ PREMIER’S “Living Proof” beat. The vibe brings you back to New York in the 90’s. That old school sound and JU$TIN voice really embodied that vibe. Wanted to share with you the Tropic Thunder sample used in the track. I thought it was cool to add and the cover art of the track is an artistic portrait of Robert Downey Jr’s character Kirk Lazarus.

ju$tin1[WHERE MY HOMIES] JU$TIN this time freestyles over an ILL AL Skratch “Where My Homiez” 1992. Definitely get the West Coast vibes on this one. JU$TIN talks about the good times in his hometown, chilling with his friends up to no good. Creative spin to 90’s NYC classic song.

[ADAM & EVE] One thing that really stood out to me was the production, which is from GangStarr ‘Just To Get A Rep’ Produced By DJ Premier. It kinda reminds me of retro arcade video games. JU$TIN also showcases his ability to rap over different sounding beats, with this freestyle.

I asked JU$TIN what were his favorite tracks off the mixtape and this is what he had to say: “My 3 favorite tracks on the project are ‘Pain 4 Profit’, ‘Killer Tape, and ‘Last Laugh”. I like ‘Pain 4 Profit’ alot, because it’s an audio self portrait of my life and the obstacles I had to overcome. The listener can close their eyes and picture everything that I’m saying when they hear it. I felt it would be the perfect intro for anyone whose listening to me for the first time, because its an accurate depiction of who I am as an artist. ‘Killer Tape’ is my personal fav of all the freestyles that are on the tape, because I’m a big Wu-Tang fan and loved their whole movement and what they brought to the game, so when I found that ‘Clan N Da Front’ beat I wanted to pay homage to them by spazzing on it and going in. I listen to ‘Last Laugh’ alot, cuz I love how my flow fits perfect with Beat Bangaz dope beat. It has a cool trap vibe that I think people will mess with and the concept to that song is to stay focused and never worry about what a hater has to say, because you’ll always get the Last Laugh when you’re successful.”.

JU$TIN is currently working on some new merch items like posters, stickers, and some new graphic tees that will be up in his merch store very soon. He is also working on getting some visuals done during the Spring/Summer for some of the freestyles and songs on $treet ART 2.

Staying focused on going the indie route to build his brand up through music and creative side projects. He’s currently trying to get college radio airplay in the LA area and looking to book shows to expand the brand and push his movement forward. Be on the lookout for more content from JU$TIN by following him on his social media links below. This concludes my mixtape review on BX-LA Artist JU$TIN with his $treet Art 2 project.



[Nikki Hears It First] D. Green – Vanity featuring Erin Whitcomb

Here’s a new segment over here on my youtube channel, SIIXXNIKKI. Where I film my reaction to hearing a new track from an indie artist. On our first episode of Nikki Hears It First, I’m listening to Bronx Artist D.Green with his single Vanity featuring Erin Whitcomb. Produced by SinVstyle. Take a look at what I thought about “Vanity” and I would love to hear what you guys think about the track!



[Music Video] Chocolate Brown & BK Hippy – No Time (Produced By KidNamedNOVA)

[BROOKLYN, NEW YORK] When growing up in the borough, you can only get influence by the greats and locals in New York City. As for upcoming hip-hop artists Chocolate Brown, BK Hippy, and KidNamedNOVA did just that. They began performing at shows and becoming a familiar face in the crowd. On this momentum they started to build a buss. According to Chocolate Brown, BK Hippy, and KidNamedNOVA their team motto is “spread love it’s the Brooklyn Way”. This time the boys bring us their latest visual for their single NO TIME. The video takes us to different lifestyles from four different walks of life in Brooklyn. You see a hustler, a street musician, young single mom, and an inspiring athlete.

5AM on Myrtle AveThe two emcees (Chocolate Brown and BK Hippy) teamed up with their good friend/producer (KidNamedNOVA) to make a Hip-Hop project that will bring a sneak peak into their lives. They bring you their collaborative EP 5AM on Myrtle Ave, here’s where you can find their single NO TIME. If you are looking for a project that is packed full of Brooklyn hip-hop, look no further than this EP. Both Chocolate Brown & BK Hippy delivered stories of everyday life in New York City. Be on the lookout for more releases from the group and don’t forget to follow them online.





Audio: Charlie Domino – Sunshine

[HARLEM, NEW YORK] After a bit of a hiatus, Charlie Domino makes his return on NikkiSiixx with his single SUNSHINE. Spending his life in the inner city of New York, you just look for better days until you hear them gun shots. SUNSHINE definitely provides hope through a terrible situation. Charlie Domino had spent some time in Atlanta and as an artist and as a person he was able to reconnect with his soul. After debuting his first solo project Slay Dat Beat Vol.1, Charlie is working hard in finalizing his second project entitled Domino3ffect. The hook is crazy and insanely catchy. You can hear through Charlie Domino’s voice he’s speaking from the heart. And listen to his story through SUNSHINE.



Music Video: SEYI – Wanna Be

[Far Rockaway] I’ve previously featured SEYI single track WANNA BE and Seyi is ready to premiere his visual for it. One thing SEYI is able to main his coolness with his flow over Mr. Marx calm production. WANNA BE is actually SEYI’s first music video. SEYI explains the term for WANNA BE

“Up to now it has been used in a negative context in describing a person’s character as unauthentic. I’m aiming to flip the meaning of the term and use it as something positive. Describing a WANNA BE as someone who wants to be the best person they can be and believing in their own potential enough to not give their dreams and aspirations a ceiling. To be able to do that, you must first accept the person that you are and understand that your future is yours to make, not anyone else’s.”

If you’re feeling SEYI’s music follow his movement by following him on INSTAGRAM and take a selfie with your 3 fingers making a “w”, the “W” Stands for WANNA BE. The music video was shot and filmed in Soho NY and Brooklyn. Be on the lookout for SEYI’s track listing and artwork for his upcoming mixtape N>I>B (No In Between) by following him on his social media links below:
12108037_1054589444586027_332713924995462538_n 12113306_1054305791281059_2326687242283165614_o 12144783_1054333754611596_4359130611617159148_n



Upcoming Event: 10/1 – Live Performances at Revolution in Amityville, NY

After a couple years of hard work and grinding, it seems that that this fall will be when SEYI starts to see it paying off. SEYI will be performing his first closing set gig at Revolution in Amityville, NY. He will be closing out a showcase that features other local acts such as S.O.E, AMI THA GOD, IDEAL, RAGE CREATION, JOSIE MCSWANE, PROPHET, and local music fixture JJ Jones who is also hosting the event. Seyi definitely has has the momentum on his side, performing in front of a packed house at the Main Event in the Farmingdale, Sippin Tea approaching 1,000 plays on soundcloud, and an anticipated visual for his song Wanna Be (both have been featured on NikkiSiixx). SEYI hopes to make October 1st his coming out party. This is a show you don’t want to miss so if you are in the NY area hit up SEYI on twitter for tickets.


The Officially Street Podcast: EP 1 ‘The Introduction’ – Hosted by Syer and Jayomega

Welcome to ‘The Introduction’. This is Officially Street Podcast’s very first episode! We hear the conversations between Syer and Jayomega. In this pilot episode, they discuss sex, music, ‘Straight Out of Compton’, tattoos, fashion, and many other hot topics! Please leave feedback on the comment section on their soundcloud, and if you enjoy, subscribe. Like them on FACEBOOK. Expect episode two Friday, September 18.


Audio: Boss China – Betrayal Featuring J Marie

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 7.16.09 PMBrooklyn is always going to be a hotbed for rappers. Any block that you are walking on more than likely houses enough rappers to fill your iPod with, however one female rapper in particular is showing the potential of a stand out artist. Boss China has been compared to female rap legends such as Eve and Foxy brown for the “Beauty and Barz” style she represents. On her latest offering “Betrayal”, she shows that she can be vulnerable, yet strong enough to persevere. The track features a talented singer in J Marie on the chorus and she brings the feeling that could make this song an anthem for broken hearts everywhere. The song was produced by an in-house producer of the #718Headquarterz named oochiewally. “Betrayal” will appear on China’s upcoming mixtape Split Personality.



Music Video: VSTHEREAL – Dark Of The Moon

[NEW YORK CITY] VSTHEREAL debuts his latest visual DARK OF THE MOON from his upcoming mixtape R.O.M. 2. (R.O.M stands for Rest Of Me). Directed, shot, & edited by Phil Gates courtesy of HighpowerStudios.com & 855Highpwr.com. This music video is a fucking movie. I really like how VSTHEREAL was able to stay in character, and I love the entire approach of. It’s not your regular hip-hop music video.

dark of the moon vsthereal Developing through the years into the artist I am now, I find myself realizing just how important my role of being a fan of art [in general] really is. This taught me to see through the “typical” & to dig deeper – to find more creative & innovative ways to express my art. –VSTHEREAL

At the beginning VSTHEREAL is drinking his coffee reading the newspaper. The article stats: INDICTMENT AGREES TO CORPORATE WITH FBI. VS is like the collector. You never see what they put in his briefcase, but you can bet is money. VS makes his rounds and meets with the employer. But there’s a twist at the end of the video, you just need to see it for yourself. DARK OF THE MOON was recorded at Epiffanati Studios in Queens. Mixed & mastered by Phil Gates at Highpower Studios Chicago. The production and visual fit perfectly together. Be on the look out for more updates via his [LINKS] TWITTER || INSTAGRAM || WEBSITE ||


Music Video: SM – RaisedOnMXB

SMXB[HARLEM, NEW YORK] Hip-Hop Artist SM released his latest visual RAISEDONMXB straight off the MalcomXBlvd EP. SM vision was taking us to the basketball courts in Harlem. Where we see a young teen boy playing basketball by himself. SM joins the kid in a fun game of one on one. RAISEDONMXB was directed by Throw Down Films. MalcolmXBlvd EP was mixed by Juro “Mez” Davis and Andrew Krivonos. Mastered by Mark B. Christensen. Produced by Seco Scott, Jay B., DJ Naydee, Majestic Drama, Tone P., and Feb 9. Scratches by DJ Mel B EZ. Additional vocals by Rey Fonder and Danay. At the end of the video SM gives the kid his kicks. I had to ask SM what’s the significance to him doing this in RAISEDONMXB?

SM: It was to motivate the kid. Show him that it meant more to me for him to have it then for me to have them. Looking out for the youngin’s.

If you’re feeling SM good vibes you gotta take a look at his MalcomXBlvd EP and don’t forget to follow him on all his social media links : WEBSITE | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE |


Upcoming Event: 07/10 – UHH Artist Showcase at LOX Lounge in Brooklyn, NY

UHH ARTIST SHOWCASE: UndergroundHipHop.net are teaming up with A Rebel Minded Society to showcase some of New York’s best hip hop artists. The event will take place on Friday, July 10th at Lox Lounge (Brooklyn, NY) and will run from 8pm – 2am. We have an incredible talented lineup of artists and a special guest DJ. RSVP HERE.

11540849_1005459296139914_6360397747135165216_nLocation: Lox Lounge – 15 Putnam Ave. Brooklyn
Date: Friday, July 10
Time: Doors at 8pm Show from 10pm-1am
Price: $5
Hooliganrad guitar5
Dirty Shrooms
Rome Streetz
Don Cash


Freestyle Friday: Charlie Domino – Life’s A Bitch

Charlie Domino[HARLEM, NEW YORK] For This Freestyle Friday we’re providing you with a visual of Charlie Domino’s freestyle LIFE’S A BITCH. Charlie Domino decided to take on NAS’s Life’s A Bitch to see how he can flip it. Who can’t relate to moments in your life where it can be the biggest bitch ever. When times like this occur we intend to do what we like, if it’s smoking blunts or getting company from a woman. The visual takes us to Harlem where Charlie Domino is chilling on the block with his homeboys. Hanging out in front of their apartment buildings, bench on the basketball court, and on the side of the street by the convenient store. A1A Productions are behind capturing the vision for LIFE’S A BITCH. Be on the look out for his upcoming mixtape Domino3ffect. [LINKS] TWITTER || INSTAGRAM || SOUNDCLOUD ||


New Music: Charlie Domino – Addicted To Life

photo[HARLEM, NEW YORK] Charlie Domino drops his latest single ADDICTED TO LIFE, off of his upcoming Domino3ffect mixtape. One thing I really like about the track is the production. Since it’s so mellow, Charlie Domino takes it easy and expresses himself with his verses. Catchy Hook: We’re Addicted To Life… That Kinda Life That Made That Man Cheat On His Wife, That Kinda Life That Everything Got A Fucking Price, That Kinda Life Where People Never Think Twice…” I feel this kind of lifestyle wouldn’t make you completely satisfied because of the stress you have to endure with the consequences of all three. I’m in love with the sample used in the middle of the track. I feel that if everyone was rich off life than everyone would live a happier one. Apart of the sample says “Possessions make you rich? I don’t have that type of richness, my richness is life forever“. Be on the look out this [FREESTYLE FRIDAY], where we got another dope freestyle by Charlie Domino.


Download: JAMESCOLD – Ocala EP

JAMESCOLD is an upcoming R&B/Hip-Hop artist that was born and raised in New York City but currently resides in the beautiful sunny state of Florida. 11726_1555134561410156_7644974840335006598_n Inspired by the change and adaptation to a new culture JAMESCOLD presented his first EP titled Ocala. The style and grace of Ocala, embraces that dark and mellow sounds. I sense Drake/Weekend vibes throughout the project, it’s definitely worth a listen! JAMESCOLD goal is to put Ocala on the map in recognition for it’s musical talent that’s constantly over looked for being a small city. Executive Produced By James Cole and featured producers included Patchrickk, Kelly Portis, Yung Frank, and Wonya Love. My favorite tracks from the Ocala EP are The Motion, Overdose, OrdinaryAllAmerican, Running, and The Come Up. Be on the lookout on more content from JAMESCOLD!

Free Download Link Click Banner Below:



Freestyle Friday: Charlie Domino – “Kenny Loften” In Studio

photo(1)Charlie Domino takes us in the studio for his Kenny Loften freestyle. While chilling with the other members of The Los3rz, a hip-hop group that Charlie Domino is apart of. Living in NY and the rest of the group in Atlanta, Charlie decided to release his first solo mixtape project hosted by Mr. Pay Attention. This mixtape shows Charlie Domino’s going to be one of the hottest mixtapes of this summer called Slay Dat Beat Vol. 1. Charlie Domino discusses how working on making things happen in his career and managing a relationship. The difficulties in managing both. But you know Charlie gets through it since he stays working. Follow up with Charlie by his social media links : @Charlie_domino || YOUTUBE || FACEBOOK || INSTAGRAM