Music Video: Ray Knight – Grapes & Water

G&W Screenshot2[FRESNO, CALIFORNIA] Ray Knight has released his visual for GRAPES & WATER. One thing I really like about his music video was the locations, ranging in Europe. Ray Knight actually has been based in Paris since this year 2015, where he’s performing and making new music. His sound has evolved along with him, as he prepares to continue his journey in London. What’s a pretty interesting fact Ray Knight wrote GRAPES & WATER was created in Egypt and he was sitting on The Great Pyramid while writing it. He must of felt inspiration from exploring the area. Ray Knight since he’s relocation is resulting him to perfecting his self reflection and personal growth as a person and as an artist. GRAPES & WATER was Directed by Alexandra Kaucher and it was produced by Oddisee. It pretty cool to see Ray get suited up in his armor gear. Also, another cool thing you don’t see Ray Knight rap into the camera. Just amazing shots captured of Ray Knight in Paris and other locations in Europe. The lens represents the past, futuristic, and metaphysical. We see the journey of a Knight reclaiming and creating his legacy. If you like the track GRAPES & WATER then you’re going to love the project you can find it on his BANDCAMP, and don’t forget to follow him on his social media links below.



Download: Brenton – The One Who Knocks Mixtape

brenton im cool photo[MIAMI, FLORIDA] Hip-Hop Artist Brenton recently released his official mixtape release for “The One Who Knocks“. The fifteen track mixtape is inspired by Oddisee, 9th Wonder, The Alchemist and others, as well as original production from J57, PCP Beatz and Elite Producers. And how about Breaking Bad? Right at the beginning in The One Who Knocks Intro you hear Walter White telling his wife Skylar that he’s danger and throughout the mixtape you hear snippets from the show. For this track: KNOCK IT OFF featuring Kris Kasanova on the track and amazing production by J57 from Brown Bag Allstars. Really diggin’ this slow 90’s style to KNOCK IT OFF. Boom-bap heads out there can vibe out to this. Brenton takes the first verse as Kris Kasanova closes it off with the second. Some of my favorite tracks we’re: I’M COOL (Inspired By 9th Wonder), FEELIN IT (Inspired By Jay-Z), LET THE BEAT DROP featuring Phil The Thrill (Inspired By Xaphoon Jones), and THE L-O-V-E Song (Inspired By Oddisee). This Brooklyn Native shows his roots by choosing tracks inspired by artist from that state. Don’t forget to download THE ONE WHO KNOCKS by Brenton and follow him on social media.



Music Video: So Realistic – The Godfather

041GgpFBv48u1xQ26zm-VrT6byFdxpKLNk0L3lmiHr-oezaUr6Nt_Qaq4HOc19VT0L4i0_TrQ7Ps_LNNOqBD0_NYdTWJTNlJx2RCoR2uE0p24M4uNPrIckIsb4n4ifebC-rhQ0pcqqqmcdHbTA=s0-d-e1-ftSo Realistic is an hip-hop artist from Tempe, AZ. He brings us his visual for THE GODFATHER, second single off of his LÊFtbRÅin debut album. THE GODFATHER was produced by Oddisee. LÊFtbRÅin was released back December of last year which features production from Frank Dukes, Oddisee, brandUn DeShay, Jansport J, oriJanus, as well as collaborations with Melanie Rutherford and AEli. The GODFATHER track showcases So Realistic’s confidence. The visual shows us So Realistic rapping in an alley, while the lyrics to his song comes to life. Another shot takes us in a dark room where a projector displays shots from movie scenes and trance-like designs. Pretty dope.