Audio: Freshforreal – Ball Together (Tribute to Kenn Ball)

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 3.43.46 PM[CLEVELAND, OHIO] Trap Conscious Rapper Freshforreal made a tribute track called BALL TOGETHER for the late Kenn Ball. If you’re not familiar with the name you should of because he was a rising star in Cleveland. Unfortunately, one night Kenn Ball was gun down by an off-duty police officer back in 2012. The tragic news struck Freshforreal hard, he meet Kenn Ball at the age of 11 and became friends. Once Kenn Ball moved to one city over, they still remained friends. Seeing each other once in a while and constantly speak through Twitter. With the latest update on the trial we find out the officer Roger Jones gets a slap on the wrist with getting assigned to regular duty at the 3rd District. That he was liable for using excessive force when he shot Kenn Ball. Right now the trial is focusing more on charging the Driver of the vehicle, Devonta Hill with counts of murder and other felonies. I really don’t understand why the driver is being called a murderer when Hill didn’t even pull the trigger, officer Roger Jones did. Freshforreal was happy the family was rewarded immensely but the music and the art Kenn Ball provided will never be updated. But hoping for BALL TOGETHER to gain more exposure for the fallen rapper. Freshforreal expresses how progressively Kenn Ball was moving up even getting an opportunity with RCA Records and was working on his debut project. Here’s the link to Kenn Ball’s project Birth Place of Aviation via iTunes. Freshforreal presents a great way to show appreciation to someone you loss by making a song about them. Currently, for Freshforreal his working on his upcoming mixtape titled INTERVIEW and catch his documentary series on Youtube self titled TRACY with his first episode THE REAL ARTIST CREATED BY YOU:



Music Video: Trent Crews – Greedy Love

trent crewsThere is an R&B singer who calls Columbus, Ohio home with a hot new video for his summer record “Greedy Love”. Trent Crews is the name, and he isn’t bashful about “wanting it all” from his lover. Walking the streets of New York, Trent sees what he wants and takes it while he serenades his lady listeners. Times Square, Chinatown, and other dope locations provide the back drop and the choreography with his background dancers are on point. The video adds to his steady collection of quality visuals his latest leads the way for his EP which is expected to make its way to retailers in September! Trent Crews seems to be on his way to the top, and I wouldn’t bet against someone who “wants it all”.



Audio: Chrs Brise – Walk Amongst The Dead

IMG_4378BW_web.jpg[BOSTON, MA] Upcoming Hip-Hop Rapper Chrs Brise released his latest track WALK AMONGST THE DEAD. The very dark post-apocalyptic influenced track with a dash of trap house. Chrs Brise brings this track right before the fall season to fit perfectly for Halloween. WALK AMONGST THE DEAD brings a heavy dark complex theory to provoke our minds. Chrs Brise life experiences bring inspiration for his music. Born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, and residing now in Boston, Massachusetts. The track was produced by Attic Stein. Be on the look out for more content from Chrs Brise.



Music Video: White Blake – Double Cups

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 6.48.24 PM[MIDDLETOWN, OHIO] Upcoming hip-hop artist White Blake debuts his latest music video DOUBLE CUPS. The visual is presented by our homies at PreciseEarz.com and powered by 5starvintage.com. As lean back as DOUBLE CUPS can be, the overall vibe fits well the vision. White Blake in the video is accompanied by a beautiful woman. Chilling in his whip, while they be sippin’ on their double cups. In DOUBLE CUPS you see White Black rocking out 5 Star Vintage Gear. I really like the production, the hook, and the chopped and screwed mix at the close end. Stay tuned from more from this Ohio Boy.



Upcoming Event: 7/25 – 2×2 Fest in Ohio

2×2 Fest is the first day long festival in Ohio celebrating Hip-Hop culture since Scribble Jam. You can expect multiple stages with performers like; Illogic, J Rawls, Copywrite, Nes Wordz, Political Animals and more. DJ’s will be battling to win $250 in cash and other prizes. The BBoys and BGirls will be occupying the floor with a 1v1 battle to win $500 in cash and prizes. You can also look forward to an open mic cypher tent and open floors throughout the day. The grounds will be covered with live graffiti art from some of the most talented graffiti writers in the region. Bring the kids! We have a designated art area for them too. You’ll have the chance to check out sponsors and support vendors while visiting their booths. When you get hungry pick up some authentic grub from one of the Columbus food trucks serving their best dishes. Join us on July 25th at 1454 N. Grant, Columbus, Ohio 43201 from 3pm-10pm. It’s $5 at the gate and free for children under 12. WEBSITE | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | for updates and special announcements!

Upcoming Event: 08/31 #TheBeatBattleOH at Lounge 360 in OHIO

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New Music: Valley High – 8Ball

Valley High is becoming bigger than hip hop coming out of Cincinnati. They’re putting together some decidedly original and free-flowing music while building a ride-or-die fan base with their live shows. Valley High or Die is becoming the cry of the enlightened underground around Southern Ohio and quickly spreading like the word of God in a third-world country. With the drop of their latest single ‘8Ball’, they’re building proper hype around their forthcoming project tentatively titled “Valley High 2”. The release will be their sophomore album, a second full length offering to the game.

‘8Ball’ is full of pure hip-hop vibes with a definite West coast feel throughout. Moxy is always bringing the loose flows and M.O. is coming with the electric energy. The Valley High crew runs deep with creative minds; in-house producer Mickey C. built the foundation for the upbeat ‘8Ball’ track. Valley High is growing on a unique path. They’re creating a following with off the chain live shows and infectious energy, they’re building like the O.G.’s before them. I infinitely fuck with the Valley High or Die movement, these cats have earned some play.

Valley High

New Music: J. Oli – Reminiscent

photoJ. Oli of Cleveland, OH dropped his mellow toned single “Reminiscent”. This song is produced by Jacob Marley and has a beat that alone is fitting of the song’s title. J. Oli’s style of rhyming on it was is a singing form of rap that actually fits the production in a smooth way. He used his lyrics to tell the story of his journey from when he first started rapping. He used great imagery by saying things like “quick to the internet thought everyone thinks it’s the shit/ got the opposite of that everyone told me to quit“. You picture that happening especially if you ever made an attempt at creating music a young age. This song reminded so much of myself that I replayed it three times before writing this post. Check out the song below:



Download: Prince Golden – Dilla Still Illa

Click Image For Download
Prince Golden releases his second mixtape Dilla Still Illa as a tribute to J.Dilla and his fans. J.Dilla passed away in 2006 after losing his battle from TTP (Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura), a rare blood disease. Using instrumentals from classic tracks Prince Golden delivers his own input. The mixtape consists of 10 tracks. @DjQeys laid some cuts on Let’s Go. Had a few questions for Prince Golden and here are his answers:

NikkiSiixx: Since Dilla Still Illa Mixtape is a tribute to J. Dilla which track is your favorite and why?
Prince Golden: Hmm I would have to say a toss-up between Basement Rap and Have Mercy. Basement Rap, I was able to play with my crazy animated style and with Have Mercy the beat alone means a lot to me and I really wanted to let people know what I had on my mind.
NikkiSiixx: What message you want your fans to come across after bumping Dilla Still Illa?
Prince Golden: J. Dilla is a great producer and I am a dope emcee pushing myself to new heights

Dilla still illa because even though he is gone, his production kills most producers today!” – Prince Golden


Music Video: Young Duece – Impossible

Check out the latest music video for Young Duece Impossible Young Duece is a Hip-Hop Duo from Ohio. The Duo consists of PJ and KiddFlow. They’ve been a team since 2005 and released four albums and five mix-tapes. Impossible is a real catchy song and the bullet time effect was a great illusion.

Video directed, shot, and edited by Lance Meaux
Nick Hearn-Sutton: Steadicam Operator
Richard Castle: Director of Photography

“They can’t do it like I can”